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  1. sherman

    WTB Heavy 6mm Bullets

    I have like 80 105 gr Berger bullets I don't need
  2. sherman

    Leer Camper Shell

    Dang I measured my bed and it is not a 6'5" bed
  3. sherman

    Leer Camper Shell

    Where are you located
  4. sherman

    Rem 870 express magnum 12ga $220

    Pm sent
  5. Wanting to get a shell thought I would look here first. I have an 08 Silverado short bed if you have one you would like to get rid of let me know via pm let's try to make a deal
  6. sherman


    Mike just give it to me I will keep it safe for you
  7. sherman

    So I know some ladies

    I can help you out if needed
  8. sherman

    If you could design your own?

    A large case stockman or a case 2 blade Hunter. Them are the only 2 knives I vary if it was just one it would be the stockman
  9. sherman

    A season for the books

    Awesome kids having fun away from in the woods is a good time.
  10. sherman

    A season for the books

    I agree 100% I still like to go on adventures with my dad and step dad. You never get to old for that
  11. sherman

    A season for the books

    When I found out what tag I had drawn I had high hopes but never expected it to turn out like it did. But it was fun and spent good time with good people. The first day I was solo and had help on the way well kinda my friend Mike came to help glass. First day I had glassed up 9 doe that night Mike and I set up camp and first light had us picking up multiple doe and fawn that afternoon Mike found 5 bucks at 946 yards just before dark. We made a few different plans for the morning. As the sun came up we started to find deer but not the bucks from the night before but we did find a buck but I decided not to go after him because it was a small 2x2. We glassed for the next few days in the morning and then trying to fill our crane tags in the afternoon with no success. Mike went home and I did the same do to getting a second job and had a few things to do for it. Well that was all done by 10 am and I was back in the hills. Within 10 min I had a buck glassed up and he gave me the slip. The next day me and my dad go out (at 68 I am glad he still gets out and hunts his butt off) it starts to snow on us and not 2 days ago we had t shirts on We manage to get him on a buck and it just didn't work out. I get home and I happen to read 1uglydude post and that made me think and lead me to ask my kids if they would like to go camping I only get them on the weekends and they where over the moon excited to go so I spent Sat and Sun with them in the field enjoying the time we have on this earth together Did I kill a deer no did I enjoy my time with friends and family yes was I successfull I say yes in 10 days we glassed up close to 100 deer and about 10 where bucks I wouldn't never change my time with my kids for anything in the world thank God we all are happy and healthy and pray for those who may not be.
  12. sherman

    ISO a panhead

  13. sherman

    ISO a panhead

    is there any way you can text me pictures at 520 686 0838 please
  14. sherman

    ISO a panhead

    I am looking for a panhead for a new tripod I got it has the 3/8 m/f on the connection (couldn't talk my buddy out of his) pm me what you have to sale and we can work a deal out thanks