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  1. carpcody

    2019 archery deer

    Thanks, no I don't think it's this guy.
  2. carpcody

    2019 archery deer

    Good hunt with good friends. Always a good feeling to get it done with the bow.
  3. carpcody

    Shot a buck

    Congrats man, bout time you shoot something:)
  4. carpcody

    WTB Swaro adapter

    Lost my swaro bino adapter over the weekend. Looking for another one. Thanks, Cody pm or txt. 520-251-1551
  5. carpcody

    2018 Rut Predictions

    Good lnfo
  6. carpcody

    2018 Rut Predictions

    Nice. Even though I don't have a ton of experience with rutting bulls(mostly due to the draw gods) I do understand that it can be different from one place to the next any day. It does seem like it has been an above average year as far as monsoon rains. Does anybody think that makes a difference one way or another?
  7. carpcody

    2018 Rut Predictions

    So I'm trying to pass the time before my elk hunt by looking at the extended forecast and moon phase for my hunt. Full moon lands the last few days of the hunt, and average high/low is 65/35 pretty much the full two weeks. Just courious what people feel the rut is going to do this year? On time? Late? Early?
  8. carpcody

    2017 Az archery elk hunt

    Nice job
  9. carpcody

    WTB Bino Harness

    I found one. Thanks.
  10. carpcody

    2018: What’s ur bull goal this year?

    Im just excited to have a sept. archery tag. Mature bull for me, but it all depends on how the hunt goes I suppose.
  11. carpcody

    WTB Bino Harness

    Just let me know what you have and for how much. I'm kinda liking the Alaska Guide Creations setup but not really set on a single model/brand just yet.
  12. carpcody

    WTB a Kodiak Canvas tent

    I have the 10x14 tent. I really like my tent. Not sure if I would ever buy another though. One of their selling points is their limited life time warrenty, all it is is a manufacturer defect warranty. That comment came straight from them. Last time I used my tent I staked it out too tight and when putting up the upright poles I bent both poles by the tent being too tight. My fault. I called because I wanted to use their lifetime warranty on the poles. The dude I talked to couldn't have been more of a dick to me on the phone. Repeatedly called me a liar on how I bent the poles and told me that was impossible. Said I probably used the poles as a crow bar and now want new ones. I'm not a big fan of that. I finally did communicate with somebody else over email and they were nicer than the dick on the phone. Bottom line is there is no life time warranty and I will try to never call them again if I have an issue.
  13. carpcody

    2018 antler growth

    These pics are getting me pumped for my unit 27 tag!
  14. carpcody

    Elk tags

    I just got mine a couple weeks ago. Lady at GF told me they were out of envelopes and they had to wait on more....