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  1. Noworries

    favorite way to bow tune

    I bareshaft tune all the way out to 40. It’s hard to tell what the bare shaft is doing as far as entry angle in a bag target. Looks like it’s grouping very nicely for you. Broadhead tuning is always the final and most important tune for me since placing a Broadhead as accurately as possible is my #1 goal.
  2. Noworries


    Hello. I will take it. Text sent. Eric
  3. Noworries


    Hi. Where are you located? I am interested if it doesn’t work out with millerpe1327.
  4. Noworries

    Matthews 2020 VXR 31.5"

    Great deal with the rest and sight. Might help the sale if you list the current draw length and draw weight. Good luck with the sale.
  5. Noworries

    Nobody / anybody

    Unit 1 Archery Antelope for Dad & I. Took 17 points to make it happen.
  6. Noworries

    New Mexico apps in

    I ended up going the opposite direction and not putting in for NM because the AZ results didn’t come out yet. Mostly because I have a solid shot at a AZ Pronghorn tag. Good luck to everyone on both draws.
  7. Noworries

    Tick Tock

    My thought is that they are working to make sure it is iron clad 100% accurate. I think that is the only way forward and the cause of the delay. That way they can fully support the accuracy and only have to apologize for the delay. Delayed and inaccurate would be inexcusable.
  8. Noworries

    Hike to Hunt 2021

    I am shooting Hike to Hunt on Saturday the 17th. It will be my first time so no insight yet but I am looking forward to it. I may hit the Bowhunter happening on Sunday as well.
  9. Noworries

    Tick Tock

    Feeling good about my year with 15+Loyalty+Hunter Ed =17 for Antelope. I think that will put me in the max pool for a Unit 1 Archery tag. Good luck 🤞🏻
  10. Noworries

    Tommy Hogg bow sight

    Interested. Where are you located?
  11. Noworries

    Pissed off

    Unless I get drawn. Then it is 100%.
  12. Noworries

    Elk application not on record

    Update: Everything looks good in the Portal now. Some reassurance for sure. Now hoping 19 lope points = an archery tag. Good luck all.
  13. Noworries

    Elk application not on record

    Count me nervous as well. Confirmation numbers received and payment processed January 20. Nothing showing in my portal.
  14. Noworries


    Just finished Elk and Antelope Apps for myself and my father. Everything worked well and our license numbers automatically populated. Good luck with the draw.
  15. Noworries


    Congratulations!! Beautiful Ram!!