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  1. lonne

    Walking in the dark to your stand...

    LOL I wonder how many have seen us and either weren't interested or we barely escaped their curiosity.
  2. lonne

    Walking in the dark to your stand...

    Okay I forgot about the time I walked backward to a trailhead 2 miles because of a lion eyeing me at dusk...ok...yah, they're all bad. LMAO
  3. lonne

    Walking in the dark to your stand...

    Lions at dark? That's NOTHING!!! Worst is either walking in the dark down a very steep mountain far from camp, through a hidden canyon near the border, or a rattlesnake at night. LOL
  4. WOW!!! VERY COOL!
  5. lonne

    BBQ Pulled Black Bear

    I'm hungry ! Thanks for sharing!
  6. lonne


    Welcome to CW. Good Story! Cool deer. Bet he tasted good.
  7. Beautiful pic. 38 days! Good luck
  8. Nice job Vowell!
  9. lonne

    Clinton Body Count Tally

    No way this was a suicide...big money easily gets things done on the inside. And how he was let off suicide watch ? It was obvious weeks ago he had a target on his back. Some big names that seemed to barely make the headlines or crept through...many others unnamed and Epstein was definitely soon to squeal for some easier sentence or plea deal.
  10. lonne

    Bears by New River?

    No, he is correct. There aren't any bears south of I-10, ever 😃 Bearcats maybe 🙂
  11. lonne

    Bears by New River?

    Bears like to roam, especially when looking for a food source...one usually wanders into Phoenix every year, that makes the news...
  12. lonne


    +1 I've glassed up a lot of deer in heavy snow in mid November. I was freezing my *** off, to put it lightly, all shivers, and they weren't bothered at all.
  13. lonne

    safe mover?

    Jessie did a good job for me.
  14. lonne

    safe mover?

    Try Jessie at http://www.azsafecityinc.com at 480-385-9595 or the phone number listed there. I didn't have much luck with email.