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  1. Jimbroski

    6.5 PRC Brass

    I'll take them
  2. Jimbroski

    Spring cleaning

    interested in pack, PM sent! thx
  3. Jimbroski


    PM Sent
  4. Jimbroski


    I take it you'd trade for the Hippie Lettuce?
  5. Jimbroski

    1st coues tag! 6A

    Hey man, I'd say AvgJoe pretty much nailed it on the info you were looking for. Thats very accurate info in my exp. Been huntn that unit since I was 10. Remember, when a lot of people are stuffing there binos in their pack & heading in for lunch or whatever, is when you should have your face in yours. Many o whities have been glassed in the middle of the day, like AJoe said either to reposition, feed, or often to hit water. North facing slopes are frequented IMExp &. Don't shy away from 'staring into the sun' at whatever shaded slopes/cuts etc. If you happen to glass up a 'smaller buck' at any point, pick apart the surrounding stuff. Often being bachelors' they'll be close to each other, & a bigger buck could be stashed out. Good luck man! Hope you throw down on a good one. they're in there.
  6. Jimbroski

    5A rifle coues advice?

    Man! thank you all for the responses. those are a lot of the places I've been busting around. I'll keep at it. I'll keep yal posted if i see anything, or if anything hits the dirt. thanks again for all the suggestions.
  7. My wife & daughter drew unit 5's any antlered this year (Oct 21-30). My hopes were to try & find a decent whitie buck. I know of some muley spots in 5b, but I'm assuming that 5A will be my best chance for finding a decent WT buck. Any advice would be awesomely appreciated!
  8. Jimbroski

    WTB Garmin Rino 650

    PM sent
  9. Jimbroski

    Ruger M77 7mm Remington Mag. $375

    PM sent
  10. Jimbroski

    Nikon Fieldscope & Leica Ranger Finder

    still up? sent pm,
  11. Jimbroski


  12. Jimbroski

    Ruger M-77 7 mm Rem Mag

    gun sold? just curious.