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  1. Noworries

    PointGuard Plus - Priority positioning?

    If I understand it correctly G&F is making less money on me. Deer, Elk, Sheep, Pronghorn, Turkey Pointguard $50. Pointguard Plus $25 covers them all. Maybe that’s now how it works but it’s how I understand it. This draw I paid $25 on my deer app and I now have Pointguard on all my apps for this cycle. I’m no math expert but that doesn’t come across as a money grab. The details of how it works do seem poorly communicated though.
  2. Noworries


  3. Noworries

    SOLD 7MM RUM 150 Gr Scirocco SOLD

  4. Noworries

    SOLD 7MM RUM 150 Gr Scirocco SOLD

    Price drop $70
  5. Noworries


    SPF to Gsanders pending meet up next weekend.
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    Mathews VXR 31.5 Right Handed - Ambush Riser and Limbs 70# - 30” Mods Bought new and serviced at AZ Archery Club. New servings/D loop and tuned 4/13/2022 296 FPS with 452 Grain Arrows Bare Bow $750. The only real wear is on the lower limb pocket (pictured) from the Engage limb legs. The grip is also a little rough so I will also include a like new set of Mathews Side Plates. Will also include QAD rest with full price offer. Engage Limb Legs Not Included With Sale Eric 480-282-0861
  9. Noworries

    SOLD 7MM RUM 150 Gr Scirocco SOLD

  10. Noworries

    SOLD 7MM RUM 150 Gr Scirocco SOLD

    Travel valley wide for work if that helps with meeting somewhere.
  11. 7MM RUM 150 Gr Scirocco Power Level III Held on to these with hopes of picking up another one some day. Decided to go in a different direction. Located in NW Phoenix. Would prefer face to face. Don’t really want to ship. $80
  12. Noworries

    Spott Hogg Fast Eddie

    You’ve got it. That’s how I do it on my multi pin sliders. Gives you the most range of motion.
  13. Noworries

    Trophy ridge v5

    Thanks Jrodphx. Easy transaction and good communication.
  14. Noworries

    Trophy ridge v5

    I’ll take it. PM sent as well. Eric
  15. Noworries

    WTB Binos

    Hi. I didn’t want to hijack the thread. If they don’t work out for the OP let me know what you want for the Leupold 10X42’s? Are they the BX-4? I tried to IM but it says you are not receiving messages.