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  1. fobshooter

    Phoenix to sierra vista

    Thanks for the replys. I can get my package to marana. Just the Marana to sierra vista is the tough part
  2. fobshooter

    Phoenix to sierra vista

    Anyone traveling from phoenix area to sierra vista this week.
  3. fobshooter

    Cabelas instinct Euro hd 12 x 50

  4. fobshooter

    Cabelas instinct Euro hd 12 x 50

  5. Testing the waters on selling a lightly used pair of 12x50 cabelas instinct euro hd binoculars. These are made by meopta. The lenses as far as i can tell are perfect the body is almost perfect. I have the original case, lens covers and box. I also have the receipt. I am missing the neck strap and the little insert that covers the threads where the bino adapter scridiots. $900
  6. fobshooter

    Youth first hunt 35a

    Pm sent
  7. fobshooter

    Unit 32 Questions

    Sent pm
  8. fobshooter


    Where are you located
  9. fobshooter

    Swarovski ELs 12x50

    Where are you located
  10. fobshooter

    Swarovski ELs 12x50

    Where are you located
  11. fobshooter

    12x50 Swaros with Stud $2050

    Sent you a pm
  12. fobshooter

    Savage Model 10 FCP-XP 308 for sale

    I have also seen this gun in action it is a shooter. Someone needs to buy it so I dont. I am trying to save up for a swarovski spotter.
  13. fobshooter

    Short but sweet

    You are more then welcome Adam! As most people know Adam helps a ton of people on the phone as well as in the field. This motivated me to make this a great and we'll deserved hunt. I was honestly honored to be a part of his hunt. Next time we are waiting on one of 110+ bucks. I would also like to thank Mark for helping out.
  14. fobshooter

    Muley Down!

    You have had Great couple of months. You hunt as hard as anyone I know and deserve it! I would hate to see the taxidermy bill. Well maybe not! By the way you always say better lucky then good well could you through some my way! LOL