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  1. vitalzone

    Big Hooker...

    skull max, they are a little bit more in price, but I like them better thans what else is available. https://skullmax.com/
  2. vitalzone


    just to clarify, started on March 2nd, todays March 8th, no way does that equal 10 days. Yesterday Nikki told me if I have trouble, send her a check.
  3. vitalzone

    Sold- delete

    I will take the .22 mag
  4. vitalzone

    HK 416

    is it sold?
  5. vitalzone

    HK 416

    where you at
  6. vitalzone

    Update cc

    is the receipt number the number thats 36 characters long, Im trying ti just veridymycard and can not get on
  7. vitalzone


    If it falls through, Ill do it
  8. vitalzone

    Shotguns for sale price drop

    still available?
  9. vitalzone

    Shotguns for sale price drop

    what manufacture is the 28 guage
  10. vitalzone


    Anyone know of any lambs available for sale?
  11. vitalzone


    Anyone know of any lambs for sale
  12. vitalzone

    turned in Bull tags

    in some states that have the same option, there is a cutoff date to turn them back in. I think its a substantial amount of days before the hunt starts. Do you the AZGFD should look at that?
  13. vitalzone

    2020 Antler growth???

    seems the lack in monsoon rains may have affected the late food sources for the elk. Could be a down year, after a great year.
  14. vitalzone

    turned in Bull tags

    reaI sleeper unit !
  15. vitalzone

    turned in Bull tags

    I just saw that. Thank you. I do not believe those 3 awesome late season bulls came out of 37B. Congrats on some stud bulls!