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  1. Randyh2412

    25-06 Sako FinnBear SOLD

    Here’s a pic of 308
  2. Randyh2412

    25-06 Sako FinnBear SOLD

    Good, might of had to take that off your hands if it didnt sell quick. I have 2 Sakos
  3. Randyh2412

    When you’re upset you don’t draw

    Had been putting daughter in for youth (ELK) tags for first 5 years nothing. Now just putting her in for trophy tags up to 8bp. Drew her first youth deer tag last year.
  4. Randyh2412


    Picked up one of these pups great dog and great people. Thanks gemule05
  5. Randyh2412

    walk in freezer

    I will take it. Sent text
  6. Randyh2412

    14yr old Daughter makes NT B&C

    Here's a pic for those who couldn't find him
  7. Randyh2412

    14yr old Daughter makes NT B&C

    It's a .243
  8. Randyh2412

    7 mag ruger m77 w/ vortex scope

    Sent you a text and PM
  9. Randyh2412

    14yr old Daughter makes NT B&C

    Thanks all. I'm still in disbelief. Never told her how big he was just while we sat waiting for him to stand so she could shoot. I was going crazy inside. I didn't know exactly how big he till right before he stood kept inching out from sun. Sorry they're turned
  10. Randyh2412

    14yr old Daughter makes NT B&C

    Tell me about it. I told her we may never see anything even close to it again. She does trophy hunt already.
  11. Randyh2412

    14yr old Daughter makes NT B&C

    Lucky with her, she is our oldest and the only thing I can get her to do practice is shooting/hunting. Other than that it's hair and makeup. I have two more girls, hopefully they get into it also. Good Luck
  12. Here you go guys been asked to post this. And now that it is official. She shot him at 325 yards here in AZ. Non Typical 7x9 129 5/8 gross 127 3/8 net
  13. Randyh2412

    Tikka T3 300 WSM / Leupold VX 3 3.5-10x10x40

    Will you sell just the scope? If so how much would that be? Thanks
  14. Randyh2412

    Binoculars, Spotting Scope and Rifle Scope

    Sent a Message on ct85
  15. Randyh2412

    WTB Youth 22 rifle

    would go and get a cricket also