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  1. Apache7mm

    First Coues

    Beautiful color! congratulations.
  2. Apache7mm

    My Biggest Coues Yet.

    Matching kickers and a giant g3, congratulations on a beauty.
  3. Apache7mm

    Big Buck Down

    Thank you for the congratulations everyone, still can't believe it really happened. Well it started off as a very chilly morning, we hiked in and got to our spot just as it was light enough to see and set up. A target clearing straight out in front of us and two smaller clearings to either side. We both picked a side to watch and the chill set in. Wind wasn't too bad but started to act up as the first hour went by. I suppose we picked up some luck with low creeping smoke from surrounding prescribed burns slowly filling the area. Another hour gone and after a little stretching and shuffling to stay warm and comfy, i feel a tap on my shoulder and Ashley has a buck coming in to our right. I can see he's at least a mature 3pt and take a closer look, 90" buck with decent length but spindly. I let her know he's a mature 3pt but not the big guy we're after and ask if she wants to take him. She hesitates for a few moments and then perhaps due to the cold chill she says "yea i'll take him". So we start getting set up in his direction as he's feeding in, then out of the corner of my eye i catch movement to our left. I notice it's another mature buck in the clearing straight out in front of us but he puts his head down just as i focus in. His head comes back up and what do you know it's the Big Guy!!! I immediately go into panic mode and start to set Ashley up in his direction shushing at her while i'm the one making all the noise LOL. We ( i ) calm down and the buck starts to feed again to his left giving her a perfect broadside shot. She makes a great shot right behind the front leg and he goes into the classic diving run, hitting the ground several yards away as we both jump up in excitement. After a finishing shot, Ashley has her first coues deer and i close the book on a beautiful buck that i've had the pleasure to watch for the last few years. Here's a few pictures of him from 2017 when he was a typical 5x4, 2018 when he was almost a typical 5x5, and from this year. He's always had a 4x4 frame but this year he definitely put on the mass, 33"s to be exact. Rough tape of 120 7/8". DAN
  4. Apache7mm

    Big Buck Down

    My Girlfriend Ashley got it done in a big way this past Friday and knocked down a monster first Coues Deer! It was our only full day to get out and hunt together so we decided to roll the dice on a special buck that i've had 3 years of history with. It all happened so fast and was/is surreal because everyone knows that 99.9% of the time the stars just don't line up for you. I still can't believe that we got him and I am very proud of the effort Ashley put into harvesting this beautiful creature. DAN
  5. Apache7mm

    san carlos coues question

    The lottery is planned to be sometime this late Fall for the 2020-2021 season. Odds on drawing a tag will vary depending on which unit you're applying for and if you're putting in for a NOV tag or a JAN tag or Both (most will enter as many hunts as they can for the best odds, some enter only a specific hunt and draw it). Season Dates for the 2019-2020 season are as follows: Nov Hunt - November 23, 2019 - December 1, 2019. 1st Jan Hunt - December 28, 2019 - January 3, 2020. 2nd Jan Hunt - January 4, 2020 - January 10, 2020. 3rd Jan Hunt - January 11, 2020 - January 17, 2020. Season dates for the 2020-2021 season will remain the same, just set to the correct Saturday starting dates. DAN
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  8. Apache7mm

    Takali Lake, San Carlos Reservation

    San Carlos is under 5% now, don't see much more ppl trying to fish it like a month ago. Not too much water coming in and plenty going out. The dirt tanks in the higher country are still producing good fishing for Bass, Cats, and Bluegill. Talkalai has definitely slowed down a lot with the hot temps as usual for this time of year. Ps. Sorry about my loud party😜 DAN
  9. Apache7mm

    San Carlos lake reports?

    Was nice and clear few weeks ago but now turning dark and smelly from the silt being sucked out at the dam. Seen a few ppl trying to fish it almost daily but not sure if they're catching anything. We shocked it back in May and got plenty of carp but game species were hard to find, water was fairly deep at that time though so electro-fishing was of course slow. On another note the pond fishing has been excellent, I've been going almost every weekend all over and having fun. DAN
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  12. Apache7mm

    Shed season

    Regardless of antler prices, the shed season on San Carlos has more ppl out earlier pushing and moving the elk around, our earliest drops are late January and you can bet there's ppl out there hiking around already for 2 solid months before the season opens, once the season opens those ppl just go out and collect their stash piles if they already haven't brought them out. The days of finding a couple sets in a bedding area are long gone, sets are harder to match up and like other places you can usually pick up more trash than antlers. There have been non-members and tribal caught out of season but the court doesn't help our LE much in those situations, basically walk free. Can't speak for the other side of the River but with at least 4x the elk we have I'm sure it's just as much a circus and I've seen the 9am truckloads of antlers on April 1st up there with my own eyes. DAN
  13. Apache7mm

    Guys heres is my bull..

    Congratulations bro! DAN
  14. Apache7mm

    Selling a few rifles

    Tucson to Phoenix later today. 928-200-2209. DAN