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  1. muledeerarea33?

    Rv solar battery charger

    I use a harbor freight setup to keep my gate battery charged
  2. muledeerarea33?

    bourbon buck and beer bread

    Looks great
  3. muledeerarea33?

    WAR in Kentucky!

    It’s all our fault! We don’t give away enough money. Now we have to shift over a bit and fight another group. Pocket change right? A drop in the bucket for the U.S! Gotta butt into everyone else’s business and save the world that despises us.
  4. muledeerarea33?

    WAR in Kentucky!

  5. muledeerarea33?

    3C Rodeo

    Very true! At least they weren’t driving around like kids in a frat house while holding tags! They just drove around. Tomorrow should be good for your hunt. I’m sure the elk are used to, and know when weekends are.
  6. muledeerarea33?

    Remington 1100 semi-auto 20g

    Decisions!!! Buy this or that 50 Beowulf for sale or something else entirely?!? Free bump!
  7. Factory built gun or home made?
  8. muledeerarea33?

    Sleeping bag material?

    In the market for a new bag. My last one was a Teton with the taffeta outer shell. It lasted 13 years before it finally got so many rips and tears in it I need a new one. So I’m asking, should I go with a similar outer shell or upgrade to canvas? Is canvas an upgrade? Weight isn’t an issue.
  9. muledeerarea33?

    Looking for work

    Where you located Bill?
  10. muledeerarea33?

    What resort/place?

    I could only dream to be that lucky buddy, can’t happen though.
  11. muledeerarea33?

    SXS security

    Do these new machines not have an imobolizer? Or whatever the particular company calls it. Meaning the key has to be programmed to start it. If not the a kill switch and a boot would be good. I’d say 9/10 times you’ll be fine but that one time would worry me. I don’t own a side by side and I don’t lo-Jack my boots but if they cost 20k I pry would! As far as the pocket jump boxes go, they work great! I use one at work.
  12. muledeerarea33?

    Badlands Warranty

    Does kitchen wrap go by any other name?
  13. muledeerarea33?

    Brass Annealing

    I’ve used a drill and quench and an old record player needle and quench both work well.
  14. muledeerarea33?

    Bi-pod recommendation.

    I bought the claw used on here thinking I’d use it. It’s not real convenient. I know some say you have all the time in the world if it’s a long distance shot but usually my deer would walk behind something before I got set up. It’s a great tool to have but I prefer a jacket, back pack, etc.
  15. muledeerarea33?

    Would like some help

    Watcha huntin for? From your post it sounds like your new to the area.