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  1. AzDiamondHeat

    Point guard question

    Thank you. I thought so but just wanted to be sure.
  2. AzDiamondHeat

    Point guard question

    Maybe this has been asked and answered. If so I apologize. If two people are on an app and it gets drawn, can only ONE of the hunters turn in his tag or do both have to? My buddy who I put in with was in a bad accident and may not be able to hunt by then IF we get drawn. And of COURSE this is 4b so no way do I want to pass on this trophy opportunity IF we get drawn.
  3. AzDiamondHeat

    Popcorn thread continues on MonsterMuleys>com

    What is the over/under on his tiny brother coming on here in the next 24 hours to blow up this thread to get it removed? Seems to be his only real purpose in life.
  4. AzDiamondHeat

    *Sold & Gone* - NIB Savage Axis II Combo in 6.5 Creedmoor

    Sent you a PM with my phone number. Shoot me a text and we can meet up.
  5. AzDiamondHeat

    *Sold & Gone* - NIB Savage Axis II Combo in 6.5 Creedmoor

    Sent you a PM. Shoot me a text and we will get together.
  6. Looking for a new flooring guy that can do carpet and/or tile as well as a floor cleaner. Prefer someone that will work valley wide in Phoenix. Any recommendations or referrals appreciated.
  7. AzDiamondHeat

    Lost a good friend

    A very good friend of mine drew his last tag a couple days ago. He was a great friend, father, hunter and just an all around good guy. Very involved in hunting, family, scouts, church and life. He will be missed. To anyone struggling with personal demons, please talk to someone. ANYONE. Don't let them win. Even if it is just one more day. Just win one more day. Love is always the answer. To all my friends(and even trphyhntr), please find happiness in your lives today. Then share it with someone else.
  8. AzDiamondHeat

    2020 Apps. Now Being Taken for Elk and Antelope

    Just tell him you will go to his next one.... It's elk season!!!
  9. AzDiamondHeat

    Badlands 4500 pack for sale

    For those who didn't get a pack for Christmas.....
  10. AzDiamondHeat

    Roof leaking???

    Bill, I sent you a PM. Shoot me a text if you are interested.
  11. AzDiamondHeat

    sold KItchen table and chair set - $225

    I will let my son know. I was asking for him.
  12. AzDiamondHeat

    Shot 3 with my kids -FIRST DOUBLE - Video

    Holy cow that is HARD to call, shoot AND video and WITH kids. Mad props to you! Super job getting the kids out. Say when and I will come video for you! Or shoot. Or play with the kids and watch the circus....lol
  13. ...you throw your camo into the corner and your sock sticks to the wall.