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  1. Tempe.243

    WTB Youth Hunting Clothes

    Got a youth elk hunt in 3C coming up and have enough gear to make it work but wanted to drop a line to see what is out there. We normally hunt 22 so I don't have to worry about the cold. I have a 12-year-old girl and 15-year-old boy, 5'6" and 6'2" respectively. Both real lean without much natural insulation. Mainly looking for puffys and baselayers. Don't want to spend a lot because they might not fit next year. If anyone is looking to offload some gear, let me know. Thanks
  2. Tempe.243

    FS: Lee Factory Crimp Die .308 Win., $13.00

    I should have been more specific. Yes, .308 Win.
  3. Brand new, never used. Accidentally ordered two. $13.00.
  4. Tempe.243

    FS: 16 Gold Tip Hunter XTs 340 $110: SOLD

    Thanks for the tips. I get what you're saying about moving the rest. I was about to get to that step and realized that was all based on proper spine. Then I looked at the charts. Charger is listed at 325 fps. Figure at 70 lbs (limb bolts all the way down on 70 lbs limbs) and 30.5" DL (CH3F module). I should be above 315 fps so I used that chart. With 29.25" (CtoC) arrow, 300 spine is where I need/want to be. Looks like I have more room to play with tip weight at that spine. Hopefully Archery Headquarters has some in stock. Once I have the 300s, I will start tinkering with the rest and report back.
  5. Tempe.243

    FS: Hornady.22 cal Bullet Puller Collet $14

    $14. Added price to title
  6. Tempe.243

    FS: 16 Gold Tip Hunter XTs 340 $110: SOLD

    Hoyt Charger LD at 70 lbs with 30.5" DL. Using this as a guide. Up down is fine. Bareshaft arrow goes right. Fletched arrows group just fine. Bow-Tuning---Bare-Shaft(1).pdf Goldtip says I should have 300 spine.
  7. Ordered one for .308 and they sent the wrong one. Brand new unopened box.
  8. Tempe.243

    FS: 16 Gold Tip Hunter XTs 340 $110: SOLD

    I made a mental mistake while typing. I am UNDERSPINED; bareshaft arrow is way to the right. Thanks for looking out though.
  9. 16:Hunter XTs 340 spine. Cut to 29.25" (carbon to carbon), standard inserts knocks and 100 grain field tips. Blazer vanes helical fletching. Fletching is from Archery Headquarters or by me with AZ EZ Fletch. Most are brand new or barely used, a couple are well used but still in good shape. And couple don't have fletching. I can fletch those if the buyer is good with black and red. Been trying to step up my archery game and tried some bareshaft tuning. Turns out I am underspined. Will trade for same arrow and length in 300 spine. Picks are representative sample.
  10. Tempe.243

    FTGH: 45 ACP Brass

    Yes. Tempe/Mesa version.
  11. Tempe.243

    FTGH: 45 ACP Brass

    Spent the last hour sorting through an ammo can of once fired brass my buddy gave me. I have no use for the 45 ACP. They are in a 36 OZ peanut butter jar for reference. Figured I would post this instead of tossing them. Can meet this coming Saturday near the 101 and 60.
  12. Tempe.243

    Recommendations for Powder Coating

    Thanks for the recommendations. Ended up with two votes for Vyne and they are super close to my house. Already got a good quote from them. Can't wait to get the bars installed.
  13. Getting a set of bed bars for the truck and looking to get them powder coated. Hoping folks have some recommend shops to take them to. Prefer Tempe/Not too far East Valley locations. Let me know. Thanks.
  14. Tempe.243

    WTB Left Handed 20g Shotgun

    That is a great idea. If anyone one has a BPS Micro their kids have outgrown let me know.
  15. Tempe.243

    WTB Left Handed 20g Shotgun

    I am open to that option. PM me with what you have. Thanks.