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  1. mulie hunter

    My first archery kill-velvet OTC solo

    Congratulations on an awesome buck!!
  2. mulie hunter

    Knife Recommendations

    Its the saddle mountain skinner from the hunt collection. And I like it when my knife has that red on it!!!
  3. mulie hunter

    Knife Recommendations

    That is the Benchmade I use.
  4. mulie hunter

    Knife Recommendations

    Checkout benchmade knifes https://www.benchmade.com/
  5. mulie hunter

    Misc items

    Rifle SPF
  6. mulie hunter

    Misc items

    Ramps and cot SOLD
  7. mulie hunter

    Misc items

    Ramps are aluminum approx 78 inches
  8. mulie hunter

    Misc items

    right by McCartney and i10 Cot fabric is good
  9. mulie hunter

    Misc items

    Weatherby Vanguard 257 wby magnum with Vortex diamondback scope and 45 rounds of ammo. It is in excellent condition. 25 rounds fired through it 525.00. SPF
  10. mulie hunter

    Misc items

    Coleman camp kitchen brand new 75.00 Atv ramps 40.00 SOLD Raleigh Venture 250.00 like new Old army cot 15.00 still works good SOLD Never used Rigid 10 in table saw without stand 195.00
  11. mulie hunter

    Got a deer tag unit 7 any tips?

    4 points
  12. mulie hunter

    Got a deer tag unit 7 any tips?

    I'd be there in August but I drew the Archery Kaibab tag this year. I'm excited about going to the bab !!!!
  13. mulie hunter

    Got a deer tag unit 7 any tips?

    Archery 2018. 7 east
  14. mulie hunter

    Got a deer tag unit 7 any tips?

    No big deer in 7 7 west
  15. mulie hunter

    Favorite Elk Broadheads

    Slick trick Viper trick 100 grain