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  1. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    1st Duck Limit

    Outstanding Let us know how thr Ruddy tastes!
  2. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Last day buck

    Big buck! You need to take her to MX and get her a BC buck. Congrats
  3. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    The spike that got to live another day

    Good looking buck Congrats
  4. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Biggest to Date

    Great buck
  5. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    San Carlos Reservoir

    Still another 50'+ to go
  6. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    San Carlos Reservoir

    Who said monsoons do not fill our lakes? That's right the climate experts at NWS Up over 50'!!
  7. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Cat Party

    Update, looks like mom with 4 youngsters...definitely deer population has suffered but not the elk.
  8. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Guess the score.

    Outstanding job. He forgot to find the sheds. Lol
  9. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Guess the score.

    Great deer. Congrats 118-4
  10. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Statewide Coues Tag

    Congratulations to all. STUD
  11. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Duck Decoys with Spinners

    This is a smokin deal. I used a six pack of decoys during my NAU days and I wish I had a setup like this. Try the Flag newspaper. Good luck on the sale
  12. GreatWhiteBuffalo


    Thanks Bohntr Good stuff
  13. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Horn Quality 2022 ?

    Based on the acorn crop I would say it should be above average. That and the giant MD an archer arrowed.
  14. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Fly fishing

    Any one else been out with the fly rod? 20220719_163147.mp4
  15. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Cat Party

    Is this 3 generations or one large happy family?