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    Shed season

    Regardless of antler prices, the shed season on San Carlos has more ppl out earlier pushing and moving the elk around, our earliest drops are late January and you can bet there's ppl out there hiking around already for 2 solid months before the season opens, once the season opens those ppl just go out and collect their stash piles if they already haven't brought them out. The days of finding a couple sets in a bedding area are long gone, sets are harder to match up and like other places you can usually pick up more trash than antlers. There have been non-members and tribal caught out of season but the court doesn't help our LE much in those situations, basically walk free. Can't speak for the other side of the River but with at least 4x the elk we have I'm sure it's just as much a circus and I've seen the 9am truckloads of antlers on April 1st up there with my own eyes. DAN
  4. Apache7mm

    Guys heres is my bull..

    Congratulations bro! DAN
  5. Apache7mm

    Selling a few rifles

    Tucson to Phoenix later today. 928-200-2209. DAN
  6. Apache7mm

    San Carlos

    Yes. DAN
  7. Apache7mm

    San Carlos

    It's all mostly gizzard shad, carp, and catfish. Seen a few decent sz flatheads out there too. DAN
  8. Apache7mm

    San Carlos

    Same thing each year since 2012, fish naturally return from Talkalai and the Gila. DAN
  9. Apache7mm

    Seneca Lake

    Seneca Lake is back open as of yesterday, the water looked really good up there last week, lots of fish jumping!! DAN
  10. Apache7mm

    San Carlos

    Gates are closed now. Last reading was 200 acre feet. DAN
  11. Apache7mm

    San Carlos

    There was a pontoon on the water yesterday LOL, they launched in between the two little islands there East of the ramp, there's at least a few ppl fishing each day, sounds like Catfish is pretty good right now not sure on size though, i think whatever crappie were left died last month. Water levels say 00.65% as of Today but the readings planed out on Monday so it's no longer accurate. Fish/Boat at your own risk. Talkalai Lake is still doing pretty good for all species. DAN
  12. Apache7mm

    San Carlos

    Today. DAN
  13. Apache7mm

    Happy Birthday Coach

    Happy Birthday! DAN
  14. Apache7mm

    Trail cam pics

    BEAST was my exact words too, thanks for sharing. DAN