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  1. Big or Bust

    Best sub $300 scope

    Fixed 10x SWFA, milquad or MOAquad reticle.....
  2. Big or Bust

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    .224" 75 grain BTHP's
  3. Big or Bust

    Hunt proposal, more limited archery units

    There is a recent grittybowmen podcast with Heffelfinger that discusses a lot of these issues in detail for those asking questions. Good listen and directly pertains to the issues at hand.... Episode 623. https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/gritty-podcast-6123/episodes/ep-623-desert-mule-deer-jim-he-85697151
  4. Big or Bust

    Nu-Way Model 4000 Propane wall tent stove

    More BTUs than a Buddy, condensation is not an issue as it is vented. Of course we are in AZ....grin.... You can really control the heat with the damper placement. In the photos I pictured it's low, you can rearrange the damper much higher, as high as right before it goes out of the tent. The higher the damper, the warmer it gets. Big difference. This setup is very small and very light. Would I use this setup in zero degree weather? No. Would I use this setup for giant spaces? No. Perfect for normal sized wall tents in AZ winter weather on average? I'd say yes.
  5. I have an extra stove I'm going to sell. I just hardly use a stove anymore. It's been used exactly 2 nights and been setup only a few times. https://nuwaystove.com/product/model-4000/ Includes: -Nu-Way Model 4000 stove (the big one) with 10' of hose -Nu-Way's 3" stove pipe kit, that I've increased to 4" at top for more heat and for standard cutouts in most tents (see photos). -Nu-Way's low pressure regulator kit -all extras I have, extra 2' of 3" pipe, extra 5' of hose This is a mess free way of heating a wall tent and it is warm. Is a single or dual burner. Very very easy to operate. Propane tank (not included) can be outside of tent. Extremely low fuel use for burn rate. Takes up very little space. Basically performs like a wood stove with no fuel gathering and no mess. And can run on low all night to keep tent warm without getting up This is how folks heat their ice fishing cabins up north. Total of 10' of hose from stove to propane tank. Stove pipe height from top of stove is 6'6". More pipe can be added to extend if needed very, very easily at Lowe's or Home Depot. I'm in Tucson area for pickup and I can demonstrate operation for buyer. $325 for it all picked up. Please holler with questions. First I'll take it gets it.
  6. Big or Bust

    Fiocchi 209 primers and Triple 7 powder

    Trying to work out a trade still on primers. Still available. PM me if local to Tucson area....
  7. I have some extra muzzleloading items I am in no longer in need of and could also use trade items dependent on what you have. I have 500 count 209 primers and 2 1 pounders unopened of Triple Seven propellant. Is anyone in need of these items and would like to trade for other primers, powders, or bullets? PM me if interested and we can chat a trade. I am in the Tucson area....
  8. Big or Bust

    Score Guesses???

  9. Big or Bust

    BTX 12x50 Combo?

    Maybe, but I'm there with you...
  10. Big or Bust

    7mm-08 Pet Load Data

    Lots of options these days for more than the 2.80" or similar constraints.
  11. Big or Bust

    Trigger pull weight on long range hunting rifle?

    About as low as I go is a pound, prefer 1.5 pounds. Ounces can get sporty if you're not careful for a variety of reasons. And definitely don't lend your gun out with a 4 oz. trigger...😆
  12. Big or Bust

    Tipping Taxidermist

    heck, I give my guy a month of work annually it seems. He should tip me or have the little coupon deal that every tenth animal is free or something. 😁
  13. Big or Bust

    Cva paramount vs rem ult

    Levi is the man ..
  14. Big or Bust

    7mm-08 Pet Load Data

    For 120-140 grain bullets far and away the best powder is Ramshot Big Game for both velocity and accuracy IME. Safely, with 22" barrels in multiple rifles including notoriously slow Tikka barrels, 140's can get 2900-2950 at the upper node with good brass life and 120's can go 3100+....