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  1. zackcarp

    Swarovski 115mm objective

    I just looked thru some BTXs yesterday with the 115, all I can say is just "WOW"!
  2. zackcarp

    2022 SD Tuna/Yellowtail trips

    Im not sure how far south we were. But we were like 70 miles off sure hitting the kelp. We only got on 2 schools. We had one guy on a Blue fine but it came off the hook at the surface.
  3. zackcarp

    Canning game meat

    We did this over the winter and its a great idea!
  4. zackcarp

    Goulds in the Santa Ritas

    That's an awesome story and great looking thunder chicken! Congratulations!
  5. zackcarp

    2022 SD Tuna/Yellowtail trips

    We went early and did ok.
  6. zackcarp


    Talk about a rug with great surface area!
  7. zackcarp

    Smoked Goulds

    I love wild turkey in the smoker! The only problem I have smoking a bird is the skin never gets as crispy I want.
  8. zackcarp

    2022 Chiricahua’s Goulds

    Once they relocated a dozen or so birds to the San Bernardino Wldlife Refuge east of Douglas. If you've never been there its just a huge mesquite thicket with a few cottonwood trees. I thought that was the dumbest waist to relocate turkeys there. Within a year they were all gone. I dont get the decision they make sometimes.
  9. zackcarp

    2022 Chiricahua’s Goulds

    Eh, I disagree. I've seen them all over out there. Even in the flats and in parts of 30A. Guys can spred out enough. Even driving down the road in the most popular area you'll see a dozen right off the road.
  10. zackcarp

    2022 Chiricahua’s Goulds

    I spend a lot of time is those units and feel they could easily double the tags there.
  11. zackcarp

    new member

    Yeah the price of beef is crazy. My wife is very supportive of Elk hunting for how lean it is. She gets as anxious as I do for the elk draw.
  12. zackcarp

    2022 Chiricahua’s Goulds

    Nice job man!
  13. zackcarp

    NM unit 24 coues

    You probably won't get much of a response. Not a lot of guys have hunted that unit recently.
  14. zackcarp

    5B Merriam - Love it!

    Love that beard!
  15. zackcarp

    Hunter field days posted on AZGF

    2 new excited hunters. Thanks guys!