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  1. vitalzone

    Sold please close

    hard to believe that awesome pup is still available
  2. vitalzone


    that would be the same gentlemen, has his first big game animal in his parents refrigerator, Javelina. I will for sure
  3. vitalzone


    I am in I am in tucson.Friends name is Steve
  4. vitalzone


    Helping out another Buddy of mine, just lost his 12 yr old Boxer. Hes looking for a boxer puppy, anyone know of any available. Sorry, not a hunting thing, just trying to help out a good man, and this site has all the good people visiting it. Thanks
  5. vitalzone

    Sold please close

    is that pup # 5 from your previous post ?
  6. vitalzone

    Legal advise

    Sorry ,this is not a hunting topic. But I know there are alot of people on the site from all lines of employment. Ive been looking for some time to talk to an attorney related to a HOA situation. Hopefully I can do a consultation to help me decide on a direction to progress with this particular issue.
  7. vitalzone

    Favorite Coues Taxidermist?

    Wellers Wildlife studios, Tucson Bud and Gavin, tops in their field
  8. vitalzone


    saw stil available ?
  9. vitalzone


    Bar length on saw ?
  10. vitalzone

    2021 Pronghorn Regs are online

    How many BP'S you sitting on ?
  11. vitalzone

    FS: .45 acp and .40 cal ammo

    how many rounds of 45?
  12. vitalzone

    WTB Canoe

    I have a 16.6 ft Wenonah Adirondack canoe Id be willing to sell. Its made of Royalex material, been stored in my garage, never sat in the sun. Only used a couple times. They have changed the material, but royalex in really awesome. Canoe is light and has a wide beam
  13. vitalzone

    fiocchi 7.5 12 guage shotgun shells

    If still available, Id be intetested in 10 boxes
  14. vitalzone

    300 win mag rifle opinions

    I have always wanted to add a.300 Win Mag. to my hunting rifle inventory ,but after some consideration and research I think I would pass on the .300 WM for a .28 Nosler.
  15. vitalzone

    Swarovski 15x56 HD

    Now you can get the 12x42 Nl