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  1. fatbastard

    Lets see pics of cool finds

    Number 3 looks like fossilized slice of bone with marrow even.
  2. fatbastard

    Sold Please Delete

    PM inbound
  3. Pima college is a good idea, thanks. My drill press is part of the problem, even when I just chuck a drill bit it wobbles. Not a precise machine at all. I usually do get to Phoenix at least once a week for work and I do have a customer near Sky Harbor. PM coming Thanks guys
  4. I have been playing with LeGandre (side) crimps on my 450 Bushmaster and .45 Raptor handloads and have seen enough to convince me that I want all of my loads for these two calibers and probably 45 Colt in the lever guns to include them. Back in the olden days... like 3 years ago, if you wanted a side crimp on a straight walled .45 caliber case, you would buy a Lee Factory crimp die in 45-70 or .45 Colt and cut it down to put the crimp lower than the case mouth on whatever cartridge you were working with. If you are fancy, you cut the die way down and use shims to move the crimp up or down and match the cannelure to seating depth on whatever bullet you choose. Nowadays, Lee sells a 450 Bushmaster factory crimp die and a 460 S&W (parent of 45 Raptor) factory crimp die. I found that the 450BM die puts the crimp on a 45 Raptor case just about where I want it most of the time. I cut down the 460 S&W die to be adjustable with shims which I have. I did this by jamming a 375 H&H case into the crimp jaws and chucking it in a drill press, holding a dremel with a cut off wheel to it as it went round and round. I have a cheap drill press, I don't have the most steady hands or straight eye. It works well but there is a problem. I didn't get the cut straight on the die, Its functional but I would like to clean it up. I just need enough material removed to square the cut on the collet, if too much is removed, I will need to trim the body as well. This is why I don't trust me to attempt it. Anywho, can someone square a cut for me? I can separate the collet from the die body easily. If you are local to Tucson I will meet up wherever.
  5. fatbastard

    Lazzeroni 7.82 warbird

    Ha! Photobucket ate the pics, but the thread is still here. A quick search of the rifle hunting for coues section shows plenty of results.
  6. fatbastard

    Lazzeroni 7.82 warbird

    There was a thread on here yeeeaarrrs ago from a guy that took a coues with a Lazzeroni, not sure it was a 7.82 though. The exit wound was the about the size of a volley ball. Beast of a weapon. I will try to find it. It was before the format change years back so it may not exist anymore.
  7. fatbastard

    .45 Raptor. Make Your AR-10 A Big Bore

    Back from the dead! When I didn't get any offers on this I decided to build it. Then I decided to load a few test rounds. Then it sat in the safe... until Wednesday. My dad has one as well that he finished a while back and he has had difficulty with handloads feeding and functioning in his so I wasn't expecting too much. We slapped together a desert shooting session on the holiday and I decided to let dig out the Raptor. I had 20 test rounds loaded and they all fed and fired perfectly so even though I don't really have a need for it, I do like handloading straight wall rifle cases and I do like a gun that works and this one is real fun to shoot so I think it will stay a while. I had loaded 20 test rounds using HDY 200 and 225 FTX in front of H110 and Lil Gun and Barnes 200 XPB (.45 Colt and 460 S&W versions) in front of H110. I think it took me 3 rounds to get on paper, three more to walk it to the center, and then it started doing what the pics show. I didn't have my chrony but I think I have established that it is a viable weapon and that all of these bullet/powder combos are contenders for development into more accurate loads. A brand new, home built autoloader function testing perfectly on it's first firing with a brand new round that I have never loaded before, and it groups! Everything exceeded my expectations.
  8. fatbastard

    SXS security

    Here's how low tech I am. I thought this thread would be about shotguns.
  9. fatbastard

    Anybody reload 9mm?

    Thanks DH
  10. You wouldn't happen to want to trade for an 8X32 Black Diamond with a fine reticle would you?
  11. fatbastard

    A couple of Rare Bottles for TRADE

    Ammo trades are acceptable in those calibers and a few others, I could use "more than a few" boxes. Also looking for: Binos Trijcon RMR A set of factory Rubicon wheels/tires (2004 ish? with 5 on 4.5 pattern). An NP 241 with SYE. A Dana 30 that I can build and swap out for my front. A Glock Gen 3 (21, 34, or 40) A 1911 in 10mm or .45 A Remington semi auto in 12g or a 700 bolt in .308 or 300 Win Mag. Etcetera
  12. fatbastard

    A couple of Rare Bottles for TRADE

    These are un opened so, no samples. I do have an open bottle of George T Stagg of similar vintage that we could celebrate striking a deal with though. Located in Tucson but I have plenty of work scheduled in Phoenix/Tempe over the next few weeks.
  13. I have 2 pretty rare bottles that I would like to be rid of as I am not a collector. Value is tough to determine but I am willing enough to see them go away and I know that my options for doing so are very limited. First up is a Fall 2007 Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Sauzerac. Info in the pics. Second, I have a bottle of Jimmy Hendricks Vodka. The story behind this one is that they were produced and distributed without permission of the Hendricks estate and a lawsuit put an end to that. This is one that survived untouched the un-distribution and destruction. Open to trades of Hunting gear and or XJ parts. 2007 Sazerac Rye 18 Year-Old.pdf
  14. fatbastard

    375 H&H Brass

    Still have these hanging around and I want them to go away. The brass is new, bulk Winchester and I have approximately 200 of them. The plated ones are Federal Premium, once fired and I have 40 of them. We can trade if you have once fired brass in: commercial .308 commercial .223 30-06 300BLK 10MM Otherwise, I would like $0.50 each plus flat rate shipping if we cant do face to face. Will sell/trade whatever quantity is worth both of our time. PM me a # I can text and we can make it happen.
  15. fatbastard

    WTB 10mm ammo

    I had the same troubles. I was crushing hollow points trying to crimp and seat in one shot. I did get it eventually, (thanks to advice from those here on the forum) but the easy button is to seat and crimp in separate steps. Find out how much crimp your gun likes and only use the minimum. Aaaand if you are not into reloading, you know where to drop off your brass