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  1. Big Tub

    Bag Limit

    It seems inconsistent with other species just to be sure and sell the left over permits. I bet it increases the harvest percentage.
  2. Big Tub

    Bag Limit

    From the regs: "Two (2) javelina per calendar year (except as prescribed in R12-4-120) with no more than one (1) javelina taken per open area as defined in each hunt number. The bag limit may be filled in any combination of permit-tag (draw tag or firstcome left over draw tag as long as differing hunt numbers) or nonpermit-tag (over-the-counter tag) hunts as prescribed in R12-4-114. No more than one (1) permit-tag shall be issued per hunter through the initial draw." So the bag limit is two, sort of? What about the number of tags you can get? Apparently, unlimited so long as you don't harvest more than two and they have to be from different hunt numbers?
  3. Big Tub

    Hunters Ed Field day

    Safford is close ... as the crow flies! https://www.register-ed.com/programs/arizona/113-arizona-hunter-education-online-field-day?
  4. Big Tub

    Mexico Gould's Turkey Hunt

    Mounted by Swen Eberson
  5. Big Tub

    Goulds tags!

    For me, it is ruled out.
  6. Big Tub

    Goulds tags!

    Like over 10X
  7. I wonder if it will tell you "Hey idiot, that is too long a shot!"
  8. Big Tub

    Got tickted by azgf

    I tried that on the only ticket for speeding (5-10 mi/hr over) as an adult and lost but then again it was $15 but it ruined by perfect record. The law system is a closed shop which could help explain why occupy is not defined in Title 17 and has an entirely different meaning that Webster's. I detest lawyers.
  9. Big Tub

    Used Suzuki FI 20HP Outboard Motor

    Check the NADA values and they do list motors separately. When there were boat dealers in Tucson, they would always have old motors for sale. I do have a used 4-stroke Evinrude 6 hp and a 2-stroke 5hp Johnson for a long shaft that you may want to consider.
  10. Big Tub

    Got tickted by azgf

    Doesn’t matter if the barn was occupied (vacant) or not.....it’s still a violation according to the statute and case law. ... book chapter and verse -- that is not what it says -- "occupied"
  11. Big Tub

    Got tickted by azgf

    from Google of course: I doubt it would be anywhere near the max ... but the law is written by lawyers, for lawyers to employ more lawyers! In Arizona, there are 3 types of misdemeanor classifications, including: Class 1 misdemeanor- A class 1 misdemeanor is the most serious misdemeanor offense and is punishable by up to 6 months in jail, 3 years of probation (5 years maximum probation for DUI offenses) and a $2,500 fine plus surcharges. You may want to see a lawyer and go back and determine if the building was indeed occupied, used, lived in, or whatever. Perhaps it was vacant?
  12. Big Tub

    Remington 1100 semi-auto 20g SOLD

    IKEA is a HORRID place!
  13. Big Tub

    Got tickted by azgf

    You need to quote book, chapter and verse on this. There is no exposition within Title 17 or A.R.S. 17-309 as to the definition of occupied that I could find. The regs are where you find the explanation of the dwelling "should be considered occupied." Note the use of the word "should" which has great significance. I know in military specifications, should means "you ought to" but not that "you have to." For "have to" situations, the word used is "shall." I think you may have an out here. It may be worth your while to fight this one and go back and determine if that barn was occupied. If someone complained that you were shooting next to their house, you are hosed. But if the Wildlife Manager just happened to catch you near a barn, as Lance pointed out, that if the barn was not occupied, there was no violation. What a pain to prove that. It undoubtedly would be easier to pay the fine and "let us learn from this." Is it worth the hassle? That is for you to decide. However, it is a kick to see how so many folks add to the actual written law and make it worse than it really is.
  14. Big Tub

    Got tickted by azgf

    "Occupied means being used, it may not mean that someone was actually there." Not sure that is a legal definition but it is good practice.
  15. Big Tub

    FOR SALE: taned lifesize wolf skin

    Mexican Gray's??