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  1. duxngeez

    Colby’s Junior javelina

    Very cool. Congrats to you both. Thanks for sharing the pics and story. Way to go!
  2. duxngeez

    AKC Labrador Retriever puppies

    Great looking pups!
  3. duxngeez

    FS: MK5 7-35 FFP CCH

    Pm sent
  4. duxngeez

    Rossi brawler 410/45lc -sold

  5. duxngeez

    Son looking for work.. Hard worker and motivated

    I just wanted to respond to this post about the work Dylan just did for me. He showed up on time, gave a fair and no-nonsense estimate and did very high quality work. His crew showed up and were very efficient and polite. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others as we are pleased with the nice job he did. If any of you are on the fence about getting some work done around the house, I would give him a chance. I will try to post pics of the pavers and turf he did for us. I am confident you will be pleased if you give him a shot. Thanks, Ryan
  6. duxngeez


    Is this still available?
  7. duxngeez

    October bucks

    Very cool! Thanks for the write up!
  8. duxngeez

    Son's Unit 10 Youth Elk Hunt

    Thanks for the write up and huge congrats to all involved!
  9. duxngeez

    Easton's first hunt

    Way to go pops! You set him up the best way for success and most importantly took snacks:) He might just surprise you and want to do it again. Congrats to both of you!
  10. duxngeez

    WTB- Pop-up blind

    Pm sent
  11. duxngeez

    WTB- Pop-up blind

    Pm sent
  12. duxngeez

    WTB- Pop-up blind

    Looking to buy a pop-up blind in the next few days. Wanted to see if anyone had one or two they wanted to sell before I order a new one. Needs to be big enough for a couple of people. Preferably in the Valley, please let me know. Thank you, Ryan
  13. duxngeez

    22 youth help

    Call me. I can’t find your number on my phone.