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  1. Text message sent with phone number. Thanks.
  2. Sold pending receipt of funds.
  3. FS: Weatherby Vanguard S2, 240 Weatherby. Barrel threaded 1/2x28 with custom Ross Schuler stainless steel muzzle brake. Leupold bases included, rings and scope NOT included. Includes two boxes of factory Weatherby 100gr. ammo ($74.00), sub MOA shooter. Excellent condition. Face to face sale in NW Tucson, $525.00. SOLD. Thank you.
  4. mmlj

    For Sale Reloading Components

    Same here, would like to see the Wilson dies and bullets enlarged.
  5. For Sale: A set (have 2) of picatinny 1" rings and bases, aluminum. These came with a Redfield tactical scope, didn't need them. New, unused, $40.00 per set, or $75.00 shipped for both sets. REDUCED TO $35.00 PER SET SHIPPED. Accept Paypal F&F, money order, personal check. BOTH SETS SOLD!
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    DUG: PM sent. Thanks.
  7. mmlj


    Thanks for the reply. I'm in NW Tucson.
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  9. mmlj

    FS: Beretta 21A .22LR--SOLD!

    Sold. Thank you.
  10. mmlj

    FS: Beretta 21A .22LR--SOLD!

    The original grips on these are wood as indicated on the box "21A-W WOOD GRIPS". I believe all earlier models were made with the wood grips until they started using plastic.