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  1. zackcarp

    Pray for Daisy

    The Methodist church in town had a car show this weekend and donated all proceeds to help the family.
  2. zackcarp

    Ballistics Calculations???

    Yes. Does coriolis as well.
  3. zackcarp

    5 To 1 Odds.....Why Not?

    You could go hang out with the boys that do the M1 shooting out to 1000. Lots of reloaders for the 06 there. I shoot mine out to 600 but haven't tried any further. I think in the summer the heat waves will make the target hard to see at that distance. Good luck, and record it when you do it.
  4. zackcarp

    Ballistics Calculations???

    I was referring to the reticle target picture stelok uses.
  5. zackcarp

    Ballistics Calculations???

    I know shooter does not. I do miss that part. But I have found my ranges past 500 ish to be more correct for my 338 LM. Like Lance said, there is a ton of info you can put into it to help make the best adjustments.
  6. zackcarp

    Ballistics Calculations???

    I know this may be a little late but I switched from stelok to the shooter app. Shooter will give you a corrected velocity based on the corrections you have to make at different distances.
  7. zackcarp

    rifle for wife

    I have a Savage Lightweight Hunter in 7mm-08. Love it. Loaded and scoped, it weighs right around 6 lbs.
  8. zackcarp

    Resources for wolf debates

    Are you sure they can shoot on sight or does the wolf have to be harassing or killing their animals? It has to be actively harrassing or killing livestock. They can however kill your pet and you can't do anything about it. Their use of the term "livestock" can be pretty blurry too if i remember tight Greyghost is correct.
  9. zackcarp

    Resources for wolf debates

    http://www.willcoxrangenews.com/news/article_c16fa0a8-158c-11e7-b360-9ba1942c6385.html Here is an interesting article that might have not been seen by most.
  10. zackcarp

    Resources for wolf debates

    That's already permitted.
  11. I'm in I could use the practice.
  12. zackcarp

    First trip with the new tent

    Mine held up great over the December coues hunt. We got hit with winds up to 50 mph and still flexed and held together. Any other tent would have turned into a death trap.
  13. zackcarp

    Unit 1 camping areas

    If your truck can pull it up the mountain you'll find a place to park, guaranteed.
  14. zackcarp

    2nd Official CWT 200 Yard Fun Shoot

    7mm-08 Savage model 16 LWH. 120 grn Nosler BT.
  15. zackcarp

    Kodiak Canvas 10X10 deluxe flex bow tent

    We fit a queen mattress a crib and all our camping stuff in ours. I love it.