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  1. Big or Bust


    Copy...grin .
  2. Big or Bust


    Nah - he ain't a butt hurt kinda cat...
  3. Big or Bust

    Left Over List

    I think it's trending towards no leftovers and archery draw for sure in the next 5-10 years but I think this year, in most states out west, everybody wants to be a farmer and provider this year with the "Rona" BS and put meat on the table. I mean heck, go to your local Ace. Everyone idiot now wants to raise chickens, goats, cows, etc. All of a sudden....
  4. Big or Bust

    First Lite Clothing - Need input

    Yep - when I got them I was skeptical. I immediately went on a 10 mile walkabout through catclaw, mesquite, scrub, etc. I was impressed by the end of it and still am as they are holding up well to boot.
  5. Big or Bust

    12AW snow fall and driving

    Great buck...
  6. Big or Bust

    12AW snow fall and driving

    Lance, how close to 200" is that dude? Gotta be 195" ish...
  7. Big or Bust

    First Lite Clothing - Need input

    The Sawbuck pant has replaced my carharts in stickery shrubby catclaw country. Legit. Plus a warm weather pant I'd call it.
  8. Big or Bust

    .243 for mulies?

    A .243 is plenty fine for any deer sized game pretty far out there dependent on BC and MV. Fret shot placement and secondarily the bullet. The cartridge is plenty fine.
  9. Big or Bust

    .243 for mulies?

    What would be your minimum for big mulies and is there a difference in your eyes between desert mulies and Rockies?
  10. Big or Bust


    Good guy bump...
  11. Big or Bust


    Nice post, not surprising ...
  12. Big or Bust

    New Mexico draw results

    All red here but one of the tags for NR I applied for has been 100% forever. Hmmmm. Be interesting if this trend continues relative to rumors out there...
  13. Big or Bust

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    I do. You are an embarrassment quite honestly.
  14. Big or Bust

    desert bucks not shedding yet...

    Heck, in the past 7 days I've seen two rutting frenzies of coues deer bucks on a doe, both sets of bucks had a 90"+ buck with them. Makes shedding season seem really far away...