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  1. I live in Benson and if you're looking for someone to hunting with you we could probably work something out let me know
  2. sherman

    WTS: Clearing out a few things

    Any 700 la bdl fiberglass stocks
  3. sherman

    Remington 700 LSS - .300 RUM

    Any trades
  4. sherman

    Looking to trade a few guns.

    What are you looking for
  5. sherman

    First time

    After a few years I got a tag for spring turkey any pointers
  6. Ruger m77 all weather
  7. sherman

    They are hitting cards

    Javelina and turkey
  8. sherman

    Euro mount

    I used hair peroxide and let it sit for 5 hours
  9. sherman

    WTB - Looking for 15x56 binos

    Imo looking through cheaper 15's suck and they where $500 I would suggest looking at 12's around that price point
  10. sherman

    Looking for some 7828 ssc

    So I don't have a full pound I must have tried it at some point
  11. sherman

    Looking for some 7828 ssc

    I think I may have a pound let me check tonight and I will let you know tomorrow
  12. sherman

    243 wssm brass

    I have a few hundred new unfired brass if anyone is in need $50 per bag of 50
  13. sherman

    Pop-up tent

    Thanks for the insight
  14. sherman

    Pop-up tent

    Pop-up tent trailer what are thoughts on this as a beginner trailer.
  15. sherman

    222 Rem Brass

    I may have some if you give me a day to look I will let you know. You pay shipping