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  1. lonne

    Fortress Clothing

    Has anyone tried this and what do you think? Friend of mine back east trying to "sell" me on it - he was asking what I think. I've never heard of it, so I told him I'll look into it. https://www.fortressclothing.com
  2. lonne

    Lost Dog Near Pine FR 300

    Last Known Sighting:
  3. lonne

    Lost Dog Near Pine FR 300

    My niece's friend lost this dog. She asked me to post this. Last seen Friday October 16th, 2020 at 10pm. The dog's name is Buck. Wearing a camo bandana, bell, and collar. He is 1 year old, Pyrenees/golden mix. Microchipped and updated as LOST. Last seen at this location (western side of Rim Rd FR 300) 34.4365, -111.3619 https://goo.gl/maps/Q9G9AkqWAR1oNUyi9 If you have any info, please contact: 602-573-0311 Megan 623-414-0857 Robbie 602-931-3029 Alyssa
  4. Sorry that should say "some bucks" 🙂
  5. Lost a Nikon Action Series Bino case with a single two-eye cover and two objective lens caps/covers inside. My son dropped it on the north side of the FR300 in 3C between 51 intersection to Heber and Gentry Lookout, likely closer to the 51 intersection. Went back, couldn't find it. If you find it, please PM me. Will throw in some buck for a reward. Thanks!
  6. lonne

    Trump tests positive for Covid-19

    I'm sorry to hear about anyone's losses. It affects everyone differently. Stats show that 99% of people under the age of 65 are fine. I'm in my mid 40's. I had it, and it was the least sick I've ever been in my life. I was only sick 4 days and took only 1 day off at work. Test results didn't even come back until 19 days later and I wasn't sure whether to believe it so I went and got antibody tests. In fact I climbed Mt. Whitney (22 miles, 6500 feet of elevation gain, in 1 day) and was driving home from Cali when I found out I had a positive test. I was very sick in March with the flu, and thought that was Covid but it came up negative. I had multiple tests b/c work requires me to travel a lot and this sickness was so light on me that the only reason I got tested was b/c another guy at work had tested positive. In fact training for Mt. Whitney I hiked 15 miles the weekend before and 15 miles the weekend after I had covid (all in one week). That said, my Uncle had it. He is 77 with both heart trouble and lung trouble (existing comorbidities). He barely made it in the hospital but he is fine now 3 months later with no fallout. My aunt had it and it barely phased her, maybe sick for a week max. Three other guys at work had it. All 3 are in their 60's. Two were out for a month, mostly b/c they were concerned about spreading the virus. Another guy at work was completely asymptomatic. My wife had it, and was maybe sick for going on 2 weeks, but nothing where a hospital visit was required. My 11 year old son had it and he was totally fine hopping around like any normal kid. A friend of mine also had it who is in his 50's and he was sick for a week but no hospital. All of us are as healthy as we were before. My mom was in the hospital for 11 days for other problems and we were glad she didn't catch it from anyone at the hospital. I've had a couple of friends lose their fathers. They were in the hospital for other conditions when they caught it. In the majority of cases, most people will be fine. Stats show that. Don't live a life full of fear unless you have a reason to be fearful, like an underlying health condition. And in that case the flu should scare also.
  7. lonne

    Trump tests positive for Covid-19

    Agree. It's simply a precaution in case it does spin out of control. He's the President.
  8. lonne

    Trump tests positive for Covid-19

    Hey, LOL, if Donna Brazile can be discovered passing debate questions to the Hillary camp pre-debate, and somehow get re-hired as a political pundit under Fox, anything's possible. She probably cooperated on it with Chris Wallace and the Biden camp 🙂
  9. lonne

    Trump tests positive for Covid-19

    Biden camp or adversarial intel agency probably planted the bug at his debate podium. I'm not one for conspiracy theories, but one month before the election?
  10. lonne

    Time to cross UPS off the list

    Ridiculous. I can't remember where and what I last shipped but I do remember it being quite unusual that I was asked what was being shipped? I think it was some equipment for work. That said, I was caught very off guard. And so be ready for more bs along these lines. Absolutely ridiculous.
  11. LOL That's awesome
  12. lonne

    bars, gyms, theaters , tubing ect

    A way to get government funding perhaps
  13. lonne

    Mask Requirements

    What Say You? One more requirement or regulation is just taking away from peoples' freedom in my opinion. This is supposed to be a free country. I agree with the below. APACHE JUNCTION Masks are not required. The mayor released the following statement: “I've stated this is up to the individual. If you feel you're at risk stay home. I also hope that folks don't get upset at businesses that require PPEs as that is their right also. People need to take responsibility for their own lives. I think it's sad that some put their safety in the hands of a Mayor, councilmember or Governor. We must learn to live in the modern world on our own eventually. There are always going to be risks and illnesses out there and we'll get through it. Also everyone is essential and every job is essential to providing for a household.”
  14. lonne

    BUSH FIRE!!!!

    Only 5% perimeter contained according to Inciweb? 😞 Yikes bad bad stuff.
  15. lonne

    My First AZ Black Bear

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing.