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  1. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Fly fishing

  2. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Colorado draw?

    1st rifle elk again
  3. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Colorado Draw Results

    22 points and still no Tag
  4. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Colorado draw?

    A couple of 71 bucks. Congratulations on the tag, it will be cold!
  5. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Couple of dead heads

    Same area, different years. I didn't measure the small buck, figured about 100"
  6. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Couple of dead heads

    Found while Mearns hunting . 118-3/ for the big one
  7. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    New guy first coues buck

    Great first Coues
  8. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    ATI Omni hybrid AR15 with ammo

    PM sent
  9. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    WTT 9mm ammo

    Much appreciated
  10. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    WTT 9mm ammo

  11. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    WTT 9mm ammo

    Looking to trade 9mm ammo for Hodgon Long Shot Powder Also looking for #6 lead shot I Tulammo Located in East Phx
  12. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Housing in Payson

    Chase these developments down https://www.paysonroundup.com/news/local/slew-of-new-housing-projects-proposed-in-payson/article_1a5debdb-bf02-59a4-84b5-05d479c69e0f.html In showlow https://creeksideateaglemountain.com/
  13. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    ISO .270 winchester

    .270 Tika T3 lite work?
  14. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Tessa’s Wyoming buffalo

    That had to be a blast! Nice job to all.