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  1. Apache7mm

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    Plenty of stocking planned this year for San Carlos as we'll hold over to spring 2024 like we did 2017-18. We got to 32% that time (2017) and spring '18 was excellent for crappie. We're currently leveling off at just over 40%. Plan to get out and survey fairly soon here. DAN
  2. For anyone available this coming weekend. DAN
  3. Apache7mm

    Doin the Lords work

    Good job on getting the first, keep at it and before you know it you'll become a magnet. Them things are anywhere and everywhere so you don't always have to be in the "perfect spot" to get into action. DAN
  4. Hi Dan, I also have a question regarding unit D. A group of us bought 4 tags for January 2023. Can we purchase lion tags before the hunt then if we kill a deer go purchase a lion license do to our big game license not being valid after we kill and still stay and glass with the remaining people in our group and also if we see a lion kill it? We all plan on purchasing lion tags. Information is really had to find and you hear one thing from someone and someone else says something totally different. Thanks

  5. Apache7mm

    January San Carlos Unit D

    To clarify, the Companion Pass allows the companion to glass as well as the other reasons, safety, etc. That's exactly why it was implemented. They cannot separate from the hunter while in the field and if they want/need they are allowed to wait at camp. Current regulation puts a limit at 2 per hunter but we changed it to up to 3 per hunter which will begin next August 1st. Companion permit holders are not allowed to possess any other permits (small game, Lion, predator, etc). Companion permits are available for all big game hunts in all units. Also for those who aren't aware the Department now offers SxS permits to Nonmembers for Unit D Coues Hunts. All permits are currently only available at the Department office in Peridot. Hours of operation are M-Sat 6am to 6pm, Sun 8am to 12pm. DAN
  6. Apache7mm

    WTT Euro mount for coues capes

    Can't go wrong with Brian, excellent work 👏 DAN
  7. The season is open on San Carlos, come on out and get after some birds! Permits are available at the Department office along hwy 70 in Peridot AZ (mp272.5). Office hours are 6am to 6pm Monday - Saturday and 8am - 12pm on Sunday. DAN
  8. Apache7mm

    Got my archery bull

    Congratulations, what a bull!!! DAN
  9. Apache7mm

    Kuiu - attack pants FS

    Like new condition. Verde 2.0 - 36" waist, 34" inseam. Valo - 36" waist, 31" inseam. $100 each, located in Globe but make regular trips to Tucson and the Valley. 928.200.2209 for more info. DAN
  10. Apache7mm

    What Happened to All the Rain?

    Went across from Seneca to Chihuahua to POP and through Park Creek on the Rez yesterday. Every creek is running (some nearly un-crossable) and every tank full. Those steady overnight rains are doing a number. DAN
  11. Apache7mm

    San Carlos

    Yes our catfish come from Texas. DAN
  12. Apache7mm

    San Carlos

    There was but it isn't accurate any longer. With the consistent drought these days we're having to restock a lot of tanks each year and that's only if they refill after going low or dry. Just about every pond has ccf with the ones in the higher country having the most bass opportunities. Tons of wildlife out right now and beautiful weather. DAN
  13. Apache7mm

    San Carlos

    Fire restrictions back to stage 1. Still plenty of good fishing happening all across the Rez, our latest catfish stocking was a nice spread of 6-10 lb channels (Gimme, Phillips Park, Baskin, Hostene, Turkey Roost, Juniper). DAN
  14. Apache7mm

    Black River

    Stage 2. DAN
  15. Apache7mm

    Black River

    Currently still in stage 1 fire restrictions (completely read the above document). The $5 habitat stamp is a yearly requirement so keep it all year for all your SC activities. Consecutive days of fishing/recreation allow you to camp overnight for those days. You are allowed to have a firearm for personal protection. Also in case others aren't aware, you can fish from either bank (SCAR or WMAT) with either permit (SCAR or WMAT). You must be camped though on the side which you have your permits for/from. DAN