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  1. Just spoke with LE and there's no such rule as traveling 1 hunter per vehicle. The overall rule is still "Less than 10" but again I would still suggest keeping things to a minimum as much as possible. DAN
  2. There's nothing in black and white to my knowledge but with that said I would assume members of different households would be required to travel in separate vehicles OR to keep things to a minimum with only 2 hunters per vehicle. Any regulation of course is at the discretion of the Rangers and the bottom line is Tribal Council approved these hunts based on the department's assurance that Everyone would be following all Cdc guidelines/practices to minimize the spread. The direct number to the LE dispatch office is 475-2236 and you can request to speak to a Ranger if present or leave your number for one to get back to you.
  3. Apache7mm

    WTS Vanguard VEO 235AP Tripod And Maven Adapter

    PM sent. DAN
  4. Apache7mm

    WTB 7MM Rem Mag ammo

    Plus 1 on the swap meet location, could also use a box for elk hunt. DAN
  5. Coues draw is back open for the next two weeks for remaining tags (a lot). Best way to stay in the loop is by bugging us, or you can contact myself if you'd like. (928) 200-2209 is my cell if anyone wants general information. DAN
  6. Today the Tribal Council approved Small Game and Waterfowl hunting for Non-members on San Carlos. The department office will have permits for sale starting tomorrow (12/30/20). Normal business hours are 8am to 430pm M-F and 8am to 12pm Sat. You will be required to have a recent Covid19 negative test on your person at all times and also adhere to cdc guidelines such as wearing of mask around others you may encounter and social distancing. There are various checkpoints entering the community areas which you will need to show your hunting permits to pass through and on to the hunting areas. Although we suffered several large wildfires in some prime quail habitat, there is an abundance of birds which need thinning out! DAN
  7. Apache7mm

    $20 Camo pants

    Interested in 2 med pants and beanie if available. PM sent. DAN
  8. Apache7mm

    Ammo for trade

    PMd. DAN
  9. Apache7mm


  10. Apache7mm

    ISO rim for 2016 Dodge 1500

    Good catch, was told it was 2500 but they had the wrong info themselves, thx, still looking. DAN
  11. Apache7mm

    ISO rim for 2016 Dodge 1500

    Sorry forgot to include rim sz, 20". 20x9, 5x5.5 DAN
  12. Apache7mm

    ISO rim for 2016 Dodge 1500

    I figured it would be difficult, I'll ask for a pic, thx for the info. DAN
  13. Apache7mm

    ISO rim for 2016 Dodge 1500

    Helping a family member find one to replace a damaged one, thx. DAN
  14. Apache7mm


    Great story and photos, congrats on the Lion! DAN
  15. Nothing wrong with that buck Ernesto, nothing like seeing a monster buck and the panic that goes with it. DAN