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  1. 68OLDS

    243 and 6.5 ammo

    Pm sent
  2. 68OLDS

    Ruger American 243-SOLD

    Pm sent
  3. 68OLDS

    Winchester 94/ Ruger 77

    Pm sent
  4. 68OLDS

    1959 Evinrude 10hp ***SOLD***

  5. 68OLDS

    1959 Evinrude 10hp ***SOLD***

    Lol nice! Yeah she’s an oldie no doubt. They sure don’t make em like they used to.
  6. Rebuilt fuel system and carburetor dec 2019 fuel pump conversion done, can run on modern marine single line fuel tank. rebuilt lower unit/seals. This is a short shaft motor. ran good in barrel 12/2019. Has not ran since. Just in time for spring Fishing. Not the prettiest motor but ran very well. See video. Have never taken it out on the lake. Decided to go to a smaller 2 stroke/electric trolling motor. $150 located in east Mesa. Will throw in fuel tank and fuel line as well. PM Or text me at 480-980-1907
  7. 68OLDS

    Hunt proposal, more limited archery units

    Outstanding “cliff notes” version on some of the science behind wildlife management techniques employed by azgfd. Thanks for digging this up. Explains quite a bit on a subject that could take volumes in a text book.
  8. 68OLDS

    Hunt proposal, more limited archery units

    I see where you’re going here and generally agree with the line of thinking you have. but I do see a problem. How in the world will the AZGFD know if you’re lying? That could turn into a staffing/logistical nightmare them trying to prove or show someone lied on a survey. Seems like a tough task, how do other states/jurisdictions pull it off?
  9. 68OLDS

    Hunt proposal, more limited archery units

    I’ve read the every post on this thread, including yours. Some definitely make more logical sense than others that’s for sure. definitely not taking anything out of context and and MOST DEFINITELY NOT BITCHING about the game and fish DEPT. Not sure where you’re going with that comment, but not liking some of the generalizations you’re making there bud.
  10. 68OLDS

    Hunt proposal, more limited archery units

    Delw, you literally just said this 1 hour ago. am I missing something here? Help me understand because I’m pretty sure I’m reading that post correctly.
  11. 68OLDS

    Hunt proposal, more limited archery units

    So the alternative is to scrap the current model of using hunter harvest questionnaire and rely strictly on survey data alone? I’m trying to ask you an honest question. What’s a logical solution since you’re so adamant the current system is unreliable and inherently broken with people who are lying to only benefit themselves. How would you go about “fixing” this system is all I’m saying. Yes I have a degree in Conservation Biology, but that isn’t really very relevant to this discussion. The point is the azgfd has a mandate to protect and make beneficial decisions for the wildlife resources in this state while taking into account the public’s viewpoints and concerns.
  12. 68OLDS

    Hunt proposal, more limited archery units

    Huntharder For the win!
  13. 68OLDS

    Hunt proposal, more limited archery units

    Unfortunately at this point it’s all we got though right? I mean what else are you proposing we use to come up with “reliable” harvest data. You gotta work work with tools you’re given sometimes...
  14. 68OLDS

    Hunt proposal, more limited archery units

    Unless you subscribe to one member’s outlandish opinion on this thread..that we all need to be biologists/economists otherwise we are totally clueless and our viewpoints are irrelevant!!!