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  1. sherman

    Bullets fs/ft all are spf

    All are spf
  2. sherman

    Bullets fs/ft all are spf

    I had these from a 7mm08 and a 7mm rem mag I had before a divorce figured one day I would have them again and with the crazy bullet shortage I would see if anyone could use these. I am not looking to get rid of these for 25% of what was paid thanks
  3. sherman

    Bullets fs/ft all are spf

    Ask and I will give you a price
  4. sherman

    Bullets fs/ft all are spf

    I am cleaning my relocating cabinet getting ready to move was going to hold on to those just incase I ever got a 7mm again but that is a no go for now some are open most are in a unopened box to much to list prices so ask or pm me thank you I have seconds and thirds on some that are left if any of them don't go and no one is in line I will repost.
  5. I live in cochise and I can say I have seen more cranes early this year. Good luck with the hunts
  6. sherman

    Who hear is a leader/boss?

    100% you cant lead from the back
  7. sherman

    Who hear is a leader/boss?

    Set the bar right off the bat don't think your being a good boss by working up to what you expect. Set it higher then you want. Be willing to help. When I was 23 I ran a finish carpentry crew some guys had been in the trade longer then i had been alive i gave respect when needed and chewed their butt when needed I would help in anyway I could. Let them know you would never ask them to do something you can't do or haven't already done. But there is a reason your job has promoted to that job. Keep a good head and you will do good
  8. Has anyone ever tried calling in raccoons in during the day. I have a electric call with raccoon sounds and I know where some run between home and food.
  9. sherman


    Have you used meopta 15x56
  10. sherman


    Thanks I have now switched to looking at meaopta 12x50 I already ware glasses but remove them when I glass maybe I shouldn't but the leupold has always sparked my interest
  11. sherman


    I am looking to add some higher end binoculars to my gear and since my buddy that was a binocular nerd passed away. I am looking for suggestions. I have about $1500 otd to spend I have been wanting the leupold bx5 15x56 but don't want to be disappointed. Does anyone have those. Tia
  12. sherman

    Remington 700 and Glock

    What would you consider as for trade for the 223
  13. sherman

    Reloading brass, bullets fs/ft

    I believe they are sst I live in the benson area
  14. I have some reloading items I no longer need 10 bags of 50 new Winchester 243 wssm brass $30 each 2 new packages of 50 hornady 260 rem $40 each 2 boxes of 100 123 gr hornady 6.5 bullets I also have a bunch of 7mm bullets all 150 gr and up. I don't have a list at work but will update this afternoon when I get home thanks
  15. sherman

    Sad news- Hoghunter

    When I talked to Mike his account was only hit for a Jr javalina tag