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  1. vitalzone

    Wood Stove

    you got that recently at an estate sale on Oasis, off of Twin Peaks. stand a chance to make a buck on this one
  2. vitalzone

    Brittany pups

    Just get one John, you need a new project !
  3. vitalzone

    CBE Trek Pro Slider sight

    Price Adjustment
  4. vitalzone

    CBE Trek Pro Slider sight

    5 pin CBE Trek Pro slider sight. Right handed Pretty much Brand new, been in a new bow for 1 day. Has carbon fiber side mount. Also I have integrate pic rail attachment for 30.00 more. 3 axis adjustment 12 inch of fiber optics . Rheostat to adjust light to pins Dead stop for top pin Rapid Drive for Fast adjustments several laser engraved sight tapes .019 pins accepts maginefiers 4 fluorescent colors interchangable peep alignment rings. 275.00 with carbon fiber dovetail extension mount bar. 305.00 also includes pic rail mount Please google this sight to read reviews and see better pictures
  5. vitalzone

    .243 ammo

  6. vitalzone

    .243 ammo

    Federal power shok. 100 grain jacketed soft point 5 boxes of 20 rounds. $30.00 a box
  7. vitalzone

    17B & 19B

  8. vitalzone

    Elk hits tomorrow????

    pretty crazy, but my card got hot yesterday, friday for pronghorn. seems really late to get charged
  9. vitalzone


    bet that light rifle kicks your butt
  10. vitalzone

    SOLD - Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL2 -$325 OBO

  11. vitalzone

    2012 Hoyt Carbon Element

    to nice of a bow for that cheap price, keep it as a backup
  12. vitalzone

    .243 ammo

    Federal Power Shock Ammo .243 100 grain $40.00 a box of 20 5 boxes available 20220202_061628.mp4
  13. vitalzone

    CZ 75

    what would you consider for a trade ?
  14. vitalzone


    Recently saw a video posted with a whitetail buck spinning in circles on a road in 36 B Can not find this post, anyone else see it ?