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  1. zackcarp

    Rocky Shooter?

    Looks to be at least 8 years old. I think everyone is pretty close. I would say maybe high 60s low 70s.
  2. The guy who pushes the charge button called in sick today.....
  3. zackcarp

    Kodiak Flex Bow tent and Mr buddy heater question.

    I have the kodiak 10x10. Running carpet inside is the best camping idea I've ever had, a complete game changer. When I'm by myself I run the little buddy before bed and again when I'm waking up. If my wife and little ones are with, I run the heater all night. I have also discovered it stays warmer longer when you vent the bottom of the tent as opposed to the top.
  4. zackcarp

    Big horn sheep seminar?

  5. Excellent thread! Congrats on an exciting hunt! And thanks for the ride along!
  6. zackcarp

    Freezer, washer, dryer

    I'll take the freezer if you're available for my brother to get it on Monday.
  7. zackcarp

    Which weapon would you choose?

    Muzzy for sure. Not too many opportunities for that.
  8. zackcarp

    Christensen Arms

    I've looked into them for awhile. I wanted a Ridgeline in 300WSM, but the reviews were very hit or miss.
  9. zackcarp

    What’s on the menu?

    Corn bread and chili in Dutch ovens is great, Add honey for dessert. In a hurry, instant mashed taters with precooked steak or minute rice with sausage. Jambalaya is always good too.
  10. zackcarp

    Crispi boot recommendations

    I just bought the these too. Lighter than expected, not as much ankle support as I was hoping for, but if i lace them right they do well enough. I've taken them out on several hikes and one crazy monsoon mountain storm. Brushed up againt a catcus and one thorn barley stuck to the rubber rand. Eventually I might upgrade to the Idahos just for better ankle support, but these cover the bill for now.
  11. zackcarp

    10mm for grizzly bear defense

    https://www.ammoland.com/2018/02/defense-against-bears-with-pistols-97-success-rate-37-incidents-by-caliber/ Here are some stories ranging from 9mm to .454
  12. Just had a whole freezer go out with Elk meat. I'll check to see if I have some coues left.
  13. zackcarp

    Kodiak Canvas Deluxe 14x10 tent-SOLD

    Great tents!
  14. zackcarp

    New 6.5 PRC

    Lance, just curious why you're running the 147s that slow. I thought the PRC was supposed to be pushing those faster. Was it a pressure issue or accuracy?