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  1. muledeerarea33?

    Tire update - Nitto's response

    Just ordered a set of Hancock dynapro AT2’s. I had the older version before and they did good. This is for the truck that sees mostly highway but dirt roads daily. Have the BFG mud terrains on the hunting truck.
  2. muledeerarea33?

    Taxidermy advice

    Hungry howies makes some decent Za
  3. muledeerarea33?

    Poacher list.

    No one has poached anything in the past 5 years. Name one!!!!
  4. Just drive around and sit some areas you think look good. Worse that could happen is you find a few new areas and have fun with family.
  5. muledeerarea33?

    Pinpointing downed animal

    I just walk around aimlessly until I eventually find the ez up that’s pimping free phones. Then I use that to call my homies to go look for it. Work boots stay clean that way.
  6. muledeerarea33?

    Red flag laws

    She seems triggered
  7. muledeerarea33?

    Out of state hunters

    Completely agree. With water being an issue in our state already we don’t need another factor killing off our resources. I just don’t like the fact that to be legal, I’ll have to boil a head and debone meat if I kill it within eyesight of the az state line.
  8. muledeerarea33?

    Out of state hunters

    Sometimes hunting out of state is the only way some people can actually hunt certain species. Like yotebuster said, doesn’t sound like a big deal. Unless your hunting a border unit and drive home with a quartered animal and whole head that you skin at home (which I’ve done) but not sure how many do that?
  9. muledeerarea33?

    Out of state hunters

    I’ve never driven on a road with a check station coming into AZ from other states. How will this be enforced?
  10. muledeerarea33?

    What’s on the menu?

    I imagine you hate to cook, must be quite a chore having the brady bunch and partridge family camping and hunting! Y’all need a chuck wagon cook. I’m fat, hire me lol.
  11. muledeerarea33?

    Who’s getting ready for the archery opener?

    Let em grow up, tired of guys shooting dinks like that.
  12. muledeerarea33?

    Mountain lion or Bobcat??

    Took me a second to see it on my phone. Then I said “woah! A lion!”
  13. muledeerarea33?

    Prickly pear syrup and jelly

    What 6Ayoter said. No quite ripe here yet but hoping to go pickin in a week or two. Good haul you got there!
  14. muledeerarea33?

    What’s on the menu?

    Anymore I’ll cook like I do at home. Last deer season we had spaghetti, burgers, steak, game hens, oh and fresh tenderloin and back strap twice 😁
  15. My dove never last til the next season, guess I should start hitting more.