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  1. Big or Bust

    Where am I?

    Those are everywhere. And in the middle of nowhere usually accompanied by gallons of water waiting for passerbys...
  2. Big or Bust

    Broke ankle in 16A need help 6024990610

    Glad you made it out...
  3. Big or Bust

    Broke ankle in 16A need help 6024990610

    What the heck is going on? Would you prefer the estimate first or a stretcher rescue, for clarity?
  4. Big or Bust


    Laffin'.... Butt sex jokes? Laffin'. All "credibility" of yours is now gone. I was genuinely wanting a conversation as I happen to have a few degrees too in the field since you seem to think that's important... You are indeed the classic liberal pro-wolf dude along with the passive agressiveness.... All emotion. I'm just trying to have a conversation with you. How'd you like the SOTU address?
  5. Big or Bust


    I was going to ask some similar questions but I was going to wait on a few more posts... Grin....
  6. Big or Bust


    This, and grazing.... How are you able to separate this out the predator analysis based on all the studies which you have cited?
  7. Big or Bust


    Thanks. The article is a large literature review , not really a study, which doesn't discuss grazing which at least in AZ is huuuuge..... Nor does it list where the literature reviewed did their own studies, some or most of which were in Europe who likely has significant differences in hunting pressure let alone other differences not known (grazing, etc.). Plus the article appears to conclude its data with wolves and bear predation, not just wolves although it does suggest bears are likely secondary. Is this the study you are basing your comment on that wolves are solely responsible for riparian degradation?
  8. Big or Bust


    Up for Buster... Care to comment?
  9. Big or Bust


    Absense of apex predators is the absolute cause of damage to riparian areas? Oh this could be rich....
  10. Big or Bust

    Kobe Bryant farewell

    No. Fake news. That crash was in Afghanistan.... Dudes on the ground couldn't see Kobe's chopper above them. Way too foggy. It hit hard but that video ain't it. Been debunked already....
  11. Big or Bust

    WTB Remington 700 SA

  12. Big or Bust

    WTB Remington 700 SA

    Howdy guys - I'm looking for a beater Remington 700 SA, only .473 bolt face (.243, .260, 7-08, .308)..... Any outsized youth rifles or safe queens are perfect. Factory everything is fine. Shoot me a PM please - thanks!
  13. Big or Bust

    Mexico 2020

    Super bucks. Congrats.
  14. Big or Bust

    Anyone find a 3x3

    Not trying to say you were gonna upgrade bro. Just brainstorming on your lack of info for folks to try to find your deer and the motivations behind it. One of which is covering up your hunting area. I get it. But just be clear. Sorry for insinuating.
  15. Big or Bust

    Anyone find a 3x3

    I am cool bro. I'm not an asshole as I don't think you are even though likely tons of folks on here think you are. You tell it like it is. Like I am right now. I really hope you find him or someone does. Sincerely.