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  1. Dodgerboy999

    Weimaraner For Stud Out!!!

    Text me 5two0-270-two 196 Jimmy
  2. Dodgerboy999

    Any interest in weimador r puppies????

    Here is a pic of a weimador puppy that I assume their puppies will look like
  3. Dodgerboy999

    Any interest in weimador r puppies????

    Yes it was. We have a few family members that wanted to have puppies from the two of them and it finally happened. It took him a few heats to figure it out but besides friends and family I’m just wanting to know if anybody else on the site has any interest I’ve heard good things about the mix.
  4. Well looks like these 2 figured it out! Probably gonna have puppies on the way. I will post more details as I get them. Please message me if you have any interest or text me at 5202702196.
  5. He did well!!! grass was high this year so finding pigs was a task and stalking wasn’t easy but we were able to get my son in to 27 yards and he got his first bow harvest I hope he is hooked for life with stick and string!!!
  6. Not much to write, other than I sat on my glassing nob this morning, wondering why I even came hunting with this nasty winter storm on top of me. Windy, cold, and rainy. About 20 min into glassing I heard rocks crashing underneath me and this buck was running around the nob looking for a doe 100 yards beneath me. I went down the hill and to my surprise the buck was still there coming out of the cut he had no idea I was even there and gave me a 40 yard shot.I made a great shot and he expired within 40 yards. Being in the right place at the right time was the truth this morning and luck was on my side. I have never had a buck run up on me like that when I am glassing but I guess anything is possible during the rut!
  7. Dodgerboy999

    More Blessings from the Hunting Gods!!

    Definitely on cloud9!!! I have been mr 90 inch buck my whole life never dreamed I would cross paths with a buck like this!!
  8. Wow! God is great! I am still in shock! I found this buck 4 days ago. The very brief encounter sparked my interest and I could not get him out of my head. I knew he was a good one and continued to look for him for next 4 days. Finally, I found him again, put a stalk on him, and got very luck considering the country was so thick. He was actually with 2 other bucks. I almost shot the wrong buck because the other one was a 105ish! I thought it was him at first. Don’t get me wrong, I would have been tickled with the 105, but then he stepped out from an oak and I realized I was on the wrong buck. It all happened so fast. I set my sight to 65 yards and made a great shot and he expired within 100 yards. I still can’t believe buckfever didn’t bite me, but I was very calm until I walked up on him! I didn’t realize how big he really was. He ended going 121 gross and 117 net.
  9. Dodgerboy999

    Ammo 6.5 cm eldx fs

    If still available please text me at 5202702196
  10. Dodgerboy999

    Leica 2700-B rangefinder

    Sent you a message in your inbox
  11. Dodgerboy999

    WTT Hornady 6.5PRC 147 grain

    Text message sent
  12. Dodgerboy999

    2021 Archery Coues!!

    Super pumped while out scouting for my buddies daughters juniors hunt and also hunting at the same time we came across this unique buck and he was plenty good enough for me to put my tag on and the cool thing is I haven’t hunted with fix bladed Broadhead in a long time and I found one that I absolutely love and it did the job and I recommend this head to anyone out there it also flies really well at long distances. Magnus Black Hornet!! I got them at Robinsons Archery in Tucson and will probably be my go to broad head from here on out!!
  13. Dodgerboy999

    Pool Plastering

    Where you located? text me today or call me 5202702196
  14. Dodgerboy999

    5.8 cu. ft. Upright Freezer in White by Magic Chef

    Item location tucson