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  1. duxngeez

    Weimaraner Puppies - SOLD

    I can vouch for the seller and the dogs. The parents and extremely well behaved and very smart dogs. Whoever buys this pup will be very happy.
  2. duxngeez


    I will take the lot if still available.
  3. duxngeez

    First One

  4. duxngeez

    Boys first cow elk hunt in 22

    Congrats to you both! Thanks for sharing.
  5. duxngeez


    Sorry just saw this. I called and left you a VM.
  6. duxngeez

    My First Archery Anything... and My First Bull

    Congrats on a great bull and a great write up. Thanks for sharing!
  7. duxngeez

    .243 ammo

    Thanks. A little far for me.
  8. duxngeez

    .243 ammo

    Where you located?
  9. duxngeez

    Conex/ Storage Container 40ft

    Interested as well. Where is at? How much?
  10. duxngeez


    If 1ugly doesn’t take it. I will.
  11. duxngeez

    Doubledup today

    Congrats!! Very cool time with your son. Way to go dad!
  12. duxngeez

    Got my first muley!

    Congrats man!! That is a GREAT buck! most people never kill a buck that big, and you did it on your first. Way to go.
  13. duxngeez

    Ruger American predator 22-250

    Sold. Nice to meet you Jared, good luck