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  1. elkslare

    CC Hit

    My son found his card hit last night, got hit for archery bull. Looks like AZ elk hunting again. Sweat
  2. elkslare

    Day One Results

    just curious for the people how have drawn today. Does the Game and Fish update your porthole account from pending to Drawn? This is in your draw application detail.
  3. elkslare

    Day One Results

    Tic Toc Tic Toc I am waiting
  4. elkslare

    Finally Got a Bull Down!

    Congrats on a great bull. Great story. Sounds like you found a great hunting partner as well.
  5. elkslare

    Tagged out! Pic heavy

    Wow great pics. Thanks for sharing. Flippin awesome
  6. elkslare

    Unique deadhead

    The bases look like golf ball holders Very cool, thanks for sharing
  7. elkslare

    help Cooking Elk Roast

    Great recipes coming in and they all sound really good. I really want to thank everyone for all your input I think there is some really great ideas coming in. And I love to try different things, but my wife wanted me To kick back and enjoy tonight(bless her heart) We had a B/D party for my youngest son. What a great night just spending time with the family. I just want to thank you all for all your input. It is greatly appreciated. Great memories
  8. elkslare

    help Cooking Elk Roast

    I will be cooking a elk roast tonight and thought it would be fun to try something totally Different? So Iam turning to cwt on what you have found to be the best way to cook a elk roast. So any Help is greatly appreciated.
  9. elkslare

    Who skipped the draw this year? why???

    Sounds like some good hunts up coming this year. I have always wanted to WT up there. They have some huge bucks. Bear hunting is always fun weather it be for blacks or griz. I wish you best of luck and cant wait to hear and see the pics.
  10. elkslare

    Need A Longer Pole...

    good video, Thanks for sharing. I would agree with you hog hntrnthe 2nd guy was moving pretty darn quick. Not to say that I wouldn't. great stuff
  11. elkslare

    New to hunting these birds and have ??????'s

    I always loved turkey hunting This is how I got my kids into hunting. We had a blast doing it as well. Turkeys are very vocal and the kids love it it keeps there attention on where it should be. Deer and elk hunting for the most part are not as vocal. I always took the kids up and scouted the turkeys. We patterned them. On the night before the season we would march our but up where they had been roosting on our scouting trips, And we would put them down for the night. That way we new exactly what tree they were in for the night. Opening morning We were right there. Few calls and we had our bird. To funny my youngest sons first bird. I could not afford to buy him hunting clothes so he used my old hunting clothes with suspenders. It was like he was swimming in them. Good memories.
  12. elkslare

    Who skipped the draw this year? why???

    Hey big B what kind of hunts do you have planned up north? Sounds like moose and bear?
  13. elkslare

    Card Hit - 2016 style

    I checked my card yesterday and no new hits. This morning I had a hit from 2 nights ago going out to dinner with the the wife.
  14. elkslare

    Card Hit - 2016 style

    I am still holding out hope for Monday. Hopefully I have a really slow posting card. Ok I am praying it is a slow posting. LOL
  15. elkslare


    Great find there. Thanks for sharing