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  1. hoghntr

    Badlands 2200 pack

    Ahhhh tuna will get'm for sure & sardines. I know couple old timers that used sterno and sardines and few that have been suprised while eating sardines. L.O.L. Gr8 price. I told somebody on f.b. looking to come this way and check this out. Good luck with sale
  2. hoghntr

    Bushnell tac ops Rifle scope

  3. hoghntr

    vortex 10x42 fury hd

    I have only looked thru a pair once but was quite impressed. I was at Outddorsman and looked across lake in ftn hills at someone and a dog and,it was almost like they had image stablizer in them because of extra weight. Ranger seemed to work great
  4. hoghntr

    Swarovski 8x32EL

    Perfect chest glass! I still use my older slc 8x30 can't imagine how sweet these are. I know i checked out new 8x42 and had to run out of store.
  5. hoghntr

    Bushnell Forge Binoculars suprisingly nice!

    Ok fair enough.πŸ‘ Thanks for the honesty but please remember who took it sideways 1st to get the laughs/attention.
  6. hoghntr

    Bushnell Forge Binoculars suprisingly nice!

    Asked about some binocs and all the attention seeking wolves came out of hiding.
  7. hoghntr

    Bushnell Forge Binoculars suprisingly nice!

    Cuz i don't care at all what those who just seek attention have to say. Either talk about the topic or ignore it pretty simple. Few guys on here just really need attention i assume lacking it elsewhere. You and trphyhntr have came in with absolutely nothing to say good or bad just seek attention. Strange behavior and like a pack of dogs others start to jump in to get some. So do you have a pair of Bushnell Forge? Have you looked thru a pair or also just seeking attention?
  8. hoghntr

    Bushnell Forge Binoculars suprisingly nice!

    Ok anybody else have relevant input? Anybody own them? It is ok, i am sure more guys on coueswhitetail.com do not own all swarovski then do. And Amanda you really need to make it so that the ignore option blocks ignored people from commenting on the post of the person who chose to ignore them πŸ‘ we choose to block people for a reason.
  9. hoghntr

    Bushnell Forge Binoculars suprisingly nice!

    Always gonna be a couple guys that think our blood would quit pumping without their input.
  10. hoghntr

    Badlands 2200 pack

    What kinda snacks did the bear like? Asking for a friend.
  11. hoghntr

    Bushnell Forge Binoculars suprisingly nice!

    Ha ha but they did come out with 15x56 i was shocked to see that. I have the 8x42 and they are nice but i highly doubt 15's are worth a look but who knows.