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  1. Bright scope. No scope ring marks. Like new condition. These scopes are equivalent to Zeiss Conquest Located in Chandler $375
  2. PJM

    WTB .25 cal PCP Airgun

    AOA used page
  3. PJM

    Anything I should know before buying a trager?

    Buy a uesed on - look on offer up. Don't pay the new grill premium. TRAGER - the man crock pot
  4. https://4drentals.com/product/7mm-prc/
  5. Anyone have a 7 MM PRC Go -No Go gauges. Need a set to complete my savage barrel swap. Located in Chandler Thank
  6. PJM

    Vortex Optics Truth

    I used the Vortex warrenty alot. Got new scopes back and sold them. Gave the next user a brand new start at my loss. I put a Bushnell Elite Tactical scope on my son's Ruger Precission. Got it when NY Camera Land was selling them .. can't be happier. No issues - 4+ years of use. During peak of covid could not find them.
  7. PJM

    black hound optics

    I saw the 30 day warenty and it raised a flag.
  8. PJM

    black hound optics

    Thank you all for the responses. So I'm budgeting ~$1500 for my new scope. Thinking VX6 or Nightforece NXS. Any advice would be appreciated. This will be my one rifle for all four leged criters in AZ. Thx
  9. I'm building a new 7 mm PRC on my old Savage 110 action. Looking at 7 MM PRC reviews I ran into Black Hound Optics and it turns out they are out of Tucson and a having a huge sale. Anyone have experiance with Black Hound??
  10. PJM

    Fishermen nearly won a tournament

    These guys next career move is politics. Running voting machines
  11. PJM

    Airedale pups available

    Where are you located and what's your price?
  12. PJM

    Quality Youth Gear Options

    Walmart -Mossy Oak. The Flagstaff store always has kids sizes.
  13. PJM

    Rocky Point Fishing Charter Rec?

    I like Riffe spear guns. We have two 110 euro track guns and a 75 euro. You could buy a Rob Allen or a Cressi Aluminum gun, but I prefer wood guns as they are quieter underwater. Stay away from JBL and Hammerhead. Go on the Riffe website and watch "Jay's Garage Sale" there I picked up 2 factory seconds. Mask and fins - Riffe and Cressi make good quality stuff for the money. No lobsters on the jetty - Seen a few octopus.
  14. PJM

    Rocky Point Fishing Charter Rec?

    Get a spear gun and work the jetty off Wrecked at the Reef. We usually get a few nice grouper, snapper, and Spanish mackerel. It's a lot more fun than getting hung up on the rocks. Here is a pic of a couple grouper my boys shot last time we were in Mexico.