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  1. duxngeez

    Got it done with the .357

    Great job. Congrats! Very cool, your patience paid off.
  2. duxngeez

    FoxPro krakatoa ll

    Pm sent
  3. duxngeez

    Aoudad 2021

    Thanks for the write up. Very cool, huge congrats!!
  4. duxngeez

    Tripods FS Outdoorsmans and Manfrotto

    2nds on the outdoorsman if it falls through.
  5. duxngeez

    5th Wheel Service

    Edge has done a great job for me a few times. I believe he does all of those things. He is in the west valley though.
  6. duxngeez

    Shocks rims and tires

    What size Pioneer?
  7. duxngeez

    1 pig down so far 2021

  8. duxngeez

    Daily Double with my oldest boy

    Congrats! Looks like a blast.
  9. I have ammo for you. I live and work on the Westside. PM me and we can meet up.
  10. duxngeez

    MSR dragonfly stove

  11. duxngeez

    22lr ammo for kids

    Very nice of you to do!
  12. duxngeez

    Foxpro Firestorm

    Sold. Thanks for all the interest
  13. duxngeez

    Foxpro Firestorm

    answering PM's right now. This is spoken for as well.
  14. duxngeez

    Foxpro Firestorm

    Sorry I forgot to post the location. Located in NW Peoria.
  15. duxngeez

    Foxpro Firestorm

    no thanks