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  1. Flashgun

    New Mexico unit 16D Archery Bull Sept 15-24th

    I drew the same season but in 16E across the road from you. I have never hunted it before but will be taking some trips to scout. If you decide to scout the west side of your unit and want to split a scouting trip. Let me know.
  2. Selling a Davis 12' x 14' wall tent. Tent is used but in great condition. There is only one small hole aprox 2" tear that I had patched with a canvas patch and has held great on one wall by the bottom. These are pics from the last time I had it set up in elk camp. I also have a floor and carpet that I will include. The floor is for a slighlty larger tent but works nice cause it leaves a nice spot out front for muddy boots etc.. There is a stove jack but i do not have a stove for it. Tent includes all poles Easiest way to get ahold of me is text @ 928-642-4321 Located by 101/ I-17 interchange in North Phoenix ***SOLD***
  3. Flashgun

    FREE Polaris ranger lift kit

    I will take a set if any are left. text sent
  4. Flashgun

    Credit Cards

    I use a Barclay credit card and everything has always worked fine and hits show up instantly subtracted from your available credit..
  5. Kens Transmissions at 26th st and Bell is also a solid choice..
  6. Flashgun

    Grizzly Cooler

  7. Flashgun

    Grizzly Cooler

    I am in north Phoenix
  8. Flashgun

    Grizzly Cooler

    150qt Grizzly Cooler in Excellent condition, looks brand new. Not sure why the pics are upside down but regardless this is it. located in North Phoenix. Always open to interesting trades, just clearing out some room in the garage. Thanks for looking... $300
  9. Flashgun

    Super Raffle tag buck...

    So 12 pages of comments and no one has said yet if after the phone call, Duwayne bought the optics for a good price or not?
  10. Flashgun

    Northerner heading South in January (recap)

    Those have to be the rifle success rates for those units. I prefer the units in lower elevation for the otc rut hunts. The mild weather cant be beat for glassing!
  11. Flashgun

    BTX, what power?

    I run mine with the 95mm. It is worth the extra money in my opinion. I love this setup
  12. Flashgun

    If you had the points....

    1 for early hunts and 27 for late hunts
  13. Flashgun

    2009 White Tacoma 4x4 FS

    How many miles?
  14. Flashgun

    Quad Repairs in North Phoenix

    I have used Throttle out performance and power sports on 7th street and just south of deer valley rd. They were very good and had good prices. I would recommend them and use them again
  15. Flashgun

    THe draw

    I think the holiday will bump it to early next week. If it was a normal week I would hope for Friday