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  1. hoghntr

    Back surgery is here so prayers welcomed :)

    Not going very well. Still in hospital because of some pretty sever stomach issues.. then suddenly I could pee so after about 24 hours of that I finally got a quick ultrasound and then a emergency fluid extraction OUCH. Liquids back on track but still very severe stomach pain I think all me because each step was taken a day or 2 later than they should have and all kind of at once so now belly is just a painful mess. Seriously pray for me this has been the worse ever surgery and stay at a hospital ever!!! I am being transferred to a therapy rehab hospital probably today. 🙏
  2. hoghntr

    For sale AR-15 Pistol

    Dave always has the cool toys! Bump for a beauty. 👍
  3. hoghntr

    Back surgery is here so prayers welcomed :)

    Thanks and Wow back surgery SUCKS.
  4. I am excited for the outcome and anticipating good things but not looking forward to all that happens in between ya know. My leg pain is just something fearce so I Pray this helps and gets me in a better place. I would love to be able to walk around a zoo or Disneyland with kids without having to fall out and sit out the day from leg pain. I have had near nonstop leg weakness and pain for so long I forget. Please pray for my recovery and for my family especially my wife who is having to deal with my constant surgeries and manage our children on her own. Got some new batteries in those toys I bought on here from Myrights as and made sure to get some fun time in today before having to be worked on tomorrow am. My silly wife even got in on the john deere race 😂
  5. hoghntr

    Son broke his femur

    Oh man that is horrible. I pray he is healing up good and all will be A-ok. 🙏 Have had mine drilled on and cut and tapped and screwed etc but I am old and broken so just can't imagine a lil guy having to deal with this.
  6. hoghntr

    243wssm winchester ammo for sale

    Which did you have 95 gr ballistic tip or 100 gr power point?
  7. hoghntr

    WTS Vortex UHD 18x56 (New)

    Good glass so surprised nobody has at least asked where you are located.
  8. Fyi folks he has already offered me any future pack out help and gave a phone number.. lives 10 minutes from me and seems to be just as cool as many guys on here who have gone out of there way to offer help to a fellow hunter. I think you will fit in quite well here. Good luck with the piggys this weekend and post success pics in the javelina hunt section of forum. 👍 And good luck on rifle sale. Mike
  9. I figured you were judging by your username I just thought I'd ask it would help ease the tension the post lol where are you located? I'm not intrested in buying I'm just helping you out clearly it sounds like you live somewhere cooler than I do in Arizona... 🌲🌲🌲
  10. hoghntr

    Carpet Installation & Repair

    Mssg sent
  11. You are in Az and totally willing to meet face to face with buyer correct.? Then it sounds like you want ffl transfer of ownership.. ? Thanks
  12. hoghntr

    Good Guy Buyer List

    Flagdh good to go!
  13. A 80 incher in my bedroom and every show I would be watching like a tennis match 🤣