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  1. Hi all. I thought I would put out a feeler looking for opportunities to get a barbary sheep tag. I haven't had luck drawing a public land hunt and the odds are getting worse. I can't afford the guide hunt fees I've seen to bump the draw odds so looking at potential other options. Thanks for any info in advance.
  2. Flash

    35a question

    Hello all. Try #2 for my kids first deer. He’s got the youth hunt and I’ve been scouting the area. I’ve seen does in most spots I’ve looked but not a single buck. I’ve been looking in the thicker stuff on the far west side mostly hoping that’s the right country since he had his first tag last year and we hunted the gassy slopes on the southern end of the unit and a little in the rolling oak hills as well. We only saw 2 really small bucks last year as they fled from hunters with their mammas! My question is what type of habitat should I be concentrating on for early October? There’s lots of interesting country to pick a part but I need to concentrate on the right area for his limited time to hunt.
  3. Flash

    Youth first hunt 35a

    My son got drawn for his first deer hunt. Unit 35a in early October. I've never been in the unit, but I am assuming that time of year the deer will be shaded up near or on north faces most of the day. Any other general tips for success in that type of area? Thanks.
  4. Core 4 Element assault jacket in mountain mimicry. Worn around the house once. XL. $100.
  5. I'm looking for someone that can mount a scope and set up a custom turret for it in the Phoenix/Flagstaff area. I'd like to have someone actually shoot it and get it totally set up, not just run a program, that way I know it's right and I am not tinkering with it. Any recommendations would be appreciated, thanks.
  6. I guess I would listen to offers but not in a big hurry to get rid of it. It's an awesome head.
  7. Everything you need to take care of your next big game animal. Brand new. $100. http://www.outdooredge.com/OutPak-Complete-Big-Game-Hunting-Set-p/outpak.htm
  8. Brand new Streamlight PROTAC HL flashlight. 600 lumens. Multiple modes. Lifetime warranty. $60 tyd.
  9. Looking to trade a very lightly used Outdoorsmans pistol grip tripod head for an Outdoorsmans micro panhead.
  10. Flash

    Browning 6.5 creedmoor

    pm sent
  11. Flash

    San Diego Fishing Options for Spring Break

    I didn't fish with him, but discussed a trip with him last spring and he seemed like a potential good option for a small family type trip. James Nelson - http://www.fishingguidesandiego.com/fish-with-james/ https://www.facebook.com/captjamesnelson
  12. Flash

    2006 Polaris Ranger

    Did you ever sell this?