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  1. mulie hunter

    ATI Omni hybrid AR15 with ammo

    ATI OMNI HYBRID AR15 Vortex Strike Eagle 1-8x24 4 magazines 61 rounds Hornaday 223 rem 60 rounds Wolf FMJ 80 rounds Monarch HP 20 rounds Monarch SP 163 rounds Tula HP 384 rounds total $925.00 package deal only
  2. mulie hunter

    Best mule deer taxidermist.

    Chris at Mount n View
  3. mulie hunter

    Unit 3C Population management

    They ended up only getting the one not sure if they will be able to hunt anymore. Thank you biglakejake
  4. mulie hunter

    Unit 3C Population management

    They got one down! One to go! Thanks Stanley for the info
  5. mulie hunter

    dad not letting me hunt

    Thats catfish I believe it was the year after his post. He's doing good!
  6. mulie hunter

    My first archery kill-velvet OTC solo

    Congratulations on an awesome buck!!
  7. mulie hunter

    Knife Recommendations

    Its the saddle mountain skinner from the hunt collection. And I like it when my knife has that red on it!!!
  8. mulie hunter

    Knife Recommendations

    That is the Benchmade I use.
  9. mulie hunter

    Knife Recommendations

    Checkout benchmade knifes https://www.benchmade.com/
  10. mulie hunter

    Misc items

    Rifle SPF
  11. mulie hunter

    Misc items

    Ramps and cot SOLD
  12. mulie hunter

    Misc items

    Ramps are aluminum approx 78 inches
  13. mulie hunter

    Misc items

    right by McCartney and i10 Cot fabric is good
  14. mulie hunter

    Misc items

    Weatherby Vanguard 257 wby magnum with Vortex diamondback scope and 45 rounds of ammo. It is in excellent condition. 25 rounds fired through it 525.00. SPF