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  1. zackcarp

    ADBSS hosted Film Festival 7/27

    I'd like too, just not sure I can.
  2. zackcarp


    That's awesome Kev!
  3. zackcarp

    Reloading "Oops" Thread

    Dont you hate when you empty your reloads out of your pocket and leave them next to your wife's curling iron all night, oh no?... just me... I've crushed some brass a time or too myself.
  4. zackcarp

    Montana Unlimited Sheep Hunt

    I have looked into this as well and plan to do it someday. There really is a lot of good info if you dig around.
  5. zackcarp

    WTB: Hodgdon Retumbo Powder !!!!

    You're gonna need about 2.5 pounds to load 200 rounds at that recipe.
  6. zackcarp

    WTB: Hodgdon Retumbo Powder !!!!

    What round are you loading for? I know from the reloading pages there was supposed to be a drought on Retumbo until the middle of the summer. I got just enough to keep feeding my 338LM until then.
  7. zackcarp


    I was wondering the same thing. If it's hit hard I wonder if the tag holders with max use point guard after scouting it out.
  8. zackcarp

    Grizzly Cooler

    I've used a 150 grizz a couple times. A great cooler!
  9. zackcarp

    Pray for Daisy

    The Methodist church in town had a car show this weekend and donated all proceeds to help the family.
  10. zackcarp

    Ballistics Calculations???

    Yes. Does coriolis as well.
  11. zackcarp

    5 To 1 Odds.....Why Not?

    You could go hang out with the boys that do the M1 shooting out to 1000. Lots of reloaders for the 06 there. I shoot mine out to 600 but haven't tried any further. I think in the summer the heat waves will make the target hard to see at that distance. Good luck, and record it when you do it.
  12. zackcarp

    Ballistics Calculations???

    I was referring to the reticle target picture stelok uses.
  13. zackcarp

    Ballistics Calculations???

    I know shooter does not. I do miss that part. But I have found my ranges past 500 ish to be more correct for my 338 LM. Like Lance said, there is a ton of info you can put into it to help make the best adjustments.
  14. zackcarp

    Ballistics Calculations???

    I know this may be a little late but I switched from stelok to the shooter app. Shooter will give you a corrected velocity based on the corrections you have to make at different distances.
  15. zackcarp

    rifle for wife

    I have a Savage Lightweight Hunter in 7mm-08. Love it. Loaded and scoped, it weighs right around 6 lbs.