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  1. goinhuntn

    Finally back to AZ!!

    Lake Havasu
  2. goinhuntn

    Tessa’s bull

    Congrats on a fine bull!
  3. goinhuntn

    Finally back to AZ!!

    Unit 8, we hunt it for elk when drawn & archery deer every year.
  4. goinhuntn

    Finally back to AZ!!

    Thanks my dad has a late rifle elk tag so looking forward to hitting the AZ mountains hard this year!!
  5. goinhuntn

    Finally back to AZ!!

    Definitely not a Californian. Was only in the state working. I own a construction company, but have had enough & walking away from it to get out!! I will not be bringing any Cali liberal BS, my family is 100% conservative & we bleed red!!! Also I am from AZ!!
  6. goinhuntn

    Finally back to AZ!!

    I moved AZ from Oregon in 1978. Moved away in 1995 for work & started a family. I have been stuck in the **ithole of Commiefornia since 99. I have been wanting to move back to AZ for quite some time, but was always a fight with my wife about it. Since the pandemic hit & governor NewSCUM shut the state down I told my wife thats it I am done. Went to AZ to visit my dad & mom in March & made an offer on a house without my wife. Offer was accepted, needless to say my wife was pissed & I was in the dog house!! After some arguing & explaining Cali sucks & is getting worse everyday, my wife opened her eyes! She is now onboard & I have been remodeling the entire inside of the house since I took possession in July. I am just about finished & will be moving in the end of this month. I am so glad to be back home in AZ & cant wait to finally buy a resident hunting license again!! Just got my AZ drivers license last Friday & am now an official AZ resident again. GOOD BYE & GOOD RIDENCE to Commifornia, !!!! It’s sad how they have destroyed Cali with there liberal BS policies. I pray AZ will never ever turn into the **ithole Cali has. SO GLAD TO FINALLY BE COMING HOME!!!!!!
  7. goinhuntn

    Day 10 Archery Bull

    Nothing wrong with that bull, meat in the freezer!!!!
  8. goinhuntn

    Flagstaff Meat Processing

    +1 for Casey’s
  9. goinhuntn

    Where am I ? ( not Arizona)

    Been to Shoshone falls its pretty cool. The bridge over the canyon into twin falls is pretty impressive also!!
  10. goinhuntn

    What State

    That is true, but AZ is pretty hard to beat!!😀
  11. goinhuntn

    What State

    I was born in Oregon in 68 & moved to AZ in 78. Left after high school & moved around a little than back to AZ. Got married & have been living in California for the last 20 years & hate every minute of it!! I have family that still lives in AZ & visit them often, We just bought a house in AZ & are moving back In the next couple months as soon as I finish the small remodeling on it. Let me tell you I have missed AZ every day I have been away from it & can’t wait to get back!! There is no perfect place & the Californians ruin every place they go. Problem with Californians they are migrating everywhere so no place is going to be safe. I think Colorado is beautiful, but politicians have ruined it just they ruined, Oregon, Washington & working on Idaho. My vote would be stay in AZ, but you gotta do what you gotta due. Good luck with what ever you decide!!
  12. goinhuntn

    Sold ...Vortex vulture HD 15x56 for sale.

    Good deal for decent glass! I have these & have been very happy with them. Good luck with the sale!
  13. goinhuntn

    Their foot is in the door!

    I fully believe that this was leaked out of the Chinese lab. I believe the power hungry politicians are using this pandemic as a power grab. I think the social distancing has been working, but now they are saying we have to continue to do indefinitely. They have already said this is not going away so how long do we continue to be locked down?? I truly believe now that they have their foot in the door they will continue to take our rights. Just take a look at what governors are doing in other states. They are going to keep enforcing these draconian measures & if the people don.t take a stand its over. Soon the power grab will spread & thats it. Governor Newsome in California is a prime example he has posted the new normal which is far from normal. Other governors are following suit as they see what they can get away with. I don’t think we are going to recognize this country in 6 months to a year from now. I pray I am wrong!!
  14. goinhuntn

    Their foot is in the door!

    Not living in moms basement smarta$$. I am concerned for our country. If you don’t think its happening than your a blind sheep. The politicians have just what they needed to take over & they are!!! If you think things are going to go back to normal life I hope your right. My gut tells me otherwise.
  15. goinhuntn

    Their foot is in the door!

    I am 51 years old & for the first time in my life I am terrified for the future of this country. Over the last couple of months we have watched our government crush the economy, lock us in our homes & take civil liberties away in the blink of an eye. The governors of states throwing out draconian measures as they please. We are in serious trouble my friends!!! This country is headed down a road of no return! I truly believe that freedom as we know is gone & we will not be able to get it back. We were told to stay in our homes to flatten the curve of a virus caused by the Chinese. We have done what we were asked for the safety of others. The experts are saying that we are going to have to stay home until there is more testing, vaccine etc. The experts have said that this virus is not going to go away. They want to track whose had it, who hasn’t had it. They want to track us, if you don’t believe me do your research to find out. Our government is out of control & we are sitting by & idly letting it happen. I don’t have the answers, but I do believe our freedoms are being stripped before our eyes & we are not getting them back. This election is going to be one of the most corrupt elections in history in my opinion. I pray to god I am wrong about our country, but it is not looking good what is happening right now. I hope people will open their eyes to the corrupt scumbags running this country & they are from both parties!!!! The rich elites are going to rule us like peasants if we don’t fight for our freedoms..