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  1. Tmango

    Powder for sale... UPDATED

    If any of the 4831SC falls through I'll take it. I'm not far from that area so it's no big deal.
  2. Tmango

    Bell and Carlson M40 $200 obo

    Do you know the weight? Found the answer: 2.5 pounds
  3. Tmango

    Peterson .280AI Brass in Stock @ Grafs

    I just need h4831sc. and Primers. and dies. THEN I CAN RELOAD FOR MY 280 AI!
  4. Tmango


    This is God punishing me for paying $100 more for these two things a week ago. Great deal.
  5. Tmango


    I don't think a minimum to post in Classifieds is beneficial. I direct people here on FB that have never even used this website. And I'm new myself. Without that, someone wouldn't have ended up with my Model 70 Super Grade.
  6. Tmango

    ISO 270 Superformance 130 SST

    https://exammo-com.3dcartstores.com/Hornady-Superformance-270-Winchester-130-grain-SST-Hollow-Point-wPolymer-Tip-Box-of-20-Rounds_p_548.html?timestamp=1633624451&utm_source=ammoseek&utm_medium=search Stupid expensive but there's these. Otherwise, you can get the 130 gr GMX (much better hornady bullet) for about half this on ammoseek.
  7. Tmango

    7mm bullets

    Call Ed at Bear Mountain and ask if he has any. Last time I was there for reloading supplies was before their fire but they had some bergers I think.
  8. Bump for a heck of a price. Can't vouch for the seller
  9. Tmango

    Hoyt Hunting Bow

    Just throwing this out there, lots of bases allow archery hunting and even have archery Ranges (at least in the Marine Corps). I'd personally say, keep it and use it. There are some great hidden gems on those bases.
  10. Tmango

    Jeep JK parts ADDED new

    Can you post a picture of the wheels and tires?
  11. Tmango

    9mm $399/1000 online available

    True Shot Gun Club had Blazer 9mm 1000/$369.00 a couple days ago. I'm sure it still does.
  12. Tmango

    WTS bullets, rifle, case, bow sights, and more

    The spartan bipod for sale as well or nah?
  13. Tmango

    280 Ackley ammo

    I’ll take it if it’s still available. Live in the Gilbert area as well.
  14. Tmango

    280 Ackley ammo

    PM sent
  15. Tmango


    Ammo alone is closing in on that price in todays market