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  1. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    Maybe so
  2. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    I heard they want to raise Bartlett dam
  3. GreatWhiteBuffalo


    15 yds Crazy day, 30 min prior we had another buck come thru the same saddle. I have video of him also but not as good. Later that day we had a 90" walk to within 70yds, we ranged him as my brother was trying to get me to shoot. He saw us and did not care.
  4. GreatWhiteBuffalo


    From last week. Samsung S21 Ultra 20221229_085638.mp4
  5. GreatWhiteBuffalo


    Couple of small coues bucks sparring yesterday in 32
  6. GreatWhiteBuffalo


    There were 13,000 made and sold for $129.95 new back in 1968. A great price for whoever purchases
  7. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    First One

    That dude is a stud. Great pics
  8. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    18 sleeps left...

    Wow, thanks for the story.
  9. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Pair of nice bucks for my boys.

    Stud bucks
  10. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    1st Duck Limit

    Outstanding Let us know how thr Ruddy tastes!
  11. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Last day buck

    Big buck! You need to take her to MX and get her a BC buck. Congrats
  12. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    The spike that got to live another day

    Good looking buck Congrats
  13. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Biggest to Date

    Great buck
  14. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    San Carlos Reservoir

    Still another 50'+ to go
  15. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    San Carlos Reservoir

    Who said monsoons do not fill our lakes? That's right the climate experts at NWS Up over 50'!!