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  1. Flash

    Swap No AZ for So AZ help?

    Hi all. I'm trying to get my 14 year old a decent opportunity at a mature whitetail. We gave a left over tag a try a few years ago and located a few spikes and a 2 point, but I am unfamiliar with southern AZ units so it's pretty random of an attempt for us. He wants to get a coues deer so I hoping to find a little help. He has school and plays sports so is always limited to a weekend hunt. I don't need to be guided but need an idea a good unit to hunt with a decent starting point and maybe a recent scouting report. I live in north central AZ (units 7W, 8, 9 and 10) and can trade out help on a hunt up this way. I can scout, show areas to hunt, etc. We have good OTC archery deer hunts up here as well as elk and antelope if you can draw a tag. I thought I'd put this out there now in case someone that can help wants to put in for the open elk/antelope draw now (message me and I can make suggestions on units). Thanks.
  2. Flash

    Kuiu Youth Sierra Pant

    Sure can. I'll message you with info.
  3. Flash

    Kuiu Youth Sierra Pant

    $50 shipped TYD.
  4. Flash

    Kuiu Youth Sierra Pant

    Selling a lightly worn Kuiu Youth Sierra pant in verde. Size large (14/16). They were worn for a few days on a spring hunt and a handful last fall, so they are still in very good, sound condition. $60 shipped. Check out Kuiu's website for more specifics on the pants.
  5. Thanks all. Think I found some.
  6. Hi all. My son got lucky and has a couple tags this year. I've been trying to find ammo for our 2 rifles for a long time now and getting nervous now that we really need some so he can practice and hunt. So if you have any or see any in a store, please let me know. Thank you! 6.5 PRC - Hornady ELD-X 143 grain 7mm Mag - Federal Berger Hybrid Hunter 168 grain
  7. Flash

    Begara vs. Christensen

    No experience with Bergara, but they feel nice and solid. I own a CA Ridgeline. Looks nice, shoots very good. Only issue is it has feeding issues. I did contact their customer service. They weren't overly friendly, but did say I could send it in and have it looked at. I would be on the fence to buy another just because of that issue for the price of the rifle, but it is a really nice gun.
  8. Flash

    6.5 Prc ammo and brass.

    Interested in the ELDX ammo. Price, grain and quantity available? Thanks.
  9. Flash

    Pressure washing skull

    Some quality advice so far. I'll just add that I tried this for the first time a couple months ago on a few deer. There is definitely a learning curve but totally doable with less cost (depending on how much in supplies you need to purchase).
  10. Hi all. I thought I would put out a feeler looking for opportunities to get a barbary sheep tag. I haven't had luck drawing a public land hunt and the odds are getting worse. I can't afford the guide hunt fees I've seen to bump the draw odds so looking at potential other options. Thanks for any info in advance.
  11. Flash

    35a question

    Hello all. Try #2 for my kids first deer. He’s got the youth hunt and I’ve been scouting the area. I’ve seen does in most spots I’ve looked but not a single buck. I’ve been looking in the thicker stuff on the far west side mostly hoping that’s the right country since he had his first tag last year and we hunted the gassy slopes on the southern end of the unit and a little in the rolling oak hills as well. We only saw 2 really small bucks last year as they fled from hunters with their mammas! My question is what type of habitat should I be concentrating on for early October? There’s lots of interesting country to pick a part but I need to concentrate on the right area for his limited time to hunt.
  12. Flash

    Youth first hunt 35a

    My son got drawn for his first deer hunt. Unit 35a in early October. I've never been in the unit, but I am assuming that time of year the deer will be shaded up near or on north faces most of the day. Any other general tips for success in that type of area? Thanks.
  13. Core 4 Element assault jacket in mountain mimicry. Worn around the house once. XL. $100.
  14. I'm looking for someone that can mount a scope and set up a custom turret for it in the Phoenix/Flagstaff area. I'd like to have someone actually shoot it and get it totally set up, not just run a program, that way I know it's right and I am not tinkering with it. Any recommendations would be appreciated, thanks.