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  1. Apache7mm

    AZ; Ready to Rumble?

    The lightning in Tucson last night was incredible, never seen that much non-stop lightning ever before! DAN
  2. Apache7mm

    .270 ammo FS

    Everything pictured. DAN
  3. Apache7mm

    Fires fires fires

    Horton and Bear fires looking from SC Rez. DAN
  4. Apache7mm


  5. Apache7mm


  6. Apache7mm

    Total apps

    Even on the Rez general deer tag purchases and Trophy Hunt lottery entries never plateau or decline from a previous year. DAN
  7. Apache7mm

    Another fire near Superior

    Telegraph is just shy of 140,000 acres and still burning out areas up Dripping Springs Wash near the mine. Pinals are completely obliterated and sounds like homes/ranches were lost in the El Capitan area but livestock survived. DAN
  8. Apache7mm

    Another fire near Superior

    Another fire east of Klondyke. DAN
  9. Apache7mm

    WMAT Closures June 10, 2021

    San Carlos will look to do the same very soon with potentially some places open like Talkalai and Seneca. Some of our tanks in the high country have already gone dry and we've been hauling water to temporary troughs in dry areas. DAN
  10. Apache7mm

    .270 ammo FS

  11. Apache7mm

    .270 ammo FS

    .243 Sold.
  12. Apache7mm

    .270 ammo FS

    $75 for all (69 rounds) .270 pictured. .243 pictured (SOLD) Located in Globe but can arrange to meet. 928.200.2209 for more info, thanks for looking. DAN
  13. Apache7mm

    Fire on the res

    There's a fire in the Paddy Butte/10 of Diamonds area. San Carlos is closed and locked going into 10 of Diamonds. DAN
  14. Apache7mm


  15. Apache7mm