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  1. Flashgun

    Graduation gift.....which elk unit

    Not great odds on with only 6 points as a non-res. That being said, 5A late rifle is 39% draw odds. I would definately look at that as a option..
  2. Flashgun

    Urgent need of Hornandy 6.5 Ammo for hunt

    Who knows what he really wants?? But don't get so worked up man. It's all going to be alright. He will check back in someday...
  3. Flashgun

    Urgent need of Hornandy 6.5 Ammo for hunt

    Sportsmans at I17 and 101 about 5 minutes ago..
  4. Flashgun


    Delorme inReach SE. Excellent condition. Always used the included case to keep it protected in the field. Works perfectly. Case included. $130 TYD.. Buyer pays any paypal fees if not local. Located in North Phoenix. Call or text at 928-642-4321
  5. Flashgun

    Late hunt tactics

    Waist high thick scrub oak hill sides and canyon faces. Late season bulls love to eat scrub oak to pack pounds back on before winter sets in
  6. Flashgun

    Draw results

    Bull Bison, Turkey and Javi tags for me. The tag gods smiled upon me lol
  7. Flashgun

    Draw results

    Your tag numbers are now posted on the portal but not hunt number. Results will probably post today imo
  8. Flashgun

    Credit card hits tomorrow ??

    Noticed tag numbers are up on your portal but not hunt numbers.. I am guessing they will post up results today
  9. Flashgun

    Buffalo draw strategy

    Well I got a CC hit for Bison. I only put in for the 2 bull hunts in June/July. Still in shock quite honestly lol
  10. Flashgun

    WTB Marsupial BTX Case

    I have a swarovski stay on case for a 95 mm btx i'd sell. It is missing the one end cap peice that covers the objective cap but it didn't bother me cause the plastic lens cover is on it anyways when i packed it. If interested shoot me a pm
  11. Flashgun

    MEOPTA vs SWARO???

    Meopta is decent for the price but definitely not Swaro quality on their binos. That being said the Meopta spotters are much closer in quality to Swaro quality imo. I would recommend Mavens over Meopta if you are trying to save a little money on binos. Good luck with your decision
  12. Flashgun


  13. Flashgun

    New Mexico unit 16D Archery Bull Sept 15-24th

    I drew the same season but in 16E across the road from you. I have never hunted it before but will be taking some trips to scout. If you decide to scout the west side of your unit and want to split a scouting trip. Let me know.
  14. Selling a Davis 12' x 14' wall tent. Tent is used but in great condition. There is only one small hole aprox 2" tear that I had patched with a canvas patch and has held great on one wall by the bottom. These are pics from the last time I had it set up in elk camp. I also have a floor and carpet that I will include. The floor is for a slighlty larger tent but works nice cause it leaves a nice spot out front for muddy boots etc.. There is a stove jack but i do not have a stove for it. Tent includes all poles Easiest way to get ahold of me is text @ 928-642-4321 Located by 101/ I-17 interchange in North Phoenix ***SOLD***