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  1. 1 80 quart new=$300 1 40 quart used couple times=$250 Cash or trades. Smaller trades like pistols or scope. Need to downsize! The coolers are great BUT i drive a SUV and coolers that are just rectangle work best for me for space. The polar caps have roto molded handles and rope handles but the roto molded handles take up extra space i can't afford to lose. These coolers have a pressure release valve which comes in handy if you partially drain and forget to open lid. No biggy if they don't sell but i figure with trades offered it might help someone get into some nice gear. I like S&W Shields but that is about all i can come up with right now so just shoot me pm if interested. Cash also works veey nicely. Thanks
  2. Why can't that baby say "The Hoghntr" rather then The Huntress? Super sweet 7-08 my favorite. 👍👍👍 good luck
  3. hoghntr


  4. hoghntr


    Dimensions and location Thx
  5. hoghntr

    Free Slayer ticket - gone

    Ya'll know it sucks living here right and we (most) envy those who live out of this heck.😢 i can't handle anymore summers... I need tall trees-shade-coffee on the porch!
  6. 15's used on 1 hunt 2x 10's in great shape Both HD, 15's obviously newer model Awesome glass. $1200 no trades. 15's $720 no trades 10's. Possibly 2 pairs available. Outdoorsman's studs not included
  7. hoghntr

    clay thrower

    I will buy and share custody!
  8. hoghntr

    clay thrower

    I will take it. I can get over there within next few days. Sending pm
  9. hoghntr

    Remington Model 600 243 reduced-price

    Dang i kinda wanna buy it just to see if those Peters still go "BANG"
  10. hoghntr

    Diamond atomic youth bow

    If for any reason it doesn't work i will take it for the up and coming shooter Btw you cannot rcv messages. Message box probably full.
  11. hoghntr

    clay thrower

    I am interested, where do you live?
  12. I did a full rebuild on mine with burners and ceramics etc etc bought off ebay. 👍 very small investment compared to buying new.