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  1. Flashgun

    Truck bed trailer

    any pics?
  2. Flashgun

    Turkey in 27

    Sounds like our hunt in unit 1 😂
  3. Flashgun

    Sig Sauer Sierra 6 BDX scope

  4. Flashgun

    Sig Sauer Sierra 6 BDX scope

  5. Flashgun

    Tripod & Head for BTX

    i ran the sirui va5 with my 95 mm but thinking i will jump to the vh10 for the 115mm objective
  6. Flashgun

    Sig Sauer Sierra 6 BDX scope

  7. Flashgun

    Sig Sauer Sierra 6 BDX scope

    Brand new in box. Pics show all info. $800 any questions shoot me a text or PM my cell is 928-642-4321. Text works best.
  8. Flashgun

    **sold**95mm Swarovski atx\btx objective $1900

  9. IMG_1788.mov 95mm Swarovski objective for btx/atx/stx Glass is scratch free. Always had protective skin on unit. I also attached a video file of the item so hopefully it plays for you to get an hood look at it. Any questions feel free to text me.. only selling to hop up to 115mm. $1900 cell 928-642-4321
  10. Flashgun

    Double standard?

    I am sure that guy will win a a huge settlement from the City of Avondale, It is imminent
  11. Flashgun

    Card Hits!

    Well I had put in for a early season rifle and a early season muzzy hunt, figuring my dad would draw with his 10 points in a mid tier archery unit and I would help him rather then risk us both drawing archery tags. I figured I wouldn't draw anyways for the hunts I applied for only having 10 points myself. He was applying for a unit that had stayed at 10 points to get in on the max pass for the past 5 years so we figured it was a a lock to draw. Well as luck would have it, his unit must have jumped a point with point creep and he didn't draw but i got hit yesterday afternoon for a early season muzzy or early rifle tag. 😁
  12. Flashgun

    E Tag App

    The only reason i opted in is some states post draw results a little earlier for those on etags. It saves azgfd money to not print and mail tags as well
  13. Flashgun

    Roofer recommendations?

    I had TSM roofing do my roof a few months back and it turned out great. They were on time and cranked it out all in one day with a big crew. Plus they are local hunting guys here in AZ. Their shop is in North Phoenix by i17 and union hills
  14. Flashgun

    Horn Quality 2022 ?

    The bulls I have been seeing seem to be a average horn year. They are way healthier body wise though. Fat like cattle. I think the rut will be great because they are all so healthy.
  15. Flashgun

    Motorola CP200d Local Retailer?

    i got all my motorola radios from Procomm southwest radio on the west side i-17 frontage road just south of deer valley road.