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  1. AzDiamondHeat

    I want a 280ai

    Late follow up. I did end up going with a kimber sub alpine in the 280ai. Topped it with a meopta and Talley light weight rings. All in right about 6.5 lbs. Had to wait awhile before I could shoot it due to life getting in the way. Went out this morning to put some break in rounds through it before starting my load workup. 20 rounds of factory nosler 140s. 3 shots clean and repeat. Was pleasantly surprised at the initial accuracy. Last group of the day was 5 shots to finish out the 20. This was not the norm for the first 5 "groups", but sure makes me grin about the possibilities.
  2. AzDiamondHeat

    Spotter Upgrade?

    its big and heavy but I don;t hike far with it.
  3. AzDiamondHeat

    Spotter Upgrade?

    I went with the 20-70. Here is a picture and video taken from the same spot. I attached my cell phone with a diy phone scope. 20190315_182920-1.mp4
  4. AzDiamondHeat


    Thank you. Nice meeting you today. Great guy for anybody that does business with him in the future!
  5. AzDiamondHeat

    Spotter Upgrade?

    +1 on the meopta S2. I have the nightforce version and it is excellent. Call Sean at sportoptics.
  6. AzDiamondHeat

    Kids riding toys

    Deal. This thing can become a CWT legacy toy....lol It just needs more speed and a ramp! Oh, and bump for the little red wagon still for sale!
  7. AzDiamondHeat

    RV water and dump in Flagstaff

    Last time I was there(been a few years) I stopped at the conoco on butler and the 40.
  8. AzDiamondHeat

    Kids riding toys

    Already put the coaster to good use! 20190513_184144.mp4
  9. AzDiamondHeat

    Cabin in Unit 10 NM

    It's a beautiful location. I have a small place right over the ridge at blue water lake.
  10. AzDiamondHeat

    Horse saga continues

    Evidently she is also a weapons expert. She was VERY convinced that 30yds was not an appropriate range for a 300 blk and he MUST have been shooting the 200yds at the horses. 300 blk!!!!!!! lol CLEARLY all she saw was scary black rifle. I wonder how she feels about the FERAL horses destroying the NATURAL habitat of the species that actually belong there. Rhetorical question as we already know...
  11. AzDiamondHeat


    Sent you a pm
  12. AzDiamondHeat

    Kids riding toys

    Dibs on the roller coaster
  13. AzDiamondHeat

    Gun License/Registration

    laws do not prohibit CRIMINAL activity nor do restrictions make it more difficult to obtain ANYTHING. Not is today's society. My favorite question to ask antis is this: Since you are for criminal's rights, and you are all for making guns illegal to own, once they become illegal will you THEN support my right to own one? Pretty much a discussion ender....lol
  14. AzDiamondHeat

    This new forum layout

    Yup, me too. Could only access via my phone for a long time due to Cox.
  15. AzDiamondHeat

    Gun License/Registration

    Driving a car is a privilege that can be taken away by the government. Owning a gun is a RIGHT guaranteed by the Constitution. Ignorance is not knowing the difference. Also, there are not large groups of ill-informed lemmings trying to take away our cars because a politician and the mainstream media has convinced them to be scared of an inanimate object. I have always found it amusing that the same people who want to remove guns also defend the rights of the criminals that illegally use that gun. How can the perpetrator e "innocent" and the tool be guilty?