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  1. vitalzone

    American Brittany Available for stud

    Arlette does a good job with her dogs. I really love my male I got from Knine Birddogs. Same, intense in the field, great at home
  2. vitalzone

    American Brittany Available for stud

    Beautiful Dog. Brttanys are amazing dogs
  3. vitalzone

    juniors hunt

    How did your children, grandchildren do on their Juniors hunt ?
  4. vitalzone

    12aw late

    Ryan Call of High Point Outfitters just talked about the road situation on Jay Scott podcast, he said if the roads are still closed for your hunt, and it snows, could be very limited access to the winter range areas, or even getting out of there. But so what, take enough supplies to last to spring
  5. vitalzone

    Red Heeler

    no, it should work. Jeff Try again
  6. vitalzone

    Red Heeler

    No, still intetested. my number 520-490-1961
  7. vitalzone

    Red Heeler

    Thank you so much
  8. vitalzone

    Red Heeler

    Thank you so much
  9. vitalzone

    Oversized Cutting Boards

    let me know if any are still available
  10. vitalzone


    looks like most is opened up, just saw the revised map
  11. vitalzone

    Red Heeler

    do you have any young males ?
  12. vitalzone


    Im hoping you guys are correct. I recently talked to Ben at the coronado forest service office, he said certain areas are open, up to where the fire burned, then they are restricted. Like Charlou gap road is open, but you can not leave the road. Many of the gates of of Reddington Road are locked, with those areas closed. There are scheduled clean up operations either started or scheduled . Just what I was told in our conversation.
  13. vitalzone

    Red Heeler

    no one
  14. vitalzone


    gonna be closed the whole month of oct
  15. vitalzone


    How many people using point guard for the 1st two hunts in 33