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  1. AzDiamondHeat

    Credit Card hit thread

    ya I hope no more late night flat tire rescues.. .lol New Mexico is my only hope for a good tag for me this year
  2. AzDiamondHeat

    Credit Card hit thread

    22 youth cow for my niece again. I LOVE this hunt! 4b early archery for bro in law. 2nd in 3 years. 4b early rifle for my buddys son. drew with 1 point. i hate that kid....lol at least i get to go help......
  3. AzDiamondHeat

    Thank You!

    I say give the kid a break. He was introduced by his Dad who is a LONG time member and contributor. He is obviously not just on here to promote his business. Regardless, it seems pretty evident that his services where actually used and appreciated so I am all for him posting on here. In my humble opinion I would appreciate knowing ANY member on here that can provide a service that is useful to me as I have found(with the rare exception) that the people on here are upstanding folks. Post up your business and help your fellow hunter.
  4. AzDiamondHeat

    Credit Card hit thread

    At least I know where all the tags went. I got nothing. I hate all of you.
  5. AzDiamondHeat

    AR 15

    because the regs say so 2. A person shall not take big game using full-jacketed or total-jacketed bullets that are not designed to expand upon impact, they are designed to wound, not kill quickly and ethically
  6. AzDiamondHeat

    AR 15

    yes. just no fmj ammo. 1 round if you practice.
  7. AzDiamondHeat

    Cleaning out my garage

    Ill take the radios Portable two way radios $20 BF-888S Plus long range
  8. AzDiamondHeat

    Pay it forward - I will start

    I'm in Gilbert
  9. AzDiamondHeat

    Pay it forward - I will start

    FREE sport dog sd800
  10. AzDiamondHeat

    Who’s building y’all’s custom rifles?

    I saw that beauty when i was in there.And like 6 or 7 with Lance's name on them....
  11. AzDiamondHeat

    Safe storage of stuff

    plenty of room at my house as i lost all mine in a boating accident. of course that doesnt bode well for protecting your FRIENDS stuff....hypothetically speaking of course. Might also get lost in a boating accident. i am a slow learner....
  12. AzDiamondHeat

    Pay it forward - I will start

  13. AzDiamondHeat

    WTB Garmin inreach

    anyone have an inreach they are thinking about selling?
  14. AzDiamondHeat

    Wanna see some point creep?

    Why you gotta spread such bad info? You cherry picked the best units that have all the booner cows. Of COURSE everyone wants a cow in 4b!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. AzDiamondHeat

    Jan javelina activity?

    they are right out the front door!