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  1. Big or Bust

    New meat processor - Tucson

    Just FYI - these guys just opened up and are fully permitted. In the Three Points area. Thought some folks would want to know about it due to the WGP log jam at times. https://www.facebook.com/CouesRidgeCustom/
  2. Big or Bust

    Youth hunt velvet

    I'm glassing and hunting in 36a for a bud, all bucks, 80's+ still in velvet. Still still haven't seen a hard horn.
  3. Big or Bust

    36A Muzzleloader Help

    There's deer everywhere but they haven't moved much at all the last few days during daylight. I've been in there too. This morning was zero movement. Yesterday was better but only very first thing and very last thing. Glass thick bottoms/cuts very early/late coming out of any of the hills in the unit and be ready to make a stalk fast.
  4. Big or Bust

    Youth hunt velvet

    Yep - on two nice bucks tonight. Set up on them helping a buddy out. Didn't come out until too late for scope as it was 90 degrees today. Both nice bucks, full velvet. Southern AZ. Haven't seen a single buck hard yet. No signs of getting itchy either but it's any day....
  5. Big or Bust

    Youth hunt velvet

    As of 2 days ago both bucks I'm watching over 100+ were in full velvet in southern AZ....
  6. Big or Bust

    Heffelfinger on instagram

    Look on YouTube the first year Newberg went to AZ, then subtract a year or two. I'd say you're close....
  7. Big or Bust

    Doe hunts????

    Where did the article cite the deer herd they were discussing?
  8. Big or Bust

    Doe hunts????

    I glassed yesterday in a unit that has thousands of buck tags. I saw 8 bucks and 5 does, 3 bucks were 85"+. If you're hunting maternity wards, on average, just stay put. You'll see mostly does....grin...
  9. Big or Bust

    Heffelfinger on instagram

    He's Newberg's buddy. Seems to relish camera time, podcast time, and how smart he is. I do think he's good as a biologist though but he owes himself significant self reflection. Everything in life has consequences. Only liberals feel that they are owed something. Hilariously naive and ironic statement by him.
  10. Big or Bust

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    I had 3.5" of rain in my gauge this AM likely the magic area in the storm. It poured for 2 hours straight pretty much from 1-3 AM. Southwest of Tucson. It was already a jungle.
  11. Big or Bust


    I'll take it bud. PM sent.
  12. Big or Bust

    WTB compact 40 semi pistol

    Fellers - I'm looking for a compact 40 S &W, at least 10 rounds to a magazine. Glock, Smith's, Springfield's etc. Cash buyer in Tucson area. PM me if anyone has anything for sale. Thanks!
  13. Big or Bust

    36A hunts

    I love it when this tag gets high praise..😅
  14. Big or Bust

    36A hunts

    That's the rumor....
  15. Big or Bust

    36A hunts

    There are spots absolutely where you can glass hundreds of deer at a time. It used to be twice as good for mule deer numbers believe it or not 5-8 years ago. I'm talking about rifle hunting for bucks.