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  1. It has gone far enough? You are done here? Yet you continue to PM me and threaten me. I made no such claims of your personality or integrity. Just stating WALMART IS NOT GETTING OUT OF THE GUN BUSINESS but some select stores. @CouesWhitetail Was nothing more than flagging the thread as misinformation and you went ahead and attack me, threaten me and threaten the forum.
  2. I appreciate the heads up and the intent of sharing deals. Everyone loves a good deal. My only issue and is only my issue just like an opinion is stating that they ALL are getting out of guns. It causes a lot of confusion and misinformation on the internet and amongst us enthusiast. I stopped by the northern store today, absolutely 0 left. Everything was waiting to be picked up, and 2-3 on NICs delay still. They are wrapping up and packaging up all their 4473s to close up shop.
  3. They announced the end of their pistol and "sbr" ammo. No such rush or rioting occurred. They announced the end of semiautomatics, Colts and SIGS were going for anderson prices. No one got shot trying to buy a Walmart AR
  4. From the map across the nation it appears to be stores in not so great areas. Walmart did this years ago and then brought them back. Everyone always has a "source" but the same managers said it was just their stores and they didn't even know about it. Also since when did an hourly employees or department manager get inside information on company trade secrets or roadmaps. If you want to say Walmart(s) or select stores are selling guns for 50% off great but don't pander to the world in a public forum rumors that cause any more hysteria. I know for a fact that the two stores in the valley clearing out did not receive gun shipments for a while. They got in very few new ones such as the CVA but none of the fvsr or newer savage 110 with accustock. Also there is a precott store that is clearing them out as well. The Gail gardner one. Again that store reset their mods and didn't have inventory flowing in.
  5. This is how misinformation gets spread like CNN. WALMART is not getting out of guns. 500+ nationwide have cleared out their inventory at 50% off 2 weeks ago, you were just too late to the party. Only 3 stores in AZ have marked down. A lot of these stores are in terrible neighborhoods. There are MANY in the minnesota area that are getting out. Some stores had no idea until a couple of days ago. Move on . More fake news. And the only thing left at northern are like crappy single shot hatfields and NICs delays. Buckeye has a beautiful Remington 552 deep blued and nice wood for 350
  6. Go slower powder. Like turtle slow
  7. khmer6

    Guns for muleys 2016

    458 SOCOM fully loaded Incase a bear, a lion and a coyote show up after the shot
  8. khmer6

    Card Got Hit

    It's new this year
  9. khmer6

    Remington 660 at Cabelas

    OK so who bought it!!???! Can't find it now
  10. khmer6

    Card Hit - 2016 style

    It takes a lot longer than 30 seconds to run thru that many records in a database
  11. When's the safari hunt. Rhinos and buffalo's!
  12. khmer6

    Elk hammer

    Easy. 460wby!!!
  13. khmer6

    Card Hit

    One more week to update cards and let the charge card game begin!
  14. khmer6

    Anyone Get Lucky

    O trust me I know where the deer are out there. Been watching a few bucks for the last 2 to 3 months. I was just curious if anyone had luck and....... one of the bucks I was watching seem to disappeare lol. Maybe a member on here took him.Are you seeing any rut activity yet? Getting ready for January archery in another unit
  15. khmer6

    Anyone Get Lucky

    I did the same thing this year. Had bucks all over. Clean up close shot and I totally missed lol. Cried the entire mile walk back to the truck. So embarassing