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  1. down2hunt

    WTB: Large Rifle Primers

    Looking for Winchester Large Rifle Primers. ((WLR) Thanks, JD
  2. down2hunt

    WTB - 7mm 08 ammo

  3. down2hunt

    Trapper Jake

    A most watch!! I was scrolling thru Amazon Prime Video and found a documentary of an old trapper by the name of Jake. I won't spoil it but its worth a watch. You'll thank me later! JD
  4. down2hunt

    WTB - 7mm 08 ammo

    Sorry, I'm looking for ammo ready to shoot.
  5. down2hunt

    WTB - 7mm 08 ammo

    Wanting to buy 7mm 08 Nosler Partitions ammo. Been looking and shelves are empty everywhere!! Thanks in advance. JD
  6. down2hunt

    OZ custom knive. FREE

    I'll Take it, if still available. Thanks, JD
  7. down2hunt

    Raccoon Hunting

    Hey guys/gals, I want to work my airedale terrier on some raccoons. If anyone is having issues with raccoons that are not to far from Phoenix, I would love to get some in my cage traps. If you know where I may trap a few or where I can take my dog for some hunting I would greatly appreciate the help! Thanks in advance, JD
  8. down2hunt

    PSE Stinger G3

    Selling a used PSE Stinger G3. Great for beginner women’s/ youth bow. Bought it a few month back for my girl but she can't pull it back and lost interest! $250
  9. down2hunt

    Rut Activity

    17A very slow. Had them going opening day and after they shut up around 7:30.
  10. down2hunt

    Black Gold Verdict

    Price $150 (Not interested in trades, firm on price) - Located in Phoenix - Black Gold Ascent Verdict (RH, single pin, pin diameter .019). - Missing yardage tape, can be purchased.
  11. down2hunt

    Rut Activity

    Going out this weekend so I'll update on the rut activity as soon as I can.. JD
  12. down2hunt

    Rut Activity

    Hey guys/gals, just wanted to start a post on the rut activity around the state. Thanks in advance, JD
  13. down2hunt

    Crossbow tuning help

    Thanks all, after some research and thanks to all your help. I found the issue. The right cam is out of timing. (Please see the attached photo) Possibly from the string stretching. Note: the 2 dots on the cam is the indicator where the string should be when properly timed.
  14. down2hunt

    Crossbow tuning help

    Hi, group. I've been trying to tune in Ravin R10 crossbow for the up and coming elk hunt but I have been running into issues. Its shoots lights out up to 60 yards and anything passed that the bolts are all over the place. Any crossbow techs out there that you would recommend? Thanks, JD
  15. down2hunt

    Beef butcher

    My brother owns a taco truck business (Flaco's Tacos) and with the beef prices rising we decided to purchase a beef cow and have it butchered up. Any recommendations on a good butcher to do the job? Thanks in advance. JD