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  1. Apache7mm

    Margo Fire near Dudleyville

    Fire in Bylas yesterday near the Rez line. DAN
  2. Apache7mm

    Favorite Westerns

    Lonesome Dove, The Searchers, Man from Snowy River, Dead Man (J.Depp), Across the Great Divide. DAN
  3. Apache7mm

    San Carlos OPEN for Fishing

    We weren't able to get on San Carlos yesterday due to the extreme low level (1.1%), however there are still some reports of catfish and bass and maybe crappie being caught from shore. As the Lake continues to drop in water level I'm sure another die off of what's left will occur. We did get on Talkalai Lake and the results were excellent. Plenty of Bass all around the Lake and the Crappie are actually a little early compared to previous years. 13 pounds were the two Big Bass of the day and a solid 3 lb crappie. DAN
  4. Apache7mm

    KUIU Attack pants FS

    Kuiu Attacks in VIAS (New, worn once not in the field) sz 32 $125 Kuiu Attacks in VALO (Like New, worn a handful of times but not much field use) sz 32 $110 Both are Regular length but the VIAS is easily an inch or so longer (5'10" here). PM or 928.200.2209 for further details, located in Globe but can arrange delivery. DAN
  5. Apache7mm

    San Carlos Predator Management Hunt

    No Predator permit required for this event, just the $5 habitat stamp. Predator population is high due to the closure, this management event will provide some relief. DAN
  6. Apache7mm

    San Carlos Predator Management Hunt

    To my knowledge all that's needed is the stamp. Since it's Free this time around no need to purchase anything additional besides the $15 Lion tag if you're wanting to go after one with hand calling. DAN
  7. Late notice but something to do for the weekend if you're available. Event is Free, you'll only need to purchase your $5 habitat stamp if you haven't already. Entire Reservation was open (including Closed areas) during previous hunts and I would assume the same for this year. If you plan to hunt Mtn Lion you'll need to purchase a $15 Lion tag which is good for the remainder of the calendar year. Only listed predators (Coyote, Fox, Bobcat, Coatimundi) can be called in with electronic callers. DAN
  8. Apache7mm

    San Carlos OPEN for Fishing

    Hunting, Fishing, and Recreation on San Carlos for Non-Members is currently OPEN as of today. Permits will only be sold at the Department office off Hwy70 at mp 272.5 in Peridot AZ at this time. CDC Guidelines will still be in effect with any gatherings limited to 50 people or less, wearing of masks while in close contact with anyone, sanitizing, etc. If anyone has specific questions I can always be of service at 928.200.2209. DAN
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    Kuiu Vias lot

    Interested in the LS shirt. DAN