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  1. zackcarp

    Remember the 80s in Phoenix

    I guess we can replace citrus for Californians.
  2. zackcarp

    2020 Coues

    Nice buck, traded the 338LM for 28N?
  3. zackcarp

    Remember the 80s in Phoenix

    Citrus is/was one of the five C's of Arizona.
  4. zackcarp

    Kodiak Tent - Initial Thoughts

    Try adding carpet on longer camp/hunt trip. Life changing.
  5. zackcarp

    our man HOSS....

    None that I know of. Maybe back burning somewhere. We had one in Douglas the other day but they took care of that one quick. 20201001_155410.mp4
  6. zackcarp

    our man HOSS....

    Just saw these boys in Sierra Vista. Thanks for your service gentlemen.
  7. zackcarp

    Best place to try boots on in tucson?

    I'd call before you go to make sure they have what you're looking for. Bull Basin has crispis, but their selection is limited.
  8. zackcarp

    Small pistol primers trade for retumbo Sold Trade complete

    You guys are trading gold for gold!
  9. zackcarp

    ? For the reloaders

    Get a list of stuff you need and keep an eye out for deals. Buy stuff little by little. Like said above, if its 9mm, 223, or the heavy magnums, good luck finding supplies right now. I reload for 708 and 338LM. I can reload 708 all day. But I cant find my powder for 338. Everything depends on what you're looking for.
  10. I've never had my vortex fail me in the field. Has it broke, yes. But half the time they send me a brand new product. If I paid the same price I would for swaros etc, then yes I would be upset. But i don't, so I love em.
  11. zackcarp

    Mountain house scam

    We bought these back in 2013. 4 serving per package. We've eaten a few over the years. They take longer to cook than MH. I eat MH on the trail and Wise if I'm truck camped.
  12. zackcarp

    anyone see this

    This 100%. Tourniquets save lives. You never know when it'll be yours, a family members or a random persons.
  13. zackcarp

    Rut Activity

    Colorado is dead too.
  14. zackcarp

    Vortex Ranger 1800 or Leupold RX-1600?

    I have the 1800, its hit and miss on objects passed 1500 yards. When it uses the calculated angles setting, it doesn't seem to reach targets past 900 yards. I have ranged objects out to 2400. Just depends on lighting and such.
  15. zackcarp

    Small and Large Pistol Primers

    These will be gone by the end of the night.