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  1. hoghntr


    Most of what you mention guys are probably just bored and being stupid or maybe even trying for humor.. I know the price checker type that are pulling quotes from 10 years ago or out of stock items are always a blast. No work and little to kill right now so what to do?? They be like- Oh I know what I should do💡 go say useless crap on someone's classified ad. Mike
  2. hoghntr

    Swarovski 15s

    If my daughter had not gone and eloped on me these were gonna be mine.. that lil chit!!! Gonna be some gift costs very soon but these are still tempting! Great price on some awesome glass! What year were they I forgot?
  3. Nope just sick of this P.O.S. 🤷‍♂️ super interested in knowing if I can install a home based missile launcher at my place 🤔 Man to just be able to push that button and eliminate a piece of toxic waste. 🤗 God may still love him but sorry I have lost my care where he ends up, in a billion pieces from my future missile system would be acceptable to me.
  4. hoghntr


    Matt just curious how would you react if some asshat you have never met decided to post a rifle and call your mother a whore while doing so? Serious question. Would you ignore him? Call him out since his whole problem with you is that you called out his racist comment? Would you just laugh about it and allow him to keep doing it? I know you are a family man so really how about if his firearm post contained comments about your wife or kids? Dirtyharry does not belong on coueswhitetail.com he is just a bottom feeder. The part i really think is interesting is all the guys on here that I know that don't just tell him to shut up. All the folks i have bought stuff from like you multiple times now. Also funny how many little tough guys on here have no problem throwing the word snowflake around on here! I truly believe for the most partit is simply because they have never truly had the honor of feeling great pain inflicted upon them so their lips are as loose as their backsides. Mike
  5. Sounds like being bad judge of character and a lack of clarification prior to your sale might just be a problem you have. You don't like a guy who asks questions about a firearm you just want a "I will take it" so I think your reply to the original guy who wanted to buy this rifle explains your issue in depth. You just don't really give a shoot you just want that payday. Wisdom seems to be 1 of the things you positively lack.
  6. Again so classy. How lonely must 1 be to go to this extreme? Do you need a pet or a cat to kick or what maybe something to mutilate? I mean to sit around and call a strangers mother a whore or a prostitute something must mentally be wrong with you. Are you positive you are a legal firearm owner? I mean you do sell them cheap and very fast so 🤔 are you getting them from those neighbors you don't like? You worry me dirtyharry! It really seems like some sort of intervention by the police, a elderly woman (since you seem to have a fascination with them) or maybe some of those "Chollos" you speak so highly of might be needed. Or do you just need a teddy bear? I could send 1 of my kids stuffed toys to you if it will help comfort you.? You name it man I will try and see if it can be done but sorry my mom does not work in neighborhoods like yours. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Sometimes I wonder if he actually has a item for sale or if he is just trying to get me to want it so he can say no. Notice he commented right away about me having 1 very similar.. strange dude I personally would not trust a firearm coming from this seller.
  8. Why yes a racist comment that went on and on is what started this and I think that was handled yes? Do you need to continue to be a idiot or can you manage to control the urges? I have yet to meet a person face to face from here for a sale or purchase and have any sort of issue with them. Actually probably 2/3rds of the guys I talk hunting, fishing and family with are good guys I met on this site. The only guys on this site I have problems with are a few that I have never met in person. People like you that seem so lonely you need to try and irritate a guy you don't even know with a idiotic comment made in a sale post?? Strange stuff
  9. I just can't get over what a freaking loser you are. A absolute stain on the outdoors community. I have never met you yet you insist on making comments most would normally save for your friends while drunk. Why don't you keep your drunken stupid comments for your lovers or friends if you have any. Thanks
  10. hoghntr

    Swarovski 10x42 EL FieldPro Edition

    Curious What the heck does "roller ball effect of field flattening lenses? Mean? Never heard of this. My 10x50 are amazing!
  11. hoghntr


    Man I swear that is same as my old archery tackle box! That is funny
  12. Will do. Luckily I don't have leaks but I am smart enough to know if houses around me leaking then it is time! + I got a good look at neighbors roofing paper on their house that burned when they pulled tiles.. in a unburned area
  13. Incase anyone looking for something to distract kids while they work from another room
  14. hoghntr

    Props to Bushnell Customer Service

    I have some Forge binocs and they are really nice so how is that scope?