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    Hunting, reloading, competitive target shooting and most of all, my grandchildren.

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  1. mmlj

    Rifle barrel and stock

    I'll take the trigger for $20.00. PM sent.
  2. mmlj


  3. mmlj

    FS/T: Federal 209A Shotshell Primers

    Available for FTF only sale or trade for Winchester 209 primers.
  4. mmlj


  5. Andy: PM sent. Thanks.
  6. For Sale or Trade: 500 Federal 209A Shotshell Primers. Will trade for 500 Winchester 209 shotshell primers or sell for $50.00. FTF only in Tucson/ Oro Valley area. NO SHiPPING!
  7. Thanks for the offer. I"ll hold out for $50.00 for now.
  8. For Sale: 2 Boxes (15 shells) Federal 12 Gauge 3", 2 oz. #4 Copper Plated Shells. 2 boxes (16 shells) Winchester 2 3/4", 1 5/8 oz. #5 Copper Plated Shells. 1 box (5 shells) Winchester 12 Gauge, 2 3/4" 1 oz. Slugs. 1 Box (5 shells) Federal 3" OO Buckshot, 15 Pellets. I would like to sell this in one lot Face to Face in Oro Valley for $50.00. SOLD!
  9. mmlj

    Opening day youth bird (Update for Pics)

    Congratulations on lifelong memories for the both of you.
  10. I'll take the 270 Win Die. PM sent.
  11. I already have two other Mec presses and three sets of dies, so I know what your talking about. If the right deal came along, I would probably just buy the press.