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  1. We the people inside the waist band holster. Fits a sigp365. $30 located in Vail AZ.
  2. syd34

    Hoyt Powermax

    Hoyt Powermax 60-70lbs Draw length 25.5-30in Trophy ridge 5 pin react Trophy ridge stabilizer QAD drop away rest $375 OBO
  3. 10x42 binos that can range out to 2000yds. Binos have integrated Leica advanced ballistic compensation. Binos and glass are in excellent shape. located in Vail, AZ. Asking $1400
  4. syd34

    RCBS JR3

  5. syd34

    RCBS JR3

    Sent you a pm. Check your inbox.
  6. syd34

    RCBS JR3

    RCBS JR 3 for sale. $30 located in Vail, AZ
  7. syd34

    Anyone use the Hillsound BTR?

    Bought one this year do to other tripod chairs ripping after a season. I have the taller version so far so good. I like how light and how compact they are. They definitely are not the sturdiest compared to others but I believe that is the trade off for how light and compact they are.
  8. syd34

    Sig Romeo 4h

  9. syd34

    Sig Romeo 4h

    Price drop $125
  10. syd34

    Sig Romeo 4h

    Yes it does.
  11. syd34

    Sig Romeo 4h

  12. syd34

    Sig Romeo 4h

    Price drop $200