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  1. vitalzone

    Christensen Ridgeline 7mm RM drop $1600

    sleepy Joe owns that exact rifle
  2. vitalzone


    Aluminum reviever ?
  3. vitalzone

    Az MVD

    wildwoody, u smoking that chit
  4. vitalzone

    Az MVD

    you are so wrong, nobody sucks more than Biden
  5. vitalzone

    Az MVD

    you did, reread it,az mvd is so bad they make azgfd draw look stellar.Which means, the are way worse than azgfd
  6. vitalzone

    Az MVD

    Its great that AZ MVD systems are avail. to do things like , Renew a OHV , it reallt makes AZGFD draw system look steller !!!
  7. vitalzone

    McMillan Game Warden stock

    did you order if and not like it ? Why selling it
  8. vitalzone


    Dang, Wished Id seen this earler. Post a pic just to get a look at it
  9. Ill have a litter of Brittanys in early august
  10. vitalzone

    Savage 111 long range hunter

    The rifle is sold. Thanks to all that were interested
  11. vitalzone

    Savage 111 long range hunter

    marana, but Ill drive to meet anyone
  12. vitalzone

    Savage 111 long range hunter

    Selling a nice rifle, Savage 111 long range hunter, 7mm rem mag. Has a 20moa rail, accu stock, accu trigger. Great condition. 500.00 If intetested , pm me and Ill send pics. Ill also add pics to this post soon
  13. vitalzone

    .22-250 dies

    Id be interested, but im in marana.what about this weekend
  14. vitalzone

    .22-250 dies

    where are you located ?