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  1. fatbastard

    … AR15 Upper w/scope …cash or trade

    What magazines would one have to use? I have heard that the 25 is the best of the WSSM's.
  2. fatbastard


    I'm serious dude, seen it on youtube. We hang it from 2 trees like a hammock, build a fire underneath, boom... redneck hot tub. The chicks will come runnin.
  3. fatbastard

    Looking under the bed ain't just 4 kids

    So this is why I keep a Tac 14 next to the bed. Actually, I'm a dead man in that scenario. My hearing is so bad now that I can't hear them rattle anymore. Confirmed recently on the early dove opener.
  4. Southern Xpress. Actually did it while my dad waited there. We shot it last weekend, turned out great.
  5. I have several of the Lee case length gauge trimmers. They work well and are cheap. I have had issues with two of them but Lee made right with warranty. I somehow got a cutter with no threads in it, they sent me a new one. I got a 7.62x39 gauge that trimmed too short right out of the package, again they replaced it with minimal effort on my part. These are great until you get into quantities like hundred or more. I have taken to using the Lee quick trim on most of my straight walled cases. I have the power adapter but have never used it. I have a WFT 2 from Little Crow and adapters for all of my necked cases. It works well also. I thought it was awesome until I got the Frankford case prep center. It actually works better. You really have to watch for shavings in the WFT that will vary your length. The Frankford seems to clear the shavings better and give more consistent results with less double and triple checking. I was going to get individual WFT's for my more heavily used calibers so I didn't have to fiddle with changing the bushings as often but I canned that plan when I got the Frankford. Having the rest of the tools right there already spinning saves a lot of time too. I also have a Lyman universal and ordered extra pilots that it didn,t come standard with and the power adapter. All of that still sits new in the box too.
  6. New - IMI 7.62x39 / 30 cents each/ 2000 available New - Winchester Western 375 H&H/ 60 cents each / 200 available New - Lake City 09 556/223/ 35 cents each/ 1000 available Once fired Nickel plated- Federal premium 375 H&H/ 50 cents each/ 40 available Once fired- Win and FC 22-250/ de capped and wet tumbled/ 20 cents each/ 145 available Once fired-7MM Rem Mag/ Rem and WW headstamps/ 25 cents each/ 121 available (7mm Mag only)*most* have been resized and all have been de capped and wet tumbled *a few* have slight wrinkled shoulders from excess lube in the resizing process. Once fired- .243/ Rem headstamps/ de capped and wet tumbled/ 20 cents each/ 31 available Once fired - .270/ Win and Rem headstamps/ de capped and wet tumbled/ 20 cents each/ 80 available Redding 2 die set f/l resizing 300 WBY mag/ used/ excellent condition/ $50.00 Located in Tucson. Willing to ship USPS flat rate. Would consider some trades for small or large pistol primers, 9mm, .40, .45 ACP jacketed projectiles, 6.5 Grendel brass or projectiles.
  7. My pop is ready to screw a .45 Raptor barrel into a Savage model 10 receiver and drop it into a MDT chassis. For some odd reason, the shops in Tucson are turning him away. They say that they either don't have the time or the tools. Who can recommend a Phoenix smith for him?
  8. fatbastard

    7.62X54R Ammo FS

    Bump. Make an offer.
  9. fatbastard


    PM me your digits and I can let you know when I am headed to Phoenix. I have work to do at Bartlett, just not sure when the boss has it scheduled. I was in Tolleson and Tempe yesterday.
  10. fatbastard

    7.62X54R Ammo FS

    I have 12 boxes of Wolf Performance 148 gr FMJ (non corrosive) $10 each I have 2 boxes of Barnaul 203 gr soft point boat tail (non corrosive) $15 each OR buy them all for $135 Located in Tucson
  11. fatbastard

    Lets see pics of cool finds

    Number 3 looks like fossilized slice of bone with marrow even.
  12. fatbastard

    Sold Please Delete

    PM inbound
  13. Pima college is a good idea, thanks. My drill press is part of the problem, even when I just chuck a drill bit it wobbles. Not a precise machine at all. I usually do get to Phoenix at least once a week for work and I do have a customer near Sky Harbor. PM coming Thanks guys