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  1. khmer6

    Rifles and equipment

    What bbl length on the tika?
  2. khmer6

    WTB bolt action 223

    Replied to all PMs
  3. khmer6

    WTB bolt action 223

    Are you looking for a 223 bolt gun? I have a few NIB. Some have bases installed
  4. khmer6

    WTB bolt action 223

    Did you find anything yet? I have a couple of NIB options
  5. khmer6

    WTB .308 , 30.06 300wm 7 mag

    What are you looking for? Budget?
  6. khmer6

    Br4 primers

    And price?
  7. khmer6

    Looking for 308 hunting ammo

    Where are you located? I think I have some federal powershok and federal non typical whitetail. Will check when I get home later
  8. khmer6

    WTS 6.5 prc brass

    How much prc brass do you have
  9. khmer6


    Well, did you txt him???
  10. khmer6

    Savage axis compact 6.5CM

  11. khmer6

    Unit 33 Hunting

    Wrong section. This is classifieds
  12. khmer6

    CCI Primers

    Cci 762 so about 900 right. Just confirming what - about 60 means
  13. khmer6

    T/C Compass Rifles for Sale. 243 & 7mm-08

    Only Zelle or bitcoins 🤑
  14. khmer6

    WTB shotgun primers

    Haven't seen any locally in a long time. Bpi has a decent restock tho
  15. khmer6

    T/C Compass Rifles for Sale. 243 & 7mm-08

    Naw you guys are paranoid. First double post and it's a for sale ad with no details. Perfectly legit!