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  1. verdehunter

    Draw Results Posted?

    They have a tag, they're not considered. Everybody is assigned a number in the draw. If there are 100 tags, and someone's card is declined, the person who's number 101 is considered next in line and would get the tag. Works the same way with returned tags using point guard. I read somewhere years ago that you can request a report or something from G&F that indicates the random number(s) you were assigned for that particular hunt/species to see where you landed. Not sure if it's true or not.
  2. It takes a long time to get anything done with State Trust Land. Development is still years out. If I read the post right, it appears this is only a change to the GP land use category, which is the first step for a rezone and then development. Still years away.
  3. verdehunter

    2021 Fall Draw?

    How much time do you need?
  4. verdehunter

    Flagstaff FS roads

    I was up there this weekend looking around for my hunt that starts Friday. Roads are open. Came in off 535. Didn't hear a thing and didn't see any tracks around the few tanks I was able to look at. Didn't get to as many places as I would have liked to. It rained/snowed most of the afternoon Saturday.
  5. verdehunter

    WTB 7mm-08 Ammo

    Was able to recently find my daughter a 7mm-08 youth gun to get her started hunting. I have two boxes of ammo, but would like to find more. Anybody have any they'd like to sell at a reasonable price? Verde Valley/N. Arizona preferred. Thanks.
  6. verdehunter

    WTB youth Browning Xbolt Micro midas

    It took me two months to find a Tikka T3 compact in 7mm-08, and it was random dumb luck of being in the right place at the right time. That caliber is hard to find right now across all makes in a compact/youth model. The ones I did see available frequently were the Savage Axis and some Remingtons. Ammo is even harder to find.
  7. verdehunter

    Unit 9 Goats

    It was Dylans buck from the early 2000’s, scored 95. It was killed on the west side, before the railroad tracks.
  8. verdehunter

    Unit 9 Goats

    I drew my second choice unit 9 goat tag. I've hunted elk up there many times, deer a few times, and antelope years ago when my buddy shot what became the world record in the early 2000's. My question isn't about where to go, rather, what others have seen for quality of goats up there the past several years? I'll be up there after turkey season, all summer to see what I can find, just wondering what others have seen.
  9. verdehunter

    Past 5B tag holders

    I was going to make a similar post regarding the unit I drew, but you beat me to it for your unit!! I'll do it anyways, but don't think I'm just a copy cat!!
  10. verdehunter

    Nobody / anybody

    Turns out it's my tag, second choice unit 9, 26 points.
  11. verdehunter

    Nobody / anybody

    I recieved a call back in September that I was next in line for a rifle tag in 9. I turned it down since it was only 2 weeks before the hunt. Got hit with an antelope charge today, 26 points. Slim to none chance it could be for my daughter though, she has 0 points.
  12. verdehunter

    Here we go again, another call from AZGFD.

    I got the call for that tag yesterday from whoever surrendered it. I declined it today. I have 26 points and can’t do the tag the justice I want. I’ve heard nothing but negative for antelope this year and the lack of water, including in 9. Hopefully you find what you’re after!!
  13. verdehunter

    2 for 3

    Nice bucks. You got those in 8 right? I'm assuming by the pic of the two on the ground you got them up top? My wife got a real nice 3x3 on opening morning down low in the cedars. Not sure how to post pics here or I'd put one up.
  14. verdehunter

    Rattlesnake Bite

    I'm not sure what the hospitals charge to give the anti-venom shots, but I can get a dose for $500 from my wife at work. She's a vet and that is their cost on it. I'm sure hospitals charge 10x that much. I've thought about getting some to carry, but I don't run into snakes very often. Of course, now that I say that, I'll probably see one next weekend!!!
  15. verdehunter

    unit 8 rifle muleys?

    My wife and father in law has that muley tag. Went out yesterday evening in the cedars near Drake. Glassed up 5 real good bucks a long ways off. They will be hard to get to but hopefully they'll be there. It is our first time hunting that unit as well. From what I've heard there will be a lot of people in the lower areas, but mostly driving around. I guess we'll see what happens.