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  1. Just bought these from Bass Pro a few weeks ago for $180. They are like new. I would just take them back but I through away the packaging. Just went a different direction on my stabilizer set up. Asking $160
  2. BowNut

    Most Bizzarre Muley shed I have ever seen

    Now that's Awesome! Great find!
  3. BowNut

    When you’re upset you don’t draw

    Doesn't that have the deer hunts also? Can you post pics of them?
  4. BowNut

    Pack goats

    Anyone here use pack goats or know anyone that uses them. Still checking into if I can even have them where I live but would really like to raise a couple new hunting companions.
  5. BowNut

    My First Elk and First Archery Kill

    Congrats!! Great solo hunt on video!
  6. BowNut

    Bino Harness - looking for recommendations

    Any store here in the valley carry the Marsupial in stock?
  7. BowNut

    2018 Rut Predictions

    Definitely different from one unit to the next. My parents had a bull in velvet bungling in the front yard for about 30 min. in Strawberry last night.
  8. BowNut

    Manfrotto pistol Grip

  9. BowNut


    Trade? I was looking for something smaller and lighter.
  10. BowNut

    Low life Camera thiefs

    Probably started because the liberal hunter comment. I still don't understand why every time a camera comes up missing guys automatically come on here and accuse other hunters of taking them. I'm happy he came here to let us know but could have just left it at that. And also not threatening them. And we wonder why they want to ban trail camera.
  11. BowNut

    Low life Camera thiefs

    It's just abandoned property right? :-) :-)
  12. BowNut

    Manfrotto pistol Grip

    $80 obo Tripod not included.
  13. BowNut

    Early archery 27

    Definitely A3
  14. They are going to mine at oak flats. This is where they want to dump the tailings from that.
  15. I got this on my truck while in 24b today. Game and fish had told me about this last year while I was hunting. Had no idea it was such a huge area.