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  1. Tempe.243

    Hornady Custom Grade Die Set 6.5CM

  2. Came with gun. Never used by me. $25
  3. Tempe.243

    RCBS Trim Pro $75

    Older RCBS Trim Pro. Comes with standard shell holders and guides, plus 6.5 CM guide and 3-way cutter. Multiple mounts included. $75 for everything.
  4. Tempe.243

    AAC 7.62 Muzzle Brake

    AAC 7.62 mm muzzle break. Looks like 90T Taper but it is 9ish years old. Came off a used Savage 10 FP that I have had for a while. Finally got around to switching it for a SilencerCo ASR Brake. $50
  5. Tempe.243

    Hip replacement

    Digging this thread up to see how you are doing. I am going in this week for my left side. Same symptoms you had. Hope your recovery has gone well and you are back at it. Want to hear what it is like hiking with a pack.
  6. Tempe.243

    SilecerCo ASR Muzzle Brake $60

    0.458 Caliber in unopened package. $60
  7. 2016 Nissan Frontier Parts. 25k miles, used but in good shape. Leaf springs with U-bolts, front shocks/coils rear shocks, stock UCAs and OEM spare tire (no rim)
  8. Tempe.243

    Welder or Fab shop

    Looking for a welder or Fab shop to weld some welds washers to Nissan Frontier LCAs. Total of four washers to weld. Should be simple and quick for someone who knows what they are doing. Would like to avoid taking of the LCAs so would drop off at a shop or could have someone come by. Also need a bracket fabed up to hold a remote resivior, but the wled washers are my priority.
  9. Tempe.243


    Two Stokerized Acrylic Hunter SS1 stabilizers. One 8.5" and one 10.5". Black rods and Max1 endcaps and brackets. $100 per stabilizer, $175 for the pair. Each comes with Easton wrist sling.
  10. Set of 3 Wasp Jak Hammers Set of 4 Grim Reapers 11 new and 5 used field tips. I converted to 125 grain tips and never really used these. Only one Repears has been on the quiver. The Wasps have been used on foam a few times to confirm POI.
  11. Tempe.243


    FYI. Outdoorsmans will convert the medium to a tall for $150. I also got the small extendable centerpost. I am 6'1" and can stand now.