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  1. down2hunt

    4A Access

    Well, it looks like the storm coming thru Az is causing some temporary road closures including the Rim Rd. (300rd). Its my sons 1st rifle bull hunt and we don't want to stay home. Anyone have any suggestions besides driving in from Woods Canyon. I was thinking thru Winslow. Thanks, JD
  2. down2hunt

    Looks like good elk hunting weather!!!

    Headed up to 4A. Lets get'r done!! Any one else headed to 4A?
  3. down2hunt

    Rut Activity

    Hey guys/gals, just wanted to start a post on the rut activity. Thanks in advance, JD
  4. down2hunt

    Brand new Honda GX240

    Just as title says. I'm selling a new Honda GX240 motor. Added oil and fuel to test fire. Asking $300 Thanks,
  5. down2hunt

    Fantasy Football Time?

    Count me in again. Plus, I have two buddies that would like to play also. Just say when! JD
  6. down2hunt

    ISO: Mini bike

  7. down2hunt

    ISO: Mini bike

    Working on a project with my son and we're looking for a cheap mini bike/mini bike frame and parts. Thanks, JD
  8. down2hunt

    17B Javelina Report

    Just curious how the unit has been producing any javelina. I've been out scouting and have yet to see any pigs. From what I've been hearing is that the warm weather has made for some tough hunts all over the state and with this cold front pushing through I'm sure its gonna make for some tough hunting. Thanks, JD
  9. down2hunt

    Bow malfunction?

    Yup, had that happen to me at an archery shop (that I will not mention) but I was getting my new bow adjusted to my arm length and it locked up at full draw!!! Just like Shrek said, draw stops set incorrectly!!!
  10. down2hunt

    Good Guy Seller List

    Wanted to add JPo212 to good sellers list. Item just as described. Stand up seller!! Down2Hunt - JD
  11. down2hunt

    CWT fantasy football league

    I agree trading with family member!! Cm"n JD
  12. down2hunt

    Good Guy Seller List

    Can we add CJNAZ (Corey) to the good guy seller. Great guy to deal with.
  13. down2hunt

    Honda Vs. Champion Generator

    Thanks, for everyone's opinions. I settled on a Honda EU2000i. I'll be putting it to the test come Oct. 6th on our family squirrel hunting trip.. Thanks JD
  14. down2hunt

    Honda Vs. Champion Generator

    I'm in the market for a generator and I've been looking at both the Honda EU2000 and the Champion 2000 generators. I can't make up my mind. Any and all advise would be appreciated. main use will be for a pop up. Thanks, JD