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    Payment pending
  3. BowNut


    East Mesa. 202 and University
  4. BowNut


    Coyote Brown Large Marsupial bino harness and rangefinder pouch. $75 for both. Prefer not to separate Thanks.
  5. BowNut


    Price dropped.
  6. BowNut


    Does not have a size on it. Think the new one is one size fits most. The lid is attached with small bungees and elastic strap so it stretches to fit taller binos. It came with the Razor 12×50 UHD if that helps.
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  8. BowNut


    Just got a set of Vortex binos in the mail. Came with their new bino harness that I just don't have a use for. They are pretty nice. Super soft material. Comes with Range finder/ bullet pouch. Would like $75. It is new never used.
  9. BowNut

    A Worthless Waste of Hunting Gear

    Man Coues120 you dug this up from the CW archives! LoL
  10. BowNut

    Outfitters that guide in 24B?

    https://www.couesazguideservice.com/ These are your guys. They live, guide and hunt that unit. Could be an interesting hunt since over 100,000 acres of it just burned up.
  11. BowNut

    (Sold) Manfrotto Joystick Head

    Sold Payment Pending
  12. BowNut

    (Sold) Manfrotto Joystick Head

  13. Basically new $110 tyd. Can meet half way if you live in the valley. Shot very little. Runs $140 new.
  14. Manfrotto Joystick $75 obo
  15. BowNut

    SOLD CBE Torx

    $150 tyd