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  1. BigBuckNasty!

    WTB 1911 45

    I want to try and stay under $1500
  2. BigBuckNasty!

    WTB 1911 45

    Looking for a 1911 45acp
  3. BigBuckNasty!

    5a leftover hopi hunt

    Got it done
  4. BigBuckNasty!

    5a leftover hopi hunt

    Thanks for the info guys I have the east and west sunset cow hunt in October I'm going to head up there soon and do some scouting and learn the area and hope for the best
  5. BigBuckNasty!

    5a leftover hopi hunt

    Has anyone ever hunted the leftover 5a hopi hunt and how was it?
  6. BigBuckNasty!

    unit 28 mule deer

    Has anyone had any success or seen bucks?