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  1. sherman

    Good weekend!

    I am glad you found some happiness but where was the invite I live like 5 minutes away
  2. sherman

    Badlands super day pack - free to a youth hunter

    My son would love to have this for his first deer hunt
  3. sherman

    WTB 25-06 brass

    If you would ship I would be interested
  4. sherman

    Brittany pups

    I know but I keep having kids lol
  5. sherman

    Brittany pups

    Still wishing for one day
  6. sherman

    RCBS JR3

    I will take it if you can hold until Saturday
  7. sherman

    Anyone know what this is

    So my question is was this like a pin for planning at a calling event
  8. sherman

    Anyone know what this is

    So going through my grandpa's stuff and found 2 of these pins. I know what he said they where for but he did tend to tell stories any information would be nice thanks
  9. sherman

    New Meopta 15x56 B1 Plus SOLD

    I hope you have these in a few weeks
  10. sherman

    Items For Sale

    Where are you located
  11. sherman

    We got a new hunter

    I don't but the had it capped at 25 and opened it to like 33. I got an email saying the class opened maybe look on the website and see
  12. sherman

    We got a new hunter

    Crap I didn't think to let you know it was in Willcox
  13. sherman

    We got a new hunter

    We had a cwt meet up and didn't know it
  14. sherman

    We got a new hunter

    I liked the name hunter but his real name that his mom gave him is Coues Hunter. Yes she herself hunts even after our divorce