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  1. Big Tub

    Rossi 20ga /22LR

    BTW for those that missed out: I see another one for sale on armslist in Tucson. Note the guy wants $200 for it which is more than you can buy it for from several difference sources including Buds.
  2. Big Tub

    Got a call for a surrendered bull tag!!!.

    you're a tad early
  3. Big Tub

    Kimber Mountain Ascent .308

    Location and specific weight of this rifle?
  4. Big Tub

    Conquest 15x56HD

    Doug: you getting a cut? With beady eyes to boot? Location?
  5. Big Tub

    Reloading Equipment (complete set)

    WELL THAT IS GOOD NEWS! I need to get there but can't seem to get motivated.
  6. Big Tub

    Reloading Equipment (complete set)

    I can't help but feel concerned that you are having to sell all this stuff. I hope things work out. Good Luck with the sale.
  7. The FFL can issue the lower as a lower and not specify pistol or rifle or short rifle. You build it. After that, it is not allowed to change. How ATF is supposed to tell is a big question in my mind.
  8. Think there is a big difference between the .223 and the .300?
  9. Big Tub

    Your First Big Game Rifle?

    Same here but 1976 and it was a Weaver scope. Still my rifle today although it as a Zeiss scope and new composite stock now.
  10. Big Tub

    I'm Still Alive -- barely

    Lots of talk about you missing. You were missed! Should make you feel all warm ... or maybe it's just time to change the bed pan!
  11. I think Bigbrown got hit in the head by his wife!
  12. Big Tub


    .270 Win for everything besides birds
  13. Big Tub

    27 South 28 North Rocky Tag

    so the story?
  14. Big Tub

    500 error messages

    ME TOO!
  15. Big Tub

    WTS Swaro slc HD 15x56 1800$