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  1. verdehunter

    Card Hits!

    That's why I always find it comical when people continuously bitch about G&F being "late" with results, based on everybody's timeline they think it should happen in. They don't have to provide anything until the tag mailout deadline. Everything before that is just a convenience. Does it make it nice when they can provide results soon after credit cards are charged, absolutely. Is it something people have come to expect, of course, myself included.
  2. verdehunter

    Too Early Draw Results Countdown

    Nope, just you. Everybody else got theirs in the mail already........
  3. verdehunter

    Best open Reed elk call???

    I like the Chappell series. They have a good sound and easy to use.
  4. verdehunter

    Anybody else’s E tag just disappear?

    Tag numbers that aren't typically shown prior to draw results disappeared? Oh no, the sky is falling and everybody who thought they drew, didn't. Why does everybody freak out with crap like this? If you have a charge on your card, results come out and it doesn't show anything, then it's a problem.
  5. verdehunter

    ISO 7mm-08 rifle

    I'll add another vote for Tikka. Got my daughter a t3x lite compact in 7-08. Fits her perfect. Put a Leupold VX 3 on it and its perfect for her. Great gun for the price.
  6. verdehunter

    Card Hits!

    Yep, even acknowledged it too. What’s your point?
  7. verdehunter

    Card Hits!

    Well dang, I stand corrected. I have never had a charge show up after the morning round. Now, a youth tag and late cow tag. Something is definitely strange this year........
  8. verdehunter

    Card Hits!

    Credit card hits are done for both elk and antelope. Unless/except under circumstances already mentioned. The lack of antelope hits being posted, or elk hits, means nothing. There are how many new residents moving here, who then want to hunt who have never hunted before? They are not all on these forums and groups to post their hits. Every year, all the top forums have less and less posts when it comes to credit card hits, but it doesn't change how and when G&F begins charging.
  9. verdehunter

    Card Hits!

    It's over. Residents and NR get hit at the same time.
  10. verdehunter

    Leupold VX6HD 4x24x52 Side Focus Illum Firedot Dulpex

    Has the CDS been used/provided for a specific load? Would someone need to order a new one for it? Does it have the flip cap scope covers?
  11. verdehunter

    2002 Tacoma or 4runner for sale

    I have the same truck, not lifted though, and no camper. 100,000 less miles. Great vehicles. Also had a 99 4runner. I'd take the truck over the 4runner any day.
  12. verdehunter

    270 Win Short Mag ammo

    Interested in the barnes if still available.
  13. verdehunter

    Draw Results Posted?

    They have a tag, they're not considered. Everybody is assigned a number in the draw. If there are 100 tags, and someone's card is declined, the person who's number 101 is considered next in line and would get the tag. Works the same way with returned tags using point guard. I read somewhere years ago that you can request a report or something from G&F that indicates the random number(s) you were assigned for that particular hunt/species to see where you landed. Not sure if it's true or not.
  14. It takes a long time to get anything done with State Trust Land. Development is still years out. If I read the post right, it appears this is only a change to the GP land use category, which is the first step for a rezone and then development. Still years away.