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  1. Apache7mm

    Sad news- Hoghunter

    Prayers for the family, had the pleasure of meeting him in person. DAN
  2. Apache7mm

    Stocking schedule/ Wht Mtn reports?

    San Carlos extended our tribal employee administrative leave through Sept 30th yesterday, hopefully that's not a preview of closure extension. San Carlos Covid19 numbers are currently soaring for reservation residents. Our commission meets tomorrow to discuss upcoming hunting seasons. DAN
  3. Apache7mm

    San Carlos lake reports?

    Recreation areas were never to open on any specific dates. Current closure end dates such as June 22nd have continued to be extended in response to Covid19 numbers for the state, counties, and the Reservation itself. Tribal Council meets on air (local radio) every Monday to discuss any new developments as well as update/pass new resolutions for the Reservation. With new positives on the Reservation daily, I'd expect it to remain closed through July at least. DAN
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  6. Apache7mm

    San Carlos lake reports?

    We're sitting at 18.5% currently, water still backed up to Apache Point area. I'm sure there's game fish but at this point there's "too much water". DAN
  7. Apache7mm

    San Carlos lake reports?

    We shocked it 2 weeks ago, Soda Canyon, Blue Cove, and New Govt but only came up with Gizzard shad and Carp. DAN
  8. Apache7mm

    Willow Springs

    Pretty crowded today for shoreline fishing. Too windy to score a bite with spinners but a couple of guys were catching using powerbait. Shoreline areas near the parking areas were packed but spots just a little further away had plenty of room even with the large crowd. DAN
  9. Apache7mm

    Stocking schedule/ Wht Mtn reports?

    Current closure is until June 22nd but we now have several positive cases on San Carlos so things will likely change by then. DAN
  10. Apache7mm

    Stocking schedule/ Wht Mtn reports?

    We shocked them, annual surveys, Talkalai still looking good as usual. DAN
  11. Apache7mm

    Stocking schedule/ Wht Mtn reports?

    Closure for San Carlos was extended to June 22nd at yesterday's tribal council meeting but here's some Bass for you from Talkalai Lake efforts yesterday. DAN
  12. Apache7mm

    275/55/20 set of 4

    Set of four 275/55/20 113T Hankook Dynapro ATM tires, Like New condition. Less than 1,000 miles on them (few surface chips/pits, nothing major). 2017 Date code, stored on rack under shade. $300.00 can work out delivery. Call or txt 928.200.2209 for more info/pics. DAN
  13. Apache7mm

    Black River Closed

    San Carlos has extended the current Stay At Home order until May 27th. All lakes, rivers, outdoor areas are closed to Everyone. Curfew every night from 9pm to 6am. Checkpoints at every entrance to the town and must show tribal ID or other proof of residency. No funerals or wakes, just burials with no more than 10 ppl. Alcohol sales on the Rez banned for the duration of the closure. Number of Covid 19 cases on San Carlos - 0. DAN
  14. Apache7mm

    Black River

    Nothing new to report from San Carlos. Access is currently closed to ALL until May 1st 6am. Weekly meetings with decision makers will likely determine if any closures are lifted, extended, etc but that's yet to be decided for beyond the current one. The Tribe has been mostly following along with what the State is doing so you could potentially anticipate based on that. DAN
  15. Apache7mm

    San Carlos Turkey hunt cancelled?

    I spoke with the Law Enforcement and the Reservation has been temporarily closed to non-members for all activities including the Turkey hunts. Permits are not available at our vendors or the main office. Like some have mentioned, things have been day to day and eventually ended up where they currently are with the closure. The Tribe passed a resolution yesterday which included no access to non-members in efforts to reduce risks. Tribal employees are on 30 day administrative leave which ends on April 12th, however I'm sure the Tribe will evaluate and determine what steps come next. If you have any questions the direct line to the Game and Fish Law Enforcement dispatcher is (928) 475-2236. Please understand though that they may not have anything in writing except for the Tribal Resolution and are also on a word of mouth communication. DAN