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  1. khmer6

    Plano bow case 44in $60

    Bow case with a few extras. Some arrows and a release. Never traveled with it. Been in the garage for years $60 n phx
  2. khmer6

    Plano bow case 44in $60

    Won't let me upload pics. This is the case https://www.cabelas.com/shop/en/plano-bow-guard-se-44-single-bow-case-100017698-1?ds_e=GOOGLE&ds_c=Cabelas|Shopping|PMax|Hunting|Hunting|NAud|TopPerf|NMT&&&&&gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQiA35urBhDCARIsAOU7QwlA1tsLezfC6Jfd-Voy5kCMNTsSyGf08hcgw0ZZPU3AJAXvTdiaNrwaAk57EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  3. I'll take Stack On Gun Safe $75, missing lock on one side but replaceable from stack on
  4. khmer6


    If you still have that chargemaster I'll grab it too. Sorry it's been a while since we could connect
  5. khmer6


    You speaking my language. I'll take them all thanks.
  6. All good. Got it taken care of. AjoAL is an A+ seller
  7. I'll take $160 Vortex Viper HD 10x42 VPR-4210-
  8. khmer6

    Free Traeger

    Could of had it delivered
  9. khmer6

    20 Ga Shotshells and Wads SOLD

    Might have convinced me to load 20ga
  10. Perfect timing. I just got a new 338. Where are you locates?
  11. khmer6

    9MM and 45 ACP Brass SOLD

    I'll take all 100 plus pounds
  12. khmer6


    That's a good deal on a trailer
  13. khmer6


    ok ok twist my arms ill take these too - 45 acp, processed, 5 lbs. $25.00 New Price - $10.00 - 9mm, deprimed, 34 lbs, $80.00 New Price - $40.00
  14. khmer6


    I will take the rest of all the #1 powder along with the brass in the other post. 10 or 15x h110 1x h335 1x 231 I'll take the 8# too if you're willing to do $10/lb on it too 3x 296
  15. khmer6


    I'll take 44 mag, deprimed 11 lbs, $90.00 New Price - $50.00 - 38 spc, nickel, processed, 13 lbs, $85.00 New Price - $45.00
  16. khmer6

    Free Totes - 2 military, misc others

    I'll take these
  17. khmer6


    I'll take the chargemaster if it's working
  18. khmer6

    H&R 32 Gauge with Ammo

    These HRs are great. Case of ammo is a steal
  19. khmer6

    Sold - (800) Rainier 250g, 45 cal projectiles

    I'll take these. Not sure when I can get to that side of town
  20. khmer6

    Mec Sizemaster and 600jr

    Thanks. Honest and good seller.
  21. khmer6


  22. khmer6

    Mec Sizemaster and 600jr

    I'll take this
  23. khmer6


    Thank you for saving us all
  24. khmer6

    FS - Ruger SR 1911 - SOLD

    Great price