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  1. AzDiamondHeat

    22 mag for dad

    Looking to buy a 22 mag for my dad. Most likely pistol but maybe an ultralight rifle. Anybody have recommendations?
  2. AzDiamondHeat

    10yr Old Daughter's rifle bull

    WOW. Just.....wow. I want to see her shoot that 7mm! how far back does it throw her?
  3. AzDiamondHeat

    Bloodiest Guns

    I think my "bloodiest" gun is my suppressed Browning Buckmark .22. about a thousand rabbits, squirrels, mice and powerline bucks have fallen to that bad boy....
  4. AzDiamondHeat

    Need Glassers in unit 22 tonight & tomorrow morning

    im in. just say when and where.
  5. AzDiamondHeat

    Need Glassers in unit 22 tonight & tomorrow morning

    "Team hunting" is a very liberal tag to put on THIS hunt. OP and his son put in the work. Adam put in a TON of work. They asked for help to raise the odds of closing the deal in the LAST DAY. HARDLY a "team hunt". Me, Adam and my brother were all helping my niece find a elk on her last day. Is THAT "team hunting"? Give it a rest guys. THOMAS earned that buck. Period. I'm he add ing off to hunt with my friends and family in a couple weeks. The more the merrier for my camp. 2 of my brothers are heading out on their own because they enjoy the solitude and "roughing it". To each their own. I enjoy the company when I hunt. If I want to be alone I will stay home with my wife.
  6. AzDiamondHeat

    A Tale of Two Tags

    Well done Thomas! Super cool week. And thank you for lending Adam to us that evening for my nieces hunt!
  7. AzDiamondHeat

    Swavely kids 2020

    I'm tired just reading this..... Congrats to all. Sounds like it was a hoot. Moral of the story.....Kevin has no idea what a "forkie" is.
  8. AzDiamondHeat

    3 packs for sale

    youre the same size as my Bro. if no one else takes it he would love it.
  9. AzDiamondHeat

    3 packs for sale

    Hey Kev would the dragonfly be a good pack for a teenage girl? If so me niece could sure use it(just ask Adam lol) Or maybe for her dad because he borrows mine.
  10. AzDiamondHeat

    Frustrated newbie seeking advice

    Out of curiosity, what elevation having you been scouting?
  11. AzDiamondHeat

    Frustrated newbie seeking advice

    I have the same hunt as you. I have done this same hunt for the past several years. We usually have a good size camp with anywhere from 4-10 tags. I will say this though, the southern half of that hunt can be TOUGH. We do the hunt because it is centrally located and we like to spend time together as friends/family. If the North part is closed, the south is going to be CROWDED. I have never seen LOTS of bucks at any one sitting. There are deer. There are bucks, but it is not your "ideal " coues" area. The terrain is steep and dense and the deer are very hard to find. I honestly doubt you are doing anything "wrong" other than being too fast. You are going to have to sit and glass until your eyes rot out of your head. You will see does and more does. Then you will move to a new spot and see more does. and maybe a spike. Then magically a buck will appear out of nowhere. Maybe. Lots of roads. Lots of people glassing from roads. If you want to see bucks, get off the roads and hike over one ridge. You will run into NOBODY and you will see deer. 24a is full of lazy hunters. You cam park next to me. I will be sitting on the road glassing and will watch your ride for you. It will be safe. I promise....
  12. AzDiamondHeat

    Best Backpack for late elk hunt

    Man up and sling a bag over each shoulder. Thats how us poor folk do it.
  13. AzDiamondHeat

    Another Canyon...

    Wow. 4b is such an amazing unit.
  14. AzDiamondHeat

    Need Glassers in unit 22 tonight & tomorrow morning

    aaaaaand last minute Adam strikes again! Congrats to Thomas and well done with all the hard work!
  15. AzDiamondHeat

    Youth Cow Hunt

    Perfect. Well done. i really like that another member was willing to help. That seems to be a common story. This is how it should be.