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  1. Bowtech

    223 fmj question

    Thank You 5guyshunting, 2. A person shall not take big game using full-jacketed or total-jacketed bullets that are not designed to expand upon impact,  A Full-Metal Jacket with a lead core is still a Full-Metal Jacket. Hollow points, Soft points, or Ballistic tips are the only bullets that can be used for hunting. No Full-Metal Jackets ....
  2. Bowtech


    Nice, I bet the kids had more fun than the hunter. One of these day's I'll join you out there. Great Job guys.
  3. Bowtech


    heck yeah, NoBull. That's sounds like a lot of fun tracking with your crew. Man you guys put in some work 7+ miles through some country. I thought you guys received more snow than that. Congratulations, your crew worked for that one.
  4. Bowtech

    Ground control to major TOM

    Nice NoBull. Congrats to you and your crew.
  5. Bowtech

    Go buy some groceries and commodities

    Cabela's probably took down the top selling mags, waiting to see what Biden does to the firearms industry. Then double if not triple their money. Cabela's ,Basspro, and Sportsman's Warehouse are all over priced anyway.
  6. Bowtech

    Go buy some groceries and commodities

    We should all be worried more on our gun rights, when this new President takes office. Semi-auto rifles and high capacity mags are on his list to banned. The next idiot that shoots up a group of people or work place will ruin it for all of us. Buy now and stock up before the rush. I am.
  7. Bowtech

    mountain lion mounts

    Jim and his crew do great work. He has done some Bulls and fish for me. I will always go back to South West Wildlife for future mounts. Thanks Jim