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  1. 10sec72

    Outdoorsmans micro panhead $250

    I will take it...pm in route
  2. 10sec72


    pm sent
  3. 10sec72

    SPF Mathews Halon 6 27.5/60-70lb

    what nxs are you looking for.....npr1, npr2 ???
  4. Put the buck to bed the night before opening morning, stay there all night wake up early and find your buck and shoot it... that's how it was in 2010 for us and my son... guys shooting 1000 yards ridge to ridge. ton of pressure
  5. 10sec72

    5BS early archery bull tag could be yours

    They turned a tag in for unit 10 archery Bull... my son got a call 2 weeks ago he was the next resident in line to get the tag. A resident drew the tag on the initial draw.. so then it goes to a resident. he had the option of taking or going to the next person....Yeah he took it...... tag number lucky 13.
  6. 10sec72

    Unit 9

    wouldn't expect anything less from Eli and the pronghorn guide service gang... Nice bucks
  7. 10sec72


    pm sent
  8. 10sec72

    Some more Camo for sale

    What size are the rutger pants and jacket?
  9. 10sec72


    At least it stays on top and gets more views
  10. 10sec72

    2007 Chevy 2500 4x4

    according to the license plate search it is a 2007 Chevy silverado classic 2500 HD 6.0L
  11. 10sec72

    Looking to buy older motorhome

    pm sent
  12. 10sec72

    Swarovski 15x56 FS

    I will take the 15's per Landon and my text messages.