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    Horn Quality 2022 ?

    The bulls I have been seeing seem to be a average horn year. They are way healthier body wise though. Fat like cattle. I think the rut will be great because they are all so healthy.
  2. Flashgun

    Motorola CP200d Local Retailer?

    i got all my motorola radios from Procomm southwest radio on the west side i-17 frontage road just south of deer valley road.
  3. Flashgun

    6A early archery bull timing

    The dates are early this year i would wait for the last 5 if thats all you can do. I would still run up up for the weekends and hunt also. The only exception would be if you have a bull patterned well and could kill opening morning. With all the water and feed everywhere its going to be tough to have a bull patterned though unless it dries up a ton..
  4. Federal Pizza on central about a quarter mile north of Camelback is our favorite
  5. Flashgun

    Parking on State Land

    I received a citation when we were coues hunting. I called in and explained i was hunting. They dropped the ticket over the phone for me. They said in the future to just leave a note in the parked vehicle window that i was hunting and they wouldn't mess with a future ticket when they see the note..
  6. Flashgun

    Draw results

    46B West for sheep 😁
  7. I ordered a half size bigger then I should have and kept thinking i would get used too them but I give up. Need to reorder a half size smaller and selling these. I would guess there is probably about 40 miles on them as i wore them for several hunts ... Located in North Phoenix by i17/101 interchange. Text works best at 928-642-4321
  8. Flashgun

    <<<<SOLD>>>>>Crispi Nevada Boots Size 11.5 $150

  9. Flashgun


    Fit my 2018 ranger crew 900xp. I believe this will also fit 1000's but you can verify or test fit if you want. Located in North Phoenix by i17/101 interchange. Text is best at 928-642-4321
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  11. Flashgun

    2008 wolf pack toy hauler

    Is that fridge a LP fridge also or just 110v?
  12. Flashgun

    Cards are being hit! Who's going hunting?

    Sheep tag for me and coues tag for the GF
  13. Flashgun

    Hits started

    Got a sheep hit for me. GF got a coues hit
  14. Flashgun

    Anybody ever hunted Utah cow elk

    Just saw this post so I am a tad bit late but hope you applied as the deadline was last night to apply for a cow tag in UT. I would try that route before buying a landowner tag as they have decent draw odds and will be a cheaper option..
  15. Flashgun

    What's your favorite Burger Joint?

    Paradise Valley Burger
  16. Flashgun

    Lake Pleasent Boating Accident

    I think she passed away from it. Sad news
  17. Discount Tire Pathfinder AT and factory Ram 2500 8 lug rims. 8x6.5 bolt pattern 18”. 275/70 R18 Tires have less then 200 miles on them. Rims do not have TPMS sensors as I had them moved over to my new rim setup. Located in North Phoenix by I17/101 interchange.. Text works best 928-642-4321 $600 OBO
  18. **************************SOLD******************************
  19. Flashgun

    New Mexico draw

    Thats a fun hunt had it a couple years ago. Congrats
  20. $50 Brand New. Realtree Edge Pattern. Tags still on it. Located in North Phoenix by i17/101 Text works best 928-642-4321
  21. Flashgun

    Brand New ALPZ Trailblazer Pack $50

    Yes it is still available
  22. Flashgun

    New Mexico draw

    Got skunked..
  23. Flashgun

    Unit 23 north map

    IMO There is no better hunting map then Flatline for units. They are a little expensive but last forever.
  24. Flashgun


    Any interest in trading for a 95MM and some cash?
  25. Flashgun

    7 day backcountry elk hunt

    I would suggest taking a long weekend and hiking into a area and trying all your gear out asap. Learn what you can shed and what you forgot. Sleeping systems and Shelter are the twwo biggest items and can also be much lighter in the pack as you pay more money for better gear. As others have said I would be very concerned about meat care when you get a animal down. Late elk hunts with cool temps are much better then Sept hunts with hot temps in the back country