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  1. Tight Guy

    Bonus pass?

    Where can we find this report that shows how many bonus points were needed this year to draw a tag for the hunt and unit that was applied for?
  2. Tight Guy

    WTT 9MM

    PM coming
  3. Tight Guy

    WTT 9MM

    I was at my son's house yesterday and he after going thru his gun safe found 1 box of these 9MM rounds. Neither one of us has a 9MM anymore so thought i would see if anybody wanted to trade. can use 38 357 40 or 45. Thanks
  4. Tight Guy

    Assault weapon ban

    Oldest trick in the book. Look we are giving everyone $1400, while they rob us blind and steal our rights.
  5. Tight Guy


    Just what im looking for I will take them if still available. PM coming
  6. Tight Guy

    36a success

    Pictures ???
  7. Tight Guy

    223 Ammo

    That Western Drug price is a Smoking deal for todays Market. Price lowered to 175.00
  8. Tight Guy

    223 Ammo

    Sorry about the upside down photo.
  9. Tight Guy

    223 Ammo

    I have 19 boxes of Wolf Performance Steel Cased, 62 Grain Copper FMJ, Non Corrosive Ammunition for Sale. $175.00 I live in Gilbert.
  10. Tight Guy

    Free ammo

    Need to find someone who can use these. I have 18 loaded 257 Roberts rounds. 9 are Remington, and 9 of them are the old Winchester silvertips. I have 2 boxes of older 16 gauge game load shotgun shells.
  11. Tight Guy

    20 guage shotgun shells and clay pigeons

    Forgot the pictures
  12. I am getting rid of some Ammo for a friend of mine who inherited it from his Father who passed away recently. I have 2 1/2 boxes of game loads in 2 3/8 inch shells. And 3 cases of clay pigeons. There was also 2 boxes of 3 inch magnum shells in 20 guage. These shells are older and appear to be in shootable shape. If you can use them you can have them. $30.00
  13. Tight Guy

    AZGFD water catchment maps

    Got a email from Game and Fish officer Edward Jahrke. Here is the link he sent me about water catchments installed by Game and Fish azaccessmap.com/map
  14. Tight Guy

    AZGFD water catchment maps

    I seem to recall that you could get a map of the AZGFD water catchments thru the Game and Fish Dept. is this still the case? Or does anybody know where i can find this info? Thanks