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  1. sherman

    Sad news- Hoghunter

    When I talked to Mike his account was only hit for a Jr javalina tag
  2. sherman

    Granite Mountain Hotshots.....

    Very sad my brother in law is a firefighter and does wildland and he had worked a few fires with that crew. Our flags are half staff today
  3. sherman

    Sad news- Hoghunter

    LiMike was someone I am proud to have called a friend and family he truly would have given what ever he could to anyone. He ruffled some feathers but he was a good friend to me. I know your in the kingdom of God waiting for us all to join him
  4. sherman

    Look for advice on boots

    Thanks guys and thanks for the link
  5. sherman

    Look for advice on boots

    I am looking for advice on a new pair of boots. I have been running Danner Pronghorn boots but for some reason my foot has grown at 40 years old. I have been looking at the newer style pronghorns and a pair of schee's I would like a 6" and around $200. Let me know what has worked the best for you all
  6. How do they compare to the dimondback 10x42
  7. sherman

    Leupold bx-3 pro guide HD 10x42

    Text pictures please
  8. sherman

    Wanted - 25-06 for my son and daughters

    I hope you find a 25-06 imho it is one of the better deer and down rounds. I have only ever ran my hand loads in it and sometimes it kicked when I tried to push them faster I just installed a nice recoil pad and am waiting for my scope to get back from leupold so I can see if it is tamed. When my daughter thought she wanted to hunt that is what I picked up for her and would do it again. Good luck finding one
  9. sherman

    Stock exchange

    Looking to trade for a standard barrel contour and haven't looked at what it may be worth cash wise but you can make an offer I feel it is worth like 250 just seeing ones like it go from this site
  10. sherman

    Recommendations on riding mower.

    I have a toy built at work and the rocks have messed it up big time
  11. sherman

    Stock exchange

    Yes it is a long action
  12. sherman

    Stock exchange

  13. sherman

    ISO someone who works with leather

    Ok I will look
  14. Hoping to find someone who can make a leather sheath for a knife I made let me know
  15. sherman

    Stock exchange