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  1. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    How was opening day? Who got one?

    That's awesome. I imagine not her first.
  2. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    What Round would Sell Best?

    Agreed My 6.5 x .284 is built on a long action.
  3. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    NM Results are posted

    Drew a 24 FAMD early hunt.
  4. GreatWhiteBuffalo


    Two Auction tags just raised over $1mil. They will need to sell 100,000 x$10ea to replace revenue.
  5. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Tis the season

  6. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    WTB Semi auto shotgun

    Rem1100 12ga Magnum interest you
  7. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    San Carlos unit B and C

    D does not require a guide
  8. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Early rifle bull

    Great bull. Congrats. I have never had skank in elk camp before, any camp for that matter. I will have to try that.
  9. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Border Crossing

  10. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    freeze dried food

    A well written infomercial on your first post and a link to a cafe in Dublin? Are you AI generated?
  11. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Unit 27 Access

    How was the hunt?
  12. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Unit 31

    How was it?
  13. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Proud of my nephew jr. deer hunt

    Nice job to all
  14. That's great for all of you. I need to do this someday.
  15. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Aspen Lodge issues

    Your website says we can view 'wild horses'. That is a fact.
  16. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    BPS Giant buck, score?

    Anyone know the score?
  17. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Who is going?

    Good luck to all and hope you shoot a bruiser
  18. Large stones required for this. Easier said than done
  19. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Jr tag meat pole let’s set them

    Great buck, congrats.
  20. GreatWhiteBuffalo


    I will trade some 9mm Tula FMJ ammo. Where u located?
  21. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    First Bugle Of The Year!

    The nursery herd in Alpine had a nice 6 with them and was a screaming muddy mess.
  22. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    SOLD…..2004 Tacoma $8000 Pretty firm

  23. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Colorado Brown Trout

    Holy moly, congrats on landing the giant
  24. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Beating the heat with Flys

  25. GreatWhiteBuffalo

    Beating the heat with Flys