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  1. hoghntr

    Looking for work

    I will find out tomorrow if my next surgery is on if so I probably missed my opening to get'r done before it gets cold and I wont lay rolled roofing when it is cold. I had hunts then son had hunts now wife then i go straight into surgery so... 🤦‍♂️ I really didnt realize how close wifes hunt is to sons so I may have messed up posting above mssg and might have to make sure roof still dried in good and wait till couple surgeries out of way and healed then before hot hot. 👍 I will call you. Sorry man I gotta be part of the action up there my patio is my baby!
  2. hoghntr

    tc conteder super14 .223 *price droped*

    Dang man and we all just put in for piggys. Why does everybody wanna sell stuff I want when I really shouldn't be buying! Gas is expensive and butchers are also...
  3. hoghntr


    Ok Tony be honest what is it like trying to hold into that lil beast? I had a 40 for 1 day 🤣 I might be interested.
  4. hoghntr

    Looking for work

    I was roofing patio when my achilles and back said no more about a year ago so maybe as a team we could finish it up. I dried it in but last row where I gotta pull tiles has just been sitting waiting for me to get healthy and not sure the roof can wait that long. Materials already waiting. Glue down rolled roofing on wrap around patio I built back when I could 👍 N phx
  5. It does look like a hog thumping machine!!! 😃
  6. hoghntr

    6.5 Creedmoor

  7. I did a trade like this, my 15x swaro hd for 10x50 el field pro and just finally put them on tripod last night HOLY SMOKES AMAZING! I will get more 15x swaro HD 1 day but for now I am absolutely blown away with how amazing this glass is. Honestly now I understand how many guys turned in their 15's for 12x50el. Good luck someone will be happy!
  8. hoghntr

    Done. Close please

    I know a few 22-250 deer options out there but not many actually in retail stores. I was just shooting for sticking with the cheaper of the options. I did find another option but was just trying to save some $ + they have rebate right now. 👍
  9. hoghntr

    Done. Close please

    Close please. Thx
  10. hoghntr

    6.5 Creedmoor

    Stilllllllllll have her!
  11. 1000 or 1500 Ranger? Picture is of a 1500
  12. hoghntr

    12x50 Meopta non-hd

    I was just training my 10yr old on some HD 12x50 today on some piggies at last light so no shot but think he claimed the binocs and my tripod. 👍 he wasnt sure he wanted to hunt till he had a tag and till he hit 1st bullseye with his new 22-250 then he got buck fever when I said "pigs" L.O.L. now he is hooked that quick ❤🎯💪👍
  13. hoghntr

    Uberti 45 colt SAA

    And i think I have 3 boxes brass someone never picked up from me that Cactusjack was giving away to them ( i picked up from Steve for them like 2 years ago) so the brass can go with this gun but I am in N. Phx With this sale/trade 1st if they dont want someone else can claim