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  1. muledeerarea33?

    3 AZ bucks down with pics and video!

    Great video.
  2. muledeerarea33?

    Coues deer with a lever action?

    I’ve wished I had one this past week!! Sh!t be thick!!
  3. muledeerarea33?

    12BW: My Oops Hunt with a Great Buck

    You did the right thing for sure. Do you think the outcome would of been different had you not had the ties to the hunting community that you do?
  4. muledeerarea33?

    Uh oh...

    Double like this post.
  5. muledeerarea33?

    Commercial Stainless Sinks and Truck Side Boxes.

    Can I get exact dimensions of the free sinks and free tool boxes? Pics of the tape measure and can you deliver? For free?
  6. muledeerarea33?

    Looks like good elk hunting weather!!!

    Rather have snow than rain!! Easier to see game and get around!
  7. muledeerarea33?

    Spingfield XD .45 sold

    Where you located?
  8. muledeerarea33?

    Pre rut

    Not rut just a pervert. Or a lucky sob!
  9. muledeerarea33?

    Jr Hunts are a blast

    Nice gherkin buck! I love em like that.
  10. muledeerarea33?

    Taylor-Biggest Buck In The House

    Love the bladed eye guard!
  11. muledeerarea33?


    That was fast! Wish I had the money and you were closer!!! Btw...... what was it?
  12. muledeerarea33?

    Uh oh...

    Imagine he thinks the guides will keep people safe? Just like I though?? Figured they were all connected or knew a guy? F me for thinking!
  13. muledeerarea33?

    Uh oh...

    No clue?
  14. muledeerarea33?

    Holiday Gift Ideas???

    Booze and bullets!!!!!!!!!
  15. muledeerarea33?

    Uh oh...

    Sierra dark horn adventures