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  1. Tmango

    Apparent Scammer tbt250602

    I got a message on my WTB for some bullets too. He's a scammer.
  2. Title says it all. if you have any for sale, please PM me. Thank you!
  3. Tmango

    Cowboy guns

    That Chiappa Trapper is a beautiful gun. GLWS. If I wasn't over my limit of my agreement with my wife, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
  4. Tmango


    That's just a freaking awesome buck. Lots of character.
  5. Tmango

    WTS IMR 8208 XBR - SPF

    All (4) SPF
  6. Tmango

    WTS IMR 8208 XBR - SPF

    Sorry man, I almost never get down that far.
  7. Tmango

    WTS IMR 8208 XBR - SPF

    1 Pound left. other (3) are SPF
  8. Tmango

    WTS IMR 8208 XBR - SPF

    (2) pounds left - drop to $45 a pound.
  9. Tmango

    WTS IMR 8208 XBR - SPF

    Bought (4) 1-pound containers about 6 months ago to start reloading. Haven't found enough of the other components, so I'm just going back to using factory for my AR. (2) left for sale. Both are unopened. Paid $60 a piece for them, but parting at $45 since the prices have been shifting down. Located in Gilbert, but I work in off Northern and the 51 freeway, will not ship since I can't make any promises on when I'd be able to.
  10. Tmango

    Custom thumb hole stock

    Edited : it is the Stockys stock. I missed the front half. Still a solid stock. Good catch by Couesdeer. Stockys LRC Thumbhole Stock
  11. Tmango

    Might be a scammer

    Got the exact same message - DEFINITE Scammer.
  12. Tmango

    WTB arrows

    I I got the same message about 160 Grain Nosler Accubonds. The "Kindly" and best regards was the first give away. But also, I would hope anything firearm or archery related he would sell is in good shape
  13. Tmango

    Bighorn Origin

    Man this thing is legit. Hope this sells quick
  14. Tmango

    Remington 700 LR

    That's more what I'm looking for, thanks!