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  1. Big Tub

    Pretty impressed..

    Of course "whoremonger" went out of the dictionary before the turn of the century ... but I knew what it was.
  2. Big Tub

    Wounding bulls

    I know I caused a great deal of whining a few years back on here when I said that if I wound an animal, my tag is punched. Many disagree.
  3. Big Tub

    Honda EU2200i generator-Info requested

    Sportsmen's should have these in stock if you want to go look. Remarkably like my EU2000.
  4. Big Tub

    travel management

    They have really drug their feet on getting this out. However, Apache-Sitgraves has been better than any of the other forests at working with the locals: ref the ATV groups up there and the Saffel Trail. Give your input -- it may help.
  5. Big Tub

    Weimaraner for sale!

    Why do we not have pics of this puppy???
  6. Big Tub

    Weimaraner for sale!

    C'mon Lance: the females won't mark in the house -- a huge plus!
  7. Big Tub

    Weimaraner for sale!

    I did have a friend who did not realize how difficult a puppy can be and returned the dog to the breeder after a week. Most breeders I know request that if you need to give up the dog, that they get first dibs.
  8. Big Tub

    How Was Your Day?

    He's lucky that bull did not try to mount him!
  9. Big Tub

    Game Cart Recommendations

    I got a game cart, used (got no idea on brand) a few years ago and had the opportunity to use it a couple of more times. It is of very limited utility due to non-flat ground or rocks interfering. I did get to use it near Willcox in the modest foothills -- the trek was down-hill and quite gentle with almost no rocks or vegetation and it worked great. I could see where you could use it on many forest roads also but that is about it. Let me suggest a meat pack and learn how to quarter the animals using the gutless method.
  10. Big Tub


    Does G&F no longer do creel surveys? The reports seem to be more of whomever chimes in now.
  11. Big Tub

    Hunting in the whetstones

    We found a skull a couple years ago. The Sheriff office does not even get excited about it but the fuss does tend to move the animals away.
  12. Big Tub

    New Tracker utv

    Get a Tomcar. Go Big.
  13. Big Tub


    I got mine for 199.99 in 2016.
  14. Big Tub

    Desert tourtuse found. Pictures added

    Think Craigslist might be a good place to post this?
  15. Big Tub

    California Becomes First State To Ban Fur Trapping

    Arizona was one of the first to ban the leg-hold trap decades ago.