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  1. Noworries

    Goulds tags!

    23 Points got me another bonus point.
  2. Noworries

    Phone Skope iPhone 7plus

    I’ll take it. Touch base with you tomorrow to work out the details. Eric
  3. Noworries

    2001 Tacoma crewcab 4x4 with elocker $7200

    Is your Tacoma still available?
  4. Noworries

    21 Late December Bonus Point Pass

    Thank you. I thought that might be the case but with point creep and the 20% being 6 tags I wasn’t sure.
  5. Do you think 7 points would have put our application in the max point pass for hunt 1082? Got a card hit and this was our 2nd choice. Wondering if we even have a chance of drawing our first choice. Hope the draw season is treating everyone well.
  6. Noworries

    Lets get it started

    We drew either 12AW Late (1st Choice) or 21 Late December Coues (2nd Choice)!! Going to be a great time in the field with my dad either way!!
  7. Noworries

    Toy Hauler Storage Near Unit 1

    Thank you all for the advice and suggestions.
  8. Noworries

    Toy Hauler Storage Near Unit 1

    Anyone have suggestions on a good place to store a toy hauler near unit 1? Thought it might be better than towing it back and forth to the valley all summer for scouting trips and the archery hunt in September. Do you have any experience with Country storage in Eager or Alpine Village RV Park?
  9. Noworries

    Selling short Toy Hauler

    Thank you. I think my dad and his wife are coming to take a look at it this afternoon.
  10. Noworries

    Selling short Toy Hauler

    I am interested as well. What is the height from the floor to the bottom of the bed?
  11. Noworries

    T Lock vs Montec

    I used a Montec on a bull that was 30 yards slightly quartering away and raking a tree. Complete pass through and he died within 40 yards. I gave him some time and went to find my arrow. I found the arrow and from there could see him down and dead. Very little blood but fortunately didn't need it. That said I switched to viper tricks in January because of sharpness and accuracy. Interested to hear how your tests go.
  12. Noworries

    Glock Model 22 Second Generation $425

    Sold to Pete. Easy transaction thanks again Pete.
  13. Noworries

    Glock Model 22 Second Generation $425

    After doing some additional research it looks like I am a little overpriced. I'll drop to $375. Thanks for looking.
  14. Noworries

    Glock Model 22 Second Generation $425

    Picture added. Still have to find the box & manuals but I know I have them,
  15. Noworries

    WTB Glock 22/23/27

    Just posted one today before seeing your post. PM me if you are interested. http://www.coueswhitetail.com/forums/topic/38107-glock-model-22-second-generation-425/?hl=glock Thanks, Eric