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  1. khmer6

    .45 bullets $120

    $80? I can pick them up tomorrow
  2. khmer6

    Marlin 336W 30-30 FS

    All yours
  3. khmer6

    SOLD 300wm ammo for sale

    I'll pass. Thank you
  4. khmer6

    SOLD 300wm ammo for sale

    That would help of you don't mind
  5. khmer6

    SOLD 300wm ammo for sale

    I'll take this if you're OK with it might taking some time to coordinate pick up
  6. khmer6


    A J30 EX-L! Great motor. Purpleen was always a good color
  7. khmer6

    Savage 99 250-3000 lever action

    Depends on condition and caliber. Some don't go for very much and most don't go for very high either. Does it have a gold counter?
  8. khmer6

    Automated Shotgun Reloaders For Sale

    Any of then set up for 410?
  9. khmer6

    Spring Cleaning

    I'll take the n130. 4lbs for $80
  10. khmer6

    FS: 300 Ultra Mag and 300 WSM Brass

    Where are you located? I'll take the 300 rum
  11. I'll take all these. Sending pm
  12. khmer6

    MEC 10 gauge Steelmaster

    My shoulder hurts looking at it
  13. khmer6

    Ruger no.1 4570

    You do need it. And a 25-06 no1
  14. khmer6

    Reloading supplies

    Sending pm