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    Thank you

    Or evidence that is was a legal take?
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    1/4 mile rule

  4. Big Tub

    1/4 mile rule

    So what does "occupied" mean, Tony?
  5. Big Tub

    Sitka Rain Jacket

    in Tucson?
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    The NON-SOON this year is really going to spell bad news for mearns. It does look good for the desert birds.
  7. Many of you know Jim Warren is a realtor in the White Mts: Jim Warren Pinetop, AZ 520-237-5824 © 928-358-1233 (h) oldgobbler@flash.net I could not figure out if he is on this site.
  8. Big Tub

    Unit 1 & 2 Bull Elk Deperdation Hunt

    Many of the areas have multiple houses within the 1/4 mile. I would want permission on that 26Bar ranch!
  9. Big Tub

    Casket for my Father in law

    Can I get a cardboard one?
  10. Big Tub

    Go Get 'Em

    That second one is not going to have much meat!
  11. Big Tub

    Unit 1 & 2 Bull Elk Deperdation Hunt

    My son and I were watching the huge cow herd up in Eagar a couple weeks ago and another truck pulled up and asked us "do you have the other tags?" They explained that there were depredation hunts every week after June 1, 5 tags each week. I had noticed all the elk were getting more and more skittish with time and the depredations hunts explained that. All the elk had moved out of the bottom where the road crosses the Milligan Ditch over to the 26-Bar Ranch (Hopi/John Wayne Ranch) where there was obviously no hunting. Those elk really learned fast as to where to hang out. I suspect the success rate on these hunts is really low considering the spooky elk and the difficulty accommodating the 1/4 mile rule. This last weekend, the huge herd but was with the ~200+ cows and calves.
  12. Big Tub

    Another Darwin Candidate

    Here, hold my beer!
  13. There are still a few around my feeder but I think most have gone. The feeder would not last a few hours when they were here in force. I still had food left from yesterday this morning. They are pigs of the sky!
  14. Big Tub

    2011 Ford Escape

    no tow hitch and cockeyed pics? somebody pull his man card!
  15. Big Tub

    Eat your hearts out elk tag holders

  16. I might help with that ... location?
  17. Big Tub

    Youth shotgun

    Long ago I got my young kids a super small 20 ga single shot Savage. It was just beyond legal length cut off barrel and with a short stock - perfect for handling by an 8 to 11 yr old. PROBLEM: with full power loads, it kicked like a mule. I got a 20 ga reloader and loaded up a box or two minimum loads and it worked really well for a training gun but the shots could only be 10-15 yards with no choke. Note this gun is only good for about 2 years. Those kids grow but more importantly, they want the 3 shots volley availability!. Awh those were the days.
  18. Big Tub

    New Mexico desert sheep

    The desert sheep in Arizona are in Unit 28. No one knows the area better (both sides of the border) that the guides for Double H Outfitters and specifically Matt Holcomb. https://www.facebook.com/pg/Double-H-Outfitters-Arizona-262297363806994/about/
  19. Big Tub

    300 Win Mag 180gr Ballistic Silvertip

    you gonna show us a pic and pattern for the new rifle????
  20. Big Tub

    Lee's Ferry Walk In Question

    You boys seem to imply it is not dangerously cold. t becomes very dangerous in water temperatures between 50 and 60 degrees. You lose the ability to control breathing in this temperature range, according to the National Center for Cold Water Safety. ... In addition, depending on the water temperature, you can lose the ability to use your hands in one minute.May 3, 2018 https://weather.com/science/weather-explainers/news/2018-05-03-dangerous-early-season-cold-water