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  2. ELk Chappo

    Vortex Razor HD Spotter (SOLD)

    Is this the new or old version?
  3. ELk Chappo

    S&W 686-4 Plus 4" Revolver

    S&W .357 mag 7 shot stainless steel revolver. This model predates the ugly key hole above the cylinder release. Would like to trade for Vortex Razor 65 or 85 mm spotting scope. Trade only Thanks will update pictures later
  4. ELk Chappo

    WTS Garmin Xero A1 RH (price drop)

    New ones are 650 at bull basin free install.
  5. ELk Chappo

    Varget 8lb jug

  6. ELk Chappo


    It weights 9 pounds!!?? No way
  7. ELk Chappo


  8. ELk Chappo

    Winchester model 70 sold

    No problem, thanks for responding. Bump
  9. ELk Chappo

    Winchester model 70 sold

    Would you consider trading for a S&W 686-4 7 shot .357 revolver in pristine condition? If your interested I can upload some pictures in the morning. Thanks
  10. ELk Chappo


    New in box never shot never opened. Includes kydex holster $240 TYD paypal+3%. Can meet in Tucson at Sportsman's. Thanks!
  11. ELk Chappo

    Varget 8lb jug

  12. ELk Chappo

    Varget 8lb jug

    Opened jug loaded about 25 cases of .308. Sold .308 and no need for this powder any longer. I put a picture with a pen for reference of how full the jug is. Would like to trade for H1000 or Retumbo. Thank you for looking. Would consider offers please PM me. Trade will be first option. Located in Tucson.
  13. ELk Chappo

    Christensen Arms MPR 308 20" carbon fiber barrel

    Thanks guys! Got a few PM's but was out turkey hunting and just got home. Will respond quickly!