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  1. Tight Guy

    30-06 brass for reloading

    I have 104 peices of 30-06 assorted brass. Dont have a rifle in that caliber anymore and hoping someone can use them. 30.00 dollars or trade. Can use 308 or 25-06 brass, large rifle primers, powder ect
  2. I have a set of RCBS reloading dies along with 72 pieces of assorted brass casings for sale. Asking 60 dollars
  3. Tight Guy

    Guess the score.

    What a awesome buck. I agree with 270WSM 118
  4. Tight Guy

    Corner crossing in AZ

    Just a question for thought. What is considered a " legally posted property " We all have been out hunting and then have come to a fence or gate that has a no trespassing sign. But didnt know we were on private until we walked up and saw the sign on the gate.
  5. Tight Guy

    OTC handgun elk hunting

    So i am wondering. How does one get a OTC handgun tag?? Is it a special Champ hunt??
  6. Tight Guy

    Truck seat cover recommendations

    Ive had Marathon for over 15 years on my GMC Sierra. still going strong
  7. I can use 1 of these tires. I need a spare for my 1980 chevy pick-up. I am out of town but will be back in Gilbert around the 3rd. Can i contact you then and we can get together? Thanks
  8. As the Title says. Looking for 30-30 loaded ammo for a Winchester 1894 Lever action. Or if anyone has reloadable brass that would work also Thanks
  9. Tight Guy

    Elk Bonus Point Question

    Thanks that makes sense.
  10. Tight Guy

    Elk Bonus Point Question

    Good morning, I was at Fish and Game last week and was asking the counter lady a question about bonus points and how many were required to be included in the bonus pass drawing for the hunt number I applied for. She answered 1 way and the other lady wasnt sure if that answer was correct. So i thought lets go to the experts. Here is the question, and I will use hunt # 3010 rifle Bull Elk unit 3A/3C as a example. The chart shows that in order to be included in the bonus pass for the spring 2021 draw I would need 8 bonus points. First off am i reading that correctly. And the original question is does that number of bonus points required also include my application for for the draw I am appling for? So in other words if I have 7 bonus points and 1 entry application am i considered to have the 8 points required to be included in the bonus pass?
  11. Tight Guy

    WTB Older Pick-up Truck

    Searching for 1986 or older pick-up truck. Want to go back to the old days of carburation and spark = engine running. Tired of computers, sensors, monitors, relays ect. Prefer GMC or Chevy but a nice ford or Dodge would do also Thanks
  12. Tight Guy

    Bonus pass?

    Where can we find this report that shows how many bonus points were needed this year to draw a tag for the hunt and unit that was applied for?
  13. Tight Guy

    WTT 9MM

    PM coming
  14. Tight Guy

    WTT 9MM

    I was at my son's house yesterday and he after going thru his gun safe found 1 box of these 9MM rounds. Neither one of us has a 9MM anymore so thought i would see if anybody wanted to trade. can use 38 357 40 or 45. Thanks
  15. Tight Guy

    Assault weapon ban

    Oldest trick in the book. Look we are giving everyone $1400, while they rob us blind and steal our rights.