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  1. Big or Bust

    Wonderful Weekend

    Congrats Lance!
  2. Big or Bust

    Berger Vld hunting bullets

    Any 6.5 130VLDs?
  3. Big or Bust

    Another Drought Year...

    It's been hopped over since yesterday afternoon on this side. Blew up again today.
  4. Big or Bust


    Great smoker. I have the same one..
  5. Big or Bust

    Assault weapons ban? Really Joe.

    Definitely IYO...
  6. Big or Bust

    Assault weapons ban? Really Joe.

    Absolutely not. This stuff has been in the open for quite some time now....
  7. Big or Bust

    Assault weapons ban? Really Joe.

    These same people fully support shipping lots of guns and weapons to Ukraine for it's people to defend themselves, but not their own country. With our tax dollars by the way. Think on that....
  8. Big or Bust

    Duwane Adams ?

    That's proof? Come on ....
  9. Big or Bust

    Kuiu Roll Call

    Me too, then I bought some First Lite sawbuck brush pants. Game changer....
  10. Big or Bust

    New Mexico draw

    All red. Gonna be a time in a few years that any tag anywhere is a good draw spring if we ain't already there....
  11. Big or Bust

    Leupold Problem..Maybe

    When I dumped all my high end Leupolds about 10 years ago it was a lightbulb moment. Every aspect of shooting got easier. Zeroing, dialing, ballistics, etc. All of a sudden everything worked like it should. Never, ever again, no chance....
  12. Big or Bust

    Rossislider is a liar and coward

    Again, I have no dog in the fight and don't know either of you, but that's very, very weak. You'd have been better off not responding at all....
  13. Big or Bust

    Rossislider is a liar and coward

    I'd be pissed too trophyhunter and I don't know either of you. A hit and run of this scope and folks making you somehow prove innocence? Isn't that the epitome of what the libs are doing with the entire cancel culture raging across the country that all on this site would disagree with? It is indeed sad. I know how I'd act if someone did this to me. I'd be lividly pissed. Basically this label isn't just a poacher, this implies being a thief, liar, and cheat. You can't sling words around like that in this scope.
  14. Big or Bust

    Rossislider is a liar and coward

    Yeah - that's pretty chicken*'&# of him.
  15. Big or Bust

    Draw Results