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  1. Cherokee95


    I bought them in 04 and on 01/15/21 the factory went thru them completely have receipt
  2. Cherokee95


    I dont no what the field pros are what is the difference EL and the field pros
  3. Cherokee95


    I have a some EL 10x42 that I would like to trade and some cash for your 12x50 if interested call me at 928-965-2218
  4. Cherokee95


  5. Cherokee95

    Bushmaster AR-15 Mod XM-E2S only used it one time.

    GO buy me 5 of them and I will pay you Cash or Shut up
  6. Cherokee95

    Hornaday A-max 6mm 105gr

    I would like to sale some Hornady A-Max 6mm 105gr
  7. Cherokee95

    Bushmaster AR-15 (XM15-E2S)

    Not yet, but no hurry
  8. Cherokee95

    Bushmaster AR-15 (XM15-E2S)

    Thank You
  9. Cherokee95

    Bushmaster AR-15 (XM15-E2S)

    I want to thank the Member who call me and help me on my post.
  10. Cherokee95