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  1. Please pray for a successful surgery and the answers to some pain questions. Unfortunately while working this hip up we learned it is about time the other is done so this 1 just has to work! I have done everything you could imagine to treat the thigh pain and weakness and now we have circled back to where it all started yet again my necrosis and hip replacements and nerve damage etc etc. I just wanna be able to play with my kids and bend down without agonizing pain in my leg. Honestly at this point I just don't care about hunting and hiking I just wanna be able to bend and play with my youngest child. Lord please guide the gifted hands of my surgeon and allow him to restore my leg to me. Please God heal my bones and relieve my pain and all that goes along with that. Please restore my body so my mind can focus more on You and your will for me. AMEN
  2. hoghntr

    Back surgery is here so prayers welcomed :)

    I just saw this thank you. Getting ready to post another prayer request for another surgery in a few hours. 😕
  3. Up I want them to find new homes. As noted above I just removed them, both work! I don't want them to sit and get warped and also do not want them to have to be stores, trust me I have no room for them. If no interest that is fine I will post elsewhere and someone will come get them to sell I imagine. 😕 they are both super nice looking and in great condition
  4. Was this one bought as a pkg deal with the Venom or it was put on after? I started looking and noticed some pkg deals came with the Venom. Just curious... pretty nice looking pistol
  5. hoghntr

    Remington 6mm & Reloading Supplies

    I would also keep it. Then again it would get along with my 788's.
  6. hoghntr

    15x56 HD Cabelas Euro / MEOPTA

    $1200 is as low as I can go. They are really nice and I may want some 12x50el but not by having a fire sale. They are definitely worth the $1200 and were even worth the $1600+ I spent on them.
  7. hoghntr

    15x56 HD Cabelas Euro / MEOPTA

    Ttt for the tag holders
  8. Yes the only screws missing here would be for the mounting brackets cuz they were used on the new mounts. Someone should have the screws in whatever mount they already have up. **& btw these came off yesterday 6-27-20 (heck 1 at midnight 😔) so they have not been sitting in a Phx garage on the ground with 2 blades getting warped. 👍 :) I know exactly what you mean. The boys baseball fan. It has a home plate that gets glued to ceiling. Mounting plate also included with this one
  9. Doesn't match my decor. 🤷‍♂️ But free for anybody who wants to girly up their baby girls room. Also I wanna give guys here a quick chance before I post on marketplace or craigslist etc... I have surgery (was rescheduled for this Monday) so this will be off my couch by tomorrow. I also have a boys baseball bat and glove fan coming down tonight and I believe I will he giving it away also. I always have a list I want accomplished before I am down for months.
  10. Ok I finally took down the girly girl ceiling fan and replaced with a manly white fan for my 3 year old boy. the fan had a few squeaks but was still running good. I don't remember the brand but my daughter is now married so it is the brand that seems to run forever. Fan is roughly 44" and has butterfly's on the pull chains. 👉I cannot charge anything for it cuz we got our $ worth. I am by no means a electrician and I can hook up and hang ceiling fans as long as pre wired This one is the easy kind also, once the black piece is mounted the fan hangs in it while you connect wires. Easy peasy! North Phoenix pick up.
  11. hoghntr

    New Job Opening!

    Well CNN can suck it! If schools stay closed we will homeschool our kids and never let them go back.. really what are they learning anyways? Sorry you good teachers but for the most part "F" is the grade I give most public school teachers trying to flip our kids.
  12. hoghntr

    WTB Tom Turkey for my 2 lonely hens

    My sis had all her chickens wiped out recently by dang bobcat.. had to do some serious cage reinforcements. She now has turkeys also. Think she is returning to how we grew up: she has dozen+ horses + breeds them cuz (fancy show horses), 2 pigs, chickens, turkeys, think still has goats, sheep, I am holding a tortoise for her till it is bigger so probably 5 more dang years... The thing is when I was a kid we raised beef and pork also chickens and turkeys for food and eggs from birds and showed horses and our big floppy eared goats I think were just there to kick my a**. Today she only eats the dang eggs from chickens everything else gets to live 🤷‍♂️ but I have to take game meat and striped bass over for dinner so something wrong with this picture... Good luck with the turkey search!
  13. hoghntr

    Where's the Beef? Here! FS

    I was gonna say how many quarters this dude have? 🤣 now if he had 2 heads and some extra legs sticking outta his back 🤔
  14. hoghntr


    Dang you joined 3 hours ago to suggest people go to your website to purchase cookware rather than this guys post you spammed?? 😂🤡🤡🤡
  15. hoghntr

    15x56 HD Cabelas Euro / MEOPTA

    Let's go i wanna put $ toward some Swarovski 12x50 el field pro