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  1. goinhuntn

    Unit 1 Semi live late archery hunt

    Awesome so far!!
  2. goinhuntn

    Hello, New Member.

    Welcome, you will enjoy all the different threads! Some of the drama is pretty fun to read LOL !!
  3. goinhuntn

    Unit 8 Late Rifle Hunt

    Heading up on the 25th for my bull hunt starting the 29th. Temps are dropping so hopefully we will get into some elk.
  4. goinhuntn

    Wife tagged out opening day

    Nice buck congrats to your wife & you.
  5. goinhuntn

    Proud son of my 91 yr old father.

    Awesome I hope I will be able to make it to 91 & still hunting!!!
  6. goinhuntn

    16A Javelina and Deer

    Deer numbers are low, but I would get a tag! If your a resident its not expensive to have just in case. There are some big desert deer in this unit, but you will have your work cut out finding them!
  7. goinhuntn

    Giant Muzzleloader Bull

    That bull is a dink!! LOL what a stud congrats
  8. goinhuntn

    Another first for my son!

    Awesome, congrats to your son on a fine bull!!
  9. Congrats beautiful bull & great story!
  10. goinhuntn

    Bottom tier bronze pics and story added

    Congrats, No shame in that bull at all!!
  11. goinhuntn

    Wifeys AZ Rim Country Archery Bull (Pics)

    Congrats to you & your wife great job & nice bull!!
  12. goinhuntn

    Wife gets it done

    Congrats, sounds like it was an awesome hunt!
  13. goinhuntn

    22S Last Night

    Thank god!!!!
  14. goinhuntn

    22S Last Night

    I get it not much anyone can do. The guy is just an a..hole!! I guarantee he is not looking for any of thes bulls for very long!! He Is in the 9th day of the hunt with 6 bulls hit. I guarantee there is a least one dead bull out there if not more! The guy has no ethics or respect for animals or hunting!! There is not much else to say its a sad shame what this DICK is doing. I don’t call this guy a hunter by any means!! As for laws broken I guess he has done nothing wrong, but it just sucks to hear about this. I am disgusted to know there are these types of hunters out there. This is exactly what fuels anti hunters to hate hunting & hunters. I would think this would disgust every hunter on this sight!!
  15. goinhuntn

    22S Last Night

    WOW GO AHEAD A STICK UP FOR THIS GUY!! He hasn’t broke any laws, but I guess you like guys who wound 6 bulls. It’s the fact this guy keeps wounding bulls if you don’t get that nothing else to say to you. UNBELEIVABLE!!