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  1. Federal Pizza on central about a quarter mile north of Camelback is our favorite
  2. Flashgun

    Parking on State Land

    I received a citation when we were coues hunting. I called in and explained i was hunting. They dropped the ticket over the phone for me. They said in the future to just leave a note in the parked vehicle window that i was hunting and they wouldn't mess with a future ticket when they see the note..
  3. Flashgun

    Draw results

    46B West for sheep 😁
  4. Flashgun

    <<<<SOLD>>>>>Crispi Nevada Boots Size 11.5 $150

  5. Flashgun


  6. I ordered a half size bigger then I should have and kept thinking i would get used too them but I give up. Need to reorder a half size smaller and selling these. I would guess there is probably about 40 miles on them as i wore them for several hunts ... Located in North Phoenix by i17/101 interchange. Text works best at 928-642-4321
  7. Flashgun


    Fit my 2018 ranger crew 900xp. I believe this will also fit 1000's but you can verify or test fit if you want. Located in North Phoenix by i17/101 interchange. Text is best at 928-642-4321
  8. Flashgun

    2008 wolf pack toy hauler

    Is that fridge a LP fridge also or just 110v?
  9. Flashgun

    Cards are being hit! Who's going hunting?

    Sheep tag for me and coues tag for the GF
  10. Flashgun

    Hits started

    Got a sheep hit for me. GF got a coues hit
  11. Flashgun

    Anybody ever hunted Utah cow elk

    Just saw this post so I am a tad bit late but hope you applied as the deadline was last night to apply for a cow tag in UT. I would try that route before buying a landowner tag as they have decent draw odds and will be a cheaper option..
  12. Flashgun

    What's your favorite Burger Joint?

    Paradise Valley Burger
  13. Flashgun

    Lake Pleasent Boating Accident

    I think she passed away from it. Sad news
  14. **************************SOLD******************************
  15. Discount Tire Pathfinder AT and factory Ram 2500 8 lug rims. 8x6.5 bolt pattern 18”. 275/70 R18 Tires have less then 200 miles on them. Rims do not have TPMS sensors as I had them moved over to my new rim setup. Located in North Phoenix by I17/101 interchange.. Text works best 928-642-4321 $600 OBO