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    Rcbs dies -$65 Berrys bullets-$50/250 xtreme-$65/500 the prices I listed above were from online. Total new would come out to $220. $160 local. Qtys are listed in pics. Located in NW valley. Also have a few thousand brass you can have for free.
  3. Levi8599

    WTT H1000

    So may be a long shot but I have a jug of H1000 that I weighed at 7lbs 6oz. Looking to trade for n560. Located in west valley AZ. I know the H1000 is scarce and have a couple 1lbers I can get by with but could use the VV more. Not selling since I still use in my 7saum.
  4. Levi8599


    Found some 135s so letting a couple go. 200 same lot. $130 if meeting up. Add $8 and I’ll ship them.
  5. Dillon 550b with the following included all shown in pictures: .40cal conversion kit 3 primer tubes small and large powder bars dillon tool Used primer tray low primer alarm Finished round tray small and large primer seater bars located in NW Peoria/surprise area $450
  6. I’ll let you know if I can’t find a full box. Up for now.
  7. Have 156eol for trade. Just looking for a box. Or will buy outright.
  8. Levi8599

    Berger 156 for 135

    Still looking for 135gr classic hunter
  9. Levi8599

    Berger 156 for 135

    Anyone have a full box of Berger 135gr classic hunter 6.5mm that would want to trade for a box of 156eol? not selling and located in NW valley. Looking for local trade only right now.
  10. Got brass and settled on bergers so don’t need these anymore. 5 unopened boxes of 143eldx and 1 box of factory 143eldx. $60/box or if someone wants it all $340 located 303/happy valley or later today will be along bell rd between grand and 303
  11. Been up since yesterday but still shows some in stock
  12. Levi8599


    Sold located 303/happy valley. Will be 101/17 on Monday almost all day.
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  14. Levi8599


    I’ll take all 10 for $500.
  15. Levi8599