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  1. bird dog 3

    Wanted: pigeons

    I watched a friend get me some birds with a milk crate and 1/4 inch wooden dowel and a fishing pole, spread some grain back off with the pole with it tied to the dowel pin and when they walked under the crate he just pulled the dowel pin out and we had several birds in no time.
  2. bird dog 3

    Extra reloading stuff

    Where are you located?
  3. bird dog 3

    F/S CCI Small Rifle Primers

    For sale 1000 CCI small rifle primers #400. Picked up in Tucson $130..00 OR Trade for CCI Large Rifle Primers #250
  4. 410 gage reloader sold to wklman ----pending funds
  5. 12 gage sold to RJ --pending funds
  6. Mec 600 JR press set up to load 12 gage 3inch Remington #4 buck reloads for coyote hunting. $130.00 picked up in Tucson. For another $30.00 you can have the #4 buck mold and a big bag of 3 inch remington empty hulls. killed a lot of coyotes with this setup. 20 gage Mec 600 JR set up to load one ounce field loads of birdshot $130.00 and a 410 sizemaster shotgun press set up to load standard 410 loads $180.00. Mec Supersizer in 12gage like new $135.00 12 gage on the left, 20gage in the middle and the 410 gage on the right.
  7. bird dog 3

    Shooting Cart----Sold

    It sold yesterday!
  8. bird dog 3

    Shooting Cart----Sold

    Back to the top. Someone needs this cart!
  9. bird dog 3

    Shooting Cart----Sold

    Three gun Rugged push cart for Shotguns for sporting Clay's shooting or other shotgun sports. It folds up and and you can find out all the details on Rugged Shooting Carts $300.00 picked up in Tucson. It has a price tag of over $600.00 new.
  10. bird dog 3

    Dog Crate --Four Compartments

    Lower the Price from $200.00 to $150.00
  11. bird dog 3

    Dog Crate --Four Compartments

    My long time bird dog hunting companion passed away and I am seeing if there is any interest in his dog box. It holds four dogs and we have hauled our birddogs all over the west in this dog box. I used one of my shorthairs to show what it looks like with dog in it and the dog is 60 lb's. The red Milk crate was there to show it has plenty of storage under it as well. It will fit in a six feet or longer pickup bed. It has been used in a Ford and Chev pickups. It's in good shape. $150.00 picked up in Tucson
  12. bird dog 3

    280 Remington Brass

    Mostly remington but mixed
  13. bird dog 3

    280 Remington Brass

  14. bird dog 3

    280 Remington Brass

    I know longer have a 280 Remington so the brass needs to go. I have 132 pieces of used brass. I have loaded some a couple times and I am not sure on the loaded brass that I pulled the bullets. some of those were new and some was once loaded but I didn't keep tracked. Also there is 36 nickel brass. $70.00 for all of it. Primers have been removed and the brass cleaned. I am in Tucson
  15. bird dog 3

    Wtb 12 gauge hulls

    send me a PM and I can fix you up with what you need -----Free