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  1. anythingwithantlers

    Chest Holster Questions

    Razco makes holsters that attach directly to FHF Gear bino harnesses. Best system I've found.
  2. anythingwithantlers

    They are hitting cards

    2 hits!
  3. anythingwithantlers

    .300 win mag for Coues

    Thanks for the input guys! .300 wm it is. Great to hear that so many others have found it's not too much.
  4. anythingwithantlers

    Chiricahua Wilderness Access

    For sure! I never mind just camping for the night and regrouping. If possible though, I do like to make the absolute most of my time on scouting missions if I'm going to spend money on the gas to get down there and if I can find info to validate that a road is good to go, that means i get to glass earlier in the morning instead of driving elsewhere. I've just been having trouble finding solid info on the roads in this area. i've looked at a few different mapping softwares and none really help me get any further in that regard. My tag is 11/25-12/4. I'm pretty psyched, It's my first rifle Coues tag. I've been chasing them with a bow but they're so dang spooky! Love these critters though and I'm looking forward to a lot of hours spent glassing. Thanks again for the suggestions!
  5. anythingwithantlers

    Chiricahua Wilderness Access

    Alright man thanks.
  6. anythingwithantlers

    .300 win mag for Coues

    Is this a terrible idea? I've got a thanksgiving tag and my current rifle options are a .300 win mag or a bolt action .223. I currently use Barnes TSX 165 grain and I've heard the all copper bullets won't completely destroy a Coues even though it definitely sounds like too big of a round. Any thoughts on this?
  7. anythingwithantlers

    Chiricahua Wilderness Access

    Yes but I'm looking for more specific info about the condition of the roads leading up to the wilderness. I can get down most FS roads but don't want to get shut out on a friday night and have to turn around and figure something else out.
  8. anythingwithantlers

    Chiricahua Wilderness Access

    That's awesome info thank you!
  9. anythingwithantlers

    Chiricahua Wilderness Access

    I couldn't find anything about Chiricahua Wilderness access, specifically on AZGFD's website, but I'll definitely give the Tucson office a shout. Thanks!
  10. anythingwithantlers

    Chiricahua Wilderness Access

    Anybody have a good place I could look to find info about the roads leading up to the Chiricahua Wilderness? I can't find specific info using the FS rd numbers from GoHunt maps, they might be inaccurate. I'm looking at trying to drive Turkey Creek Rd this weekend. I have 4 wheel drive and decent clearance. I just don't want to drive 4 hours after work on a Friday to check out an area and find that a road isn't usable. Any info about road condition would be awesome. I really hope this doesn't come off as me looking to get info on someone's spots. I'm not. Just looking for info about access.
  11. anythingwithantlers

    Tell us about your elk rifle, and cartridge?

    Weatherby Vanguard II in .300 win mag. Switched to Barnes TSX 165 grain this year and took down a solid 6x6 in Utah. Scope: Vortex Viper HST 4-16x Had a small muzzle brake installed this year that made the world of difference.
  12. anythingwithantlers

    Euro mount

    Looks awesome man! What was your protocol for whitening? Did you use high concentration hydrogen peroxide?