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  1. sherman

    Looking for recommendations

    So my oldest son will be 10 next year and has said he would like to start hunting. I have a gun for him and have not considered what scope. I am thinking a 3-9 or 4-12. I run Leopold scopes on most of my stuff and I am kinda leaning that way but he is young and will probably be more clumsy so then vortex enters my head. What would you do or what have you done. Thanks Dustin
  2. sherman

    Hunter safety

    Ok cool my number hasn't changed
  3. sherman

    Hunter safety

    Does anyone know if there are any classes in Benson, Willcox, or even Sierra Vista from now up to February. Or where I can find an online class with a field day
  4. sherman

    Wyoming antelope help

    I will later this week
  5. sherman

    Wyoming antelope help

    So my pops is 72 this year I suggested that maybe we look outside of Arizona if he really wants to hunt antelope. Wyoming is on his bucket list as well. Who could possibly give me some advice on the draw and so on thanks
  6. sherman

    Wtb 7-08 brass

    I have some new Hornaday brass let me see how much and what would be fair value
  7. sherman

    Anyone looking for an uzi 👀

    I know what you saying my dad got a good deal on it with the purchase of the other guns and he set the price. And told me he didn't want to move off of that.
  8. sherman

    Anyone looking for an uzi 👀

    I have it sold pending meeting
  9. So my uncle passed away last year and my aunt wanted all the guns gone so my dad bought them. He really doesn't have a use or need for this gun it was originally purchased in 1986 and has 220 rounds of ammo with it. My dad has looked online and they are going for about $2000 he is looking for $1600 or will trade. This is a first generation
  10. sherman

    Crispi Nevada Non-insulated 11

    Do they fit like a true 11 and are they wide
  11. sherman


    I thought you where looking for bullets only now I read the post again you want want ammo
  12. sherman


    Let me look tonight as well
  13. sherman

    Remington 700 trigger

    I am willing to pay shipping if that works for you it is kinda put of commission until the trigger is replaced a pm in bound
  14. sherman

    Remington 700 trigger

    Does anyone have a take off with the grooved trigger or an aftermarket trigger they would like to sale or trade for send me a pm thanks Dustin
  15. sherman

    Pray for me, my wife is already with god.

    I can only imagine. I have lost friends and I still miss them. I will pray for you. You offered me help if I needed it when I was going through some shoot and I am letting you know if you need something you have my number