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    Thanks for the nice words muledeer. This will make someone a great hunting rig.
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  4. You are the first to pm , they are yours.  I will be in town this  weekend, I will  free late Saturday or all day Sunday. text me at (602) 309 9788



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    SPF per PM
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    Cleaning house

    Is the shotgun ammo 12 Gauge steel shot?
  9. duxngeez

    Free used Boots, Kid's, Women’s

    All boots spoken for. Thanks for all the interest.
  10. duxngeez

    Free used Boots, Kid's, Women’s

    Lacrosse boots are spoken for. cabelas boots and riding boots are the only ones left.
  11. duxngeez

    Free used Boots, Kid's, Women’s

    Women's Danners and the Irish Setters are spoken for.
  12. duxngeez

    Free used Boots, Kid's, Women’s

    I have someone ahead of you for the Danners, but the Irish Setters are all yours.
  13. I have some boots that were worn by my kids, that we no longer need. Some still have a lot of life left, some are more used but all still wearable. Free to whoever can use them. Danner women’s size 8.5. These are great boots only worn a handful of times by my daughter. (Tan in color) Lacrosse kids size 6. These are insulated These have been by a couple of my kids but still will work for someone else. Not great condition but still work. (Camo) Irish Setters men’s size 9.5. These are insulated and Goretex. They have been worn but still have a lot of life left. (Brown) Cabelas size 7.5. These have been hunted, still decent. They say Goretex on the side. One is missing a shoelace. (Brown) Fly riding boots. Kids size 5. These are in good shape, just outgrew them. They are dusty but totally useable for some little rider. I live in NW Peoria. I will not ship. Available to the first ones that come to get them. Hopefully some kid can use them and enjoy them on an upcoming javelina hunt.
  14. duxngeez

    Taylor-Biggest Buck In The House

    Way to go both of you! Huge congrats!!!
  15. duxngeez

    Free Frozen Meat

    I have a bunch of frozen meat that I need to get out of my freezer. It is mostly ground beef and ground turkey. Most of it is professionally packaged and has been in the deep freeze the entire time. I think there might be some game meat as well. It looks like it is from 2017, but it was hidden under other stuff and I did not realize it was there. If someone wants it for their dog or whatever, they can have it. I just need to clear it out and make some room. There are at least 30 lbs, Maybe more??? Needs to be picked up, no shipping:)