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  1. I'll take the chargemaster if it's working
  2. khmer6

    H&R 32 Gauge with Ammo

    These HRs are great. Case of ammo is a steal
  3. khmer6

    Sold - (800) Rainier 250g, 45 cal projectiles

    I'll take these. Not sure when I can get to that side of town
  4. khmer6

    Mec Sizemaster and 600jr

    Thanks. Honest and good seller.
  5. khmer6

    2020 Aluma 7812ESA trailer

  6. khmer6

    Mec Sizemaster and 600jr

    I'll take this
  7. khmer6


    Thank you for saving us all
  8. khmer6

    FS - Ruger SR 1911 - SOLD

    Great price
  9. khmer6

    Springfield Model 94 12GA

    I'll take this location?
  10. khmer6


    I'll take this. It's 3 cans and a partial?
  11. khmer6

    Crossbow with hard case

    Thanks. Thought that's what I was seeing wasn't sure. Is there a quiver included? Where are you located? Carefree?
  12. khmer6

    Crossbow with hard case

    What cocking device is included?
  13. khmer6


    That's a mighty fine rifle
  14. khmer6

    2 guns- rifle and shotgun

    Is the HR an SB1 or SB2?
  15. khmer6

    Mec Pres 12gauge

    I'll take this