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  1. vitalzone

    223 ammo

    Ammo is available still
  2. vitalzone

    223 ammo

    Marana, but Im willing to go half way
  3. vitalzone

    223 ammo

    Wolf Polyformance ammo. 223. 62 gr HP Steel Case, Non corrosive 24 boxes of 20 rounds each $3.00 a box or all 24 for $65.00
  4. vitalzone

    Leica 2000b crf Rangefinder MINT

    where are you at
  5. vitalzone

    Bull Pac

    New Condition ,Bull Pac. Designed to carry weight. https://bullpacs.com/product/bull-pac-199-standard-width/ $100.00
  6. vitalzone

    Elk Back Pack

    I have a Bull pac, in new condition, designed to carry weight. For sale $100.00 https://bullpacs.com/product/bull-pac-199-standard-width/
  7. vitalzone


    yea but, their not hunters, their freaking idiots.How can anyone call them, or relate them as hunters?
  8. vitalzone

    5B north archery hunt

    why did you put in for that unit then?
  9. vitalzone

    Is the draw over?

    all but the ones that got drawn but their banks will deny
  10. vitalzone

    Elk Draw

    whats that mean?
  11. vitalzone

    Elk Draw

    Thats what I would do, just like early season much more
  12. vitalzone

    Elk Draw

    For some odd reason, I put in for a rifle bull hunt as my 3rd choice, If Thats what I got, Ill use point guard and turn it in. Cant see hunting Bulls with anything other than a bow
  13. vitalzone

    Elk Draw

    Whats the chance you would draw your 3rd ir 4th choice? Has anyone ever had that happen, especially if all choices are Bull tags. I am really hoping that never happens
  14. vitalzone

    Waring Pro meat grinder

    I wish I knew how to delete them I can't figure it out
  15. vitalzone

    Waring Pro meat grinder

    I'll take it