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  1. vitalzone

    New Draw

    not sure if it is,says 15 fee for non residents
  2. vitalzone

    36B didn't disappoint!

    Did you put a tape on it yet ?
  3. vitalzone

    2012 Hoyt Carbon Element

    poundage, draw length ? Sorry, just saw the label on the bow
  4. vitalzone

    Brittany Pups

    I really liked Jeff, that pup he got is a really smart girl, she was already pointing a quail wing in my living room. I appreciate people like Jeff, really want these pups to go to good homes that understand the breed.
  5. vitalzone

    campground safety

    on a more serious note, once I came into a camp, Its my practice to take a shovel and clean out the fire pit, to my suprise, the pit had several live .22 lr rounds buried in it. Glad I did, what kind of petson would do that ? Like to meet that person
  6. vitalzone

    2023 Guideline Recommendations

    They tried the archery elk hunts split a few year ago, not sure if it was statewide. Seemed like it did not get much support at the time and I think it would still get the negative support it did then. Honestly hope they do not even consider that
  7. vitalzone

    Sako A7 7mm Rem Mag-SOLD

    whats the rifle twist ?
  8. vitalzone

    Brittany Pups

    Thank you Tres, you helped me out alot. Happy to say all puppies are spoken for and all going to hunting families. Thanks to everyone that passed the word.
  9. vitalzone

    Brittany Pups

    Possibly 1 female left
  10. vitalzone

    Brittany Pups

    No, sorry, Im keeping my adult dogs
  11. vitalzone

    Brittany Pups

    Im not sure, there is 1 liver and white pup in the litter and the pups have not been all claimed, some of the people that have put deposits down are going to wait to decide based on the dogs personality and drive, we wont see that fir a few more weeks.
  12. vitalzone

    Brittany Pups

    Their litter mates
  13. vitalzone

    Brittany Pups

    My female had 7 pups, 1 week old Friday, Sept 03. I own both the Sire and the dam, both with respectable pedigrees, both very birdy and great hunters. Male came out of K nine Bird Dogs in Coolidge, Female came out of Mason Ridge Brittanys in Taylor. 5 females, 2 males. 4 orange and white females, 1 liver and white 1 orange and white male, 1 liver and white male. Ive got 2 females and 1 male still not spoken for. Dog have tails cropped, Dews gone. Micro chipped, 1st vacanations and the litter is registered. Adking 850.00 . To reserve a pup, 100 dollar deposit required. When they start getting around we will introduce them to birds. Good Family dogs and good hunters. I really want the pups to go to someone who will train and work with the dog and give the dog the opportunity to hunt, thats what they live for. Or a home that will really enjoy a great breed as a companion. If interested please call or text 520-490-1961
  14. vitalzone

    Anyone know this guy?

    deerhunters got the newest edition of camo pajamas hes now wearing eating his smores
  15. vitalzone

    Anyone know this guy?

    And when he fills his tag out in the woods hunting, and you sitting in front of your tv probaly on your mobile surfing the internet getting fat and blubbery eating taco bell, critizing!