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  1. Happy Trails

    European Skull Mount Plaque! Local AZ business

    Received mine and plan to give it to my Son as a Christmas gift for his first and future Couse. I'm impresses and will be ordering more of these plaques. This here is a high quality item Clark! 🎄
  2. Happy Trails

    European Skull Mount Plaque! Local AZ business

    I just ordered one of these for my Son as a Christmas gift. Discounted AND free shipping! It looks like a great product and I cannot wait to see this on the wall. Thank you for posting this up for awareness.
  3. Happy Trails

    Found an enormous deadhead (coues)

    Get the "smaller"? one's antleres filled & recolored and bronze what is left of the skull or maybe even copper with green patina for a classic AZ look. It's not a bad DIY.
  4. Happy Trails

    Anything I should know before buying a trager?

    I picked up a used one at a garage sale on the cheap that needed a heating element and a fan. Parts are readily available and it is easy to work on these. So much YouTube help to lean on too. That smoker and I became pretty tight pals for the first few weeks until we went Vegan. Joke. My Son picked up a Pit Boss, same concept but seems better designed overall compared to my Traeger. I learned just this week that the neighborhood rats can easily access the grill through the stove pipe so we keep it covered now. Happy Grilling / Smoking!
  5. Happy Trails

    Pint Guard Plus twist

    So much Yes! Haha
  6. Happy Trails

    Pint Guard Plus twist

    I had a twist with my deer tag last year. Got stuck at work, out of town for the duration and called G&F. I was told I had to be at the office in person to fill out a form and use PG. So, lost all my points and started over this year. 😢 Not sure how true this is, but it is what I was told on the phone.
  7. Happy Trails

    We got a new hunter

    Hats off to our youth hunters and glad to see another inspired and ready to go afield with family and friends as mentors. Attend all the youth camps you can, take lots of pictures and live every moment to the fullest.