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  1. hoghntr

    Long Shot.. but... Boat?

    I want in!
  2. hoghntr

    two tone Rolex Daytona

    Not sure what is more strange! The fact that It took 13 posts for someone to acknowledge it is a 6 year old post Or that I am still trying to decipher what the 1st of 13 meant 🤔
  3. I was gonna guess that but I have not had any diamondbacks up to my eyes in quite some time. Thanks for the input 👍
  4. Honestly I don't know bud, I have not tried the newest Diamondbacks. I think these compare pretty well to the bx-3 Mojave I had prior to HD but these have a dang chest harness also and cost less. 🤷‍♂️ Someone told me they are bx-2 but I don't know that to be true. Little heavier than the open bridge models of course. But again crazy nice glass for the $$$. I might sell a pair without a chest harness and keep the harness and those bx-3 hd mojave for Alton he seems to really like them. 😂 Of course he looks thru them the wrong direction but hey he is 3 ❤
  5. hoghntr

    Remington Baikal spr 453 12g

    If it was not for 1 good friend in Wilcox area and a Dairy Queen across from Picacho peak to get a Mud Pie blizzard at on the way I would never go there at all 🤷‍♂️ 😂 ya gotta find the perks.
  6. $120 local N.Phx $135 shipped, if shipped.must pay paypal friends & family.
  7. hoghntr

    Laminate stock for Tikka T3 or T3x

    Next if something does not work out. Thanks
  8. hoghntr

    Sold. Samurai

    Replied to you. I looked him up and it did sell.
  9. hoghntr

    Whitetail Unlimited jacket

    Good looking coat! And my size...
  10. hoghntr

    Vortex Vulture hd 15x56

    Best 15 power bang for your 4 bills
  11. Very Nice! I met a guy years back that carried 1 while ducking thru a fence in Flagstaff many years earlier and the wire grabbed the hammer and dropped it has he crossed to the other side. The bullet traveled down thru the top of his knee and all the way thru lower leg and out the bottom of his foot. Luckily he had a doc in Flag that had just left Viet Nam battlefield and was possibly the only doc around at that time that could have saved his leg. Definitely carry on empty chamber or send in. 👍
  12. hoghntr

    Leupold bx-3 pro guide HD 10x42

    They are the same kind I had on that pig hunt that you used. Black not camo. Pics headed your way
  13. hoghntr

    300 win mag ammunition

  14. hoghntr

    Leupold bx-3 pro guide HD 10x42