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  1. AzDiamondHeat

    Buddy Heater Repair

    He's right. The adapter i added to mine was for a quick disconnect.
  2. AzDiamondHeat

    Old timey cartridges

    Found these in an old cabinet thats been sitting around. Supposed to have been found around old fort goodwin and fort bowie off the butterfield trail.
  3. AzDiamondHeat

    Old timey cartridges

    I was curious so went and took a few more pics
  4. AzDiamondHeat

    Old timey cartridges

    I actually thought some WERE copper. Sure looked like it in some of the etched places around the head. I didn't taste them though so not sure.
  5. AzDiamondHeat

    Old timey cartridges

    No clue. To me they all look the same(maybe camera angle making them look different) but I know NOTHING.....
  6. AzDiamondHeat

    My WILD 12AW Late Hunt Trip

    Well done! Hate to be the bad news guy...but you are ruined for hunting now. It's only down hill from here...lol But way to go setting that hill WAAAAY high!
  7. AzDiamondHeat

    Buddy Heater Repair

    But I also think you need to get a little adapter for the end of the hose. I don't remember ts been so long.
  8. AzDiamondHeat

    Buddy Heater Repair

  9. AzDiamondHeat

    Legal mineral site attractents

    power lines.... oops. My bad. You said "legal".
  10. you can borrow my shotguns.
  11. AzDiamondHeat

    Son's 33 Youth Hunt

    That is awesome! well done. For what ts worth a member of my family has done the same thing with killing the deer NEXT to the one he was aiming at. A little bit different though as there was NOTHING wrong with his rifle!
  12. AzDiamondHeat

    Spare tire for Rhino

    I might. What size is it?
  13. AzDiamondHeat

    Are the snakes stil out?

    With all the warm weather I was wondering if you early hunt guys ran into them.
  14. AzDiamondHeat

    Are the snakes stil out?

    A little bit. But it was a very small snake and was not aggressive at all could barely get him to open his mouth.
  15. AzDiamondHeat

    Buddy Heater Repair

    What eddie said. I run the 10 ft hose without filter. Takes a LONG time for gas to get through and run it but it runs good.
  16. AzDiamondHeat

    Are the snakes stil out?

    Or just get some snake gaiters.
  17. AzDiamondHeat

    Are the snakes stil out?

    I am too old to jump. I do them the courtesy of involuntarily leaving a little pee to let them know they were successful in their warning....
  18. AzDiamondHeat

    Deep Dive into Trekking Poles

    I am a novice pole user. I have some Diamondback aluminum with the cam locks. They are not "lightweight" but I have never felt that they were "heavy" either. They have worked as needed so far. I am not a fan of the twist lock. Just a personal preference. I have had bad experiences with them failing. I do like the sleekness of twist locks though. I have had VERY minor issue with the cams getting caught on snags, but not enough to go back to twist locks. I like the rubber grips. I am always wearing gloves though so the texture or grip is not an issue. I had some cork handles and they seemed to harden up with sweat and dirt over time. I also do not bivy hunt so the only time weight is an issue is when I am toting them up or down the nasty canyons to etch an animal.
  19. AzDiamondHeat

    Remember the 80s in Phoenix

    hepatitis has some symptoms you should learn to recognize..... like fever , feeling very tired and loss of apatite...
  20. AzDiamondHeat

    What digiscoping device

    its cheap but works great. all metal and not phone specific phone scope adapter
  21. AzDiamondHeat

    Rear Widow Decal

    Probably someone from Heber.....
  22. AzDiamondHeat

    Steel case vs brass case ammo

    Too many "it depends" to answer that. If you are shooting it in a AK or similar and you don't reload then blast away. For ME, I would never shoot it in anything I care about. That and I try to save all my brass for reloading. I am just not a fan of "cheap" stuff. It is "cheap" for a reason.
  23. AzDiamondHeat

    Nephew’s First Buck

    The best part of the story is his reaction after. I also like that he didnt panic and dropped him with #2. Congrats to your family.
  24. AzDiamondHeat


    got 2 opening morning now stupid big winds. going home. im done.